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   Chapter 7 Ridiculous

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It was Emily's first time to look at his face from such a short distance. She was close enough to see his eyelashes; they hypnotized and fanned the flames of her heart. When he fluttered his eyelids at her, it was as if bright sparkling stars had lit up the night sky.

As a matter of fact, Jacob was very handsome. His deep eyes, aquiline nose and thin lips were so attractive, it was as if he was a black hole, luring her in slowly but surely. His face was strikingly eye-catching, with perfectly sculpted features.

Emily was never one to notice such things, but the impression she had of Jacob was that of a serious and cold elderly member of the family, because of her relationship with Jack. However, at that moment, she finally realized that he was indeed a mature and handsome man and that how attracted she actually was to him.

His deep endless black eyes were filled with the strong sensation of desire. Jacob looked at her, his coal-black eyes drilling into hers, "You've dumped Jack... right?"

Emily bit her lip, "... uh, yes, we have already broken up."

If it weren't for the break-up, she would have never met Jacob that night, but now everything was tangled up in confusion.

"If so, then what is the problem?"

Even if Emily and Jack had not broken up, it would never have been a problem for Jacob. He always got what he wanted; his immature nephew, Jack, was no match for him at all.

"No matter what, this is still wrong." Emily's eyes were red and puffy from crying. With a voice filled with remorse and shame, she timidly said, "Mr. Gu, let's just forget whatever happened that night, please?"

Emily was a very traditional and conservative person. Although, Jack and Emily had been together for many years, they had never slept together; all of a sudden, she had sex with Jack's uncle, whom she hadn't known for very long. Even if Jack and his uncle weren't related by blood, she didn't condone what they did that night.

She was absolutely unwilling to accept it; the only thing left for her to do at this point was to chicken out and avoid confrontation.

She looked like a frightened deer, as she looked at him piteously. Jacob stared back into her eyes; he felt as if something soft was poking his heart, gently.

He slowly let go of her, but his tone was still cold when he said, "Emily, you can't run away from me. I want you. I want you to be my woman."

"How can this be!"

"As long as I want it, anything is possible."

"But I don't want to... I don't want to be with you!"

Jacob did not take Emily's honest rejection very well. He glared at her directly, as if a master were glaring at his disobedient pet in vexation.

"I thought that you are a smart girl. What do you want? Money, fame, status? Or something else?"

"I don't need any of those things!" Jacob's patronizing tone made Emily feel insulted. The gratitude she felt for the man had already disappeared without a trace, as she asked, "Why me?"

She couldn't trust his feelings for her. For someone as exalted and well-established as him, there certainly would be many eligible women who would want to be with him, readily. Why did he choose her?

Jacob paused for a moment and then replied, "No reason."

Perhaps, it was because of that magical one-night-stand they had. Thanks to the alcohol, Emily was yearning for love with a burning desire; she melted his stone-cold heart. That night had brought him one of the most extreme experiences of ecstasy in his life.

A young body with a pure and energetic soul; this little girl had aroused him from the inside out.

Finally, Emily understood what kind of man she had provoked from that night. Everything was starting to feel like a spider's web from which she was unable to escape.

But that did not stop her from persevering.

"Mr. Gu, it would be, une

quivocally, against my will. I hope you won't force me to change my mind."

Jacob firmly locked eyes on hers; his black eyes, as deep as the sea. It was hard for Emily to tell whether he was angry or not.

Jacob could easily sleep with any woman of his liking, as if he were just blowing off dust from his palms; as long as he wanted to do so. However, he had never been turned down by a woman like that, let alone so bluntly and blatantly.

Emily was the first ever.

Looking at her unapologetic face, Jacob suddenly sneered, "So, you're playing hard to get now? I am really looking forward to the day you come to me, begging."

This little girl wanted to escape right after provoking him; nothing in life was ever that easy.

Emily sensed the ambiguity in his voice, in the pit of her stomach. She gritted her teeth before she replied, "Mr. Gu, I assure you, such a day will never come."

"Well, we'll see." Forcing Emily was going to be a piece of cake of him, but he did not wish to push her too hard.

He wanted her to be his woman, but only at her own will.

Emily eventually opened the car door and hurried out, like a rabbit that had just escaped from its cage. The only thing Jacob could see was her back, dashing to the roadside.

Jacob looked at Emily calmly, as she hailed a taxi. At that moment, Jacob slowly emerged with a look of confidence and thought to himself, 'She will never escape me.'

As soon as Emily got home, she turned on all the lights in her apartment. A brightly lit room gave her a false sense of security. Even when she was resting, she slept with her night light on.

What Jacob had said to her earlier, filled her mind like fog on a winter morning. The chaotic state of her mind was even worse than the day she had found out that Jack was cheating on her.

Jacob wanted her to be his woman... What a ridiculous notion!

How could she say yes to him? Actually, she was more worried about the fact that she had provoked Jacob, a person of his status could easily make life hard for her without even trying too hard. No wonder he sounded so sure when he challenged her that she would be the one to beg for his mercy one day.

'Forget about it, just play it by ear.'

When Emily went to work the next day, she did not mention Jacob's visit last night. She assumed all the responsibility and paid for the broken door.

Rose, however, was not one to be fooled so easily.

The door was very hard and sturdy. How could Emily even break the door with her fragile arms and legs? She looked too delicate to stand a gust of wind. What's more, according to the damage reports, someone had kicked down the door from the outside.

Who was that person? It must have been Emily's secret lover. It was a pity that she hadn't thought about it last night. Since it was a power failure, the cameras weren't working and so she couldn't find any evidence of Emily's secret lover.

A few days later, The Hogan Company, was met with some big news.

The Fine Jewelry Association was to host an International Jewelry Design Competition, in D City. All jewelry designers are eligible to sign up for this competition. Some extra value was added to this important competition, as Mr. Hua promised that the winner of the championship would be hired as the Chief Jewelry Designer of the company, effective immediately.

Emily and Rose both signed up for the event. They competed against each other secretly. After the first round and semi-finals, they finally reached the Finals.

Meanwhile, Jack was still trying to find Emily's secret lover, but in vain, He was trying his best not to have any confrontations with Emily, as he feared that he would fail to suppress his anger and choke her to death on the spot. Because of her betrayal, now he hated her just as much as he had loved her before.

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