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   Chapter 9 The Hidden Paramour

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Emily's eyes opened wide in utter shock and surprise, at what was unfolding right in front of her. She could clearly hear the cracking sound of bones breaking...

Leo's entire face twisted in agony; he was screaming like a wounded pig.

A few minutes later, Jacob finally stopped stamping on Leo's hand. He wiped the blood off his shoes on the carpet next to Leo. His facial features expressed his unbridled disgust towards the vile man lying on the floor.

Emily was relieved; she was just glad that Jacob didn't kill Leo.

If Jacob had killed him, she wouldn't be able to get away from the allegations. It was easy for someone of Jacob's status to be unafraid in these circumstances, but she was just a nobody; she would definitely face a lot of problems from the authorities.

While she was trying to figure out what to do next, she heard footsteps coming from outside the room. Her heart stopped beating.

May be someone had heard noises and had come to check? What was she to do?

"Mr. Jacob... Emily turned around and looked at Jacob who just stood there, emotionlessly. She quickly yanked his hand and said, "I'm sorry!"


Coincidentally, the footsteps outside the door belonged to Jack and Rose who were approaching Emily's room hand in hand. Rose continued to fan his flames as she said to him, "Jack, I don't think we should blame Emily. She had broken up with you; she didn't do anything wrong by finding someone else to be with. May be she just really wants to win the competition, so she has decided to bribe the judges..."

"Shut up!" Jack rudely interrupted Rose and pushed her hand away, as he rushed to Emily's room directly.

The door was wide open. Emily was standing in the middle of the room with a blank expression on her face. At her feet, there lay a battered man, barely conscious.

Jack was stunned and riddled with confusion, wondering what was going on. His face darkened as he asked, "Emily, what are you doing? !"

Rose was even more shocked. Why was she not in bed with Leo? And, why was Leo on the floor, beaten to a pulp? 'What the hell is this?'

Jack and Rose had made their appearances just in time. If Emily still didn't understand what was going on, she was being very naive and foolish. Luckily, she was not. If not for Jacob's help, she might have been tangled up in a lot of trouble right now.

At that very moment, her biggest hope was for the Big Boss in the room to show a little co-operation, and not let anyone else see him there.

After all, even if she had broken up with him, Jack was still searching for her so-called "paramour". She didn't dare to wonder what would happen if Jack had found out that it was Jacob all along!

"What do you think?" Emily glanced at them coldly, and then she raised her voice, "This man tried to rape me! As you can clearly see, I acted out of self-defense!"

She remained composed when she spoke, but deep in her heart, she felt guilty for no reason.

"How can it be!" Jack bore into Emily's face, trying to check if she was lying, but it was in vain. "Flies are always buzzing about cracked eggs!

If you are as innocent as you claim, why did he come to you?"

Moreover, Emily wasn't physically capable of pulling such a feat; she could hardly beat Rose in a fight. How could she beat an adult man so brutally? 'Someone must have helped her!'

Rose and Jack came to that conclusion at the same time. They wanted to go inside to look for others in the room,

but they were stopped by Emily with open arms.

"Why did this judge come to me? Shouldn't you be asking your lover that question? " Emily said with a dash of sarcasm, "Rose, this didn't go according to your plans. You must be very disappointed, right?"

Rose's smile turned upside down. She bit her lip firmly and with a soothing voice she said, "Emily, how could you say that? What good would that do to me..."

"Wow, you're good at acting! You should have won an Oscar for your performance!"

"Emily, don't try to spin things around. You know what you did!" Jack was getting impatient and trying his best to suppress his anger. He only wanted to see if there was somebody else in the room!

He pushed Emily aside and walked inside. Emily was flustered. Not knowing what to do, she stepped on Jack's foot and pushed him hard!

Jack staggered backwards by a few steps. He erupted with great fury and roared, "Emily, are you hiding your paramour inside?"

"What's wrong with you?!" Emily was also enraged by him; she resisted, "What makes you think you can just enter my room?" Who do you think you are? Both of you, get out! Otherwise I will call the police!"

The more Emily behaved like this, the more she aroused Jack's suspicion, "You want me to get out?" Today I must go inside!"

Rose was just keen to see where this was going. If Jack were to find a man in Emily's room, she would meet a fate far worse than death!

Emily tried her best to stall him, but she could only carry on for so long before Jack's strength would overcome hers.

"Bang" the door was pushed open with force. There was no one inside.

"Are you satisfied now?" Emily looked at Jack with disgust, as she said to him coldly, "Jack, you are like a jealous woman now."

"Don't think too highly of yourself, Emily!" Jack felt insulted by Emily's remarks, but he retorted, "I, Jack, will never love a filthy woman!"

Emily thought that the worst was over and her mind had settled down, as still as water. However, hearing what Jack said, made her blood boil up from the inside. She smiled sarcastically, "Filthy?" I don't think anyone can ever be as filthy as you!" And don't forget that I was the one who dumped you!"

Jack was silenced. He clenched his teeth in frustration and said, while slowly stressing each syllable, "Emily, someday you will beg me to take you back!"

How familiar those words were. No wonder they were from the same family. They used the same methods to threaten people.

"I hope I never see the both of you again! Also, Rose, remember that, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Do you think this is funny?"

'Funny? Of course it is funny! Your misery will always be the source of my happiness!'

Rose thought to herself. But, she still stayed in character, delicate and warm. Such a drama queen.

Jack realized he was getting distracted by the ladies; he remembered what his purpose was and continued searching the room.

Emily was past being annoyed. Jack was becoming a nuisance; he wasn't going to stop until he had found Emily's hidden paramour. The thought of Jack confronting Jacob was unbearable to Emily.

Emily had no idea what to do with Jack anymore. She was at the end of her rope, when suddenly they heard a voice come in from outside, "Mr. Jack!"

Everyone's attention had shifted. They turned their heads to the door, and saw Jacob's special assistant, Sam.

"Mr. Jack, Mr. Jacob would like to have a word with you."

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