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   Chapter 8 How Dare You Hurt Her

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"Jack, don't get so riled up; I don't want you to hurt yourself...." Rose spared no efforts to shower Jack with pleasantries. She had fought all the way to the top to become Jack's mistress; needless to say, she had the skills to fend for herself.

Jack couldn't deny that he craved for Rose's luscious body; he did not mind paying more attention to her. "What do you want this time? Clothes? Jewelry?" he asked.

Emily had never asked him for anything luxurious, instead, she always saved money for him. She was definitely the best choice for an ideal wife, but unfortunately, she had completely betrayed him and his trust! The hickey on her neck was the most convincing evidence!

"Nonsense, I just really care about you, " Rose clung to Jack's arm like a spoiled child.

"Oh?" Jack squinted his eyes and jested, "I thought you wanted something from me. If that's not that case; just forget about it."

Jack's words made Rose anxious. She quickly replied, "You've read my mind again. It's actually just a little thing. Jack, you are the best. You will help me, right?"

Jack did not say yes immediately. He raised his eyebrows and said, "First, tell me what this is about."

"I participated in the Jewelry Design Competition and I have already entered the final round. But...I don't feel confident. Jack, can you do something for me?"

"Did Emily also participate in this competition?"

Rose nodded and observed his expression, "Jack..."

"It will depend on your performance, " Jack sneered, as the thought of Emily's face appeared in his mind again.

Jack had every intention of helping Rose; so long as it would help him further his quest for revenge against Emily, for betraying him!

Time flew by calmly; the morning before the finals had finally arrived. The designers shortlisted for the finals all stayed in their designated hotel rooms to prevent chances of cheating, for instance, they hiring surrogate test-takers. A set of strict measures were adopted to ensure the fairness and safety of the competition.

After Emily had found her room, she put her bags aside and laid down on the big bed to get some rest. She got nervous thinking about all the famous jewelry designers from around the world that had come to participate in the competition.

She really wanted to win the competition, but, since there were so many talented designers, what were her chances of winning at all?

"Pattering——" Suddenly, the twisting sound of the door knob interrupted Emily's thoughts. It alerted her vigilance, as she immediately got out of bed and asked, "Who?"

She clearly remembered that she had locked the door, so that person outside the door wouldn't be able to get in without a card key...

Surprisingly, the door opened from the outside while Emily was holding her own key. Emily's eyes caught sight of a middle-aged man standing at the door as the door drew completely open. He was fat and bulky; with a bald head and a big beer belly.


The man standing in front of her was Leo, one of the distinguished judges of the competition. Emily had seen him once before. What impressed her most was his appearance; he was like a walking, talking piece of meat.

'Why is Judge Leo here at this moment?' She could easily be suspected of bribing the judges!

"Well, Emily, I have seen all of your previous works before. You are really talented..." Leo's flirtatious eyes locked on to Emily's, as he discreetly locked the door behind him.

Emily suddenly felt an ominous vibe as she said to him, "Thank you, Judge, but I think now is not the right time nor the right place for us to be talking about this. If you'd like to talk, we should go outside."

"I fear outside will be too distracting for an in-depth communication between us." A lewd smile, stretching from one ear to the other, appeared on Leo's face as he walked creepily towards Emily.

She r

acked her brains searching for the most effective way of getting rid of him, however, he did not give her much time. He pounced on her without saying another word!

She slipped when she tried to back away from him, in shock. Before she fell to the floor, Leo caught her hand quickly; he tightened her hand firmly.

"Don't run, sweetheart. As long as you make me happy, I promise that you will be one of the top-three designers." Leo pulled her hand with a lustful look of desire burning in his eyes.

"Judge Leo! Please behave yourself!" Emily tried to push his hands away, but it was not working. She could only look at him angrily and helplessly.

"Behave myself? You are the one who left me a note in my room, as an invitation. It was you who begged me to sleep with you!"

"No, I didn't! I did not write you any note!" Emily refuted angrily. She knew that there must have been a misunderstanding!

"Stop it! I can make you a superstar. Don't play hard to get with me!"

Leo was losing his patience little by little. He tightened his grip on her hands. Finally, he grabbed her by the arms.

Emily struggled, but somehow managed to free her other hand to slap Leo across the face. The sound of the slap was as loud as a thunder crack.

"Bitch! How dare you hit me!" Leo was so furious, his eyes looked like they were ready to explode; the fat on his face shook as if it were boiling in pure rage. "I will teach you a lesson today!"

A look of anger replaced the look of embarrassment on Emily's face. She was going to apply the same tactic she had used to deal with Jack. At that moment, she heard a snapping sound come from behind Leo. Someone outside had kicked the door in!

"Who the fuck?" Leo cursed with fury. Before he could look back to see who it was, he was knocked over by a powerful force before he even realized it.

"Fuck you..." When Leo saw the man's face clearly, his own facial expression changed drastically. "Mr. Jacob...what are you doing here?"

Jacob glanced at Emily and then looked at the man on the floor. Fires of fury and hatred smouldered in the corners of his eyes, as if a raging storm was coming to exact divine judgment.

"How dare you touch her?"

The coldness of his voice as well as his wording frightened Emily, who looked as pale as a porcelain doll. She feared that now everyone was going to find out about the ridiculous affair between Jacob and her.

Leo wasn't looking very well either. There were tiny pods of sweat forming on his forehead. Yet, he did not forget to attribute the responsibility to Emily, "Mr. Jacob, this... this woman seduced me first..."

Jacob didn't even let him finish his sentence. He knocked him on the ground and kept on kicking him until Leo started to scream for help.

Deep in his heart, he had already regarded Emily as his woman. How could he tolerate another man's hands on her! The last person to lay hands on her was his nephew, Jack; he couldn't just kill his nephew like that. As for the pathetic man, squirming on the floor in from of him, he did not care!

"Mr. Jacob, please, stop..." Leo cast aside his dignity and self-respect. He fell at Jacob's feet and begged for mercy, only to be kicked in the face again.

Emily was like a stunned spectator; she stood there terrified and motionless. She had never witnessed such brutality before; he was like a wild beast.

"Mr... Mr. Jacob..."

"You feel sympathy for him?" Jacob narrowed his cold eyes, glancing at her. His apathetic glare cut through her soul like a hot knife through butter.

Emily swallowed hard and pleaded nervously, "No, no, Mr. Jacob, you might kill him...and it's against the law to kill people..."

Jacob stopped for a moment to let out a grim laughter.

Just when Leo started relaxing because he thought he was going to be forgiven, Jacob's expensive shoe stepped on his fat hand and crushed it hard.

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