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   Chapter 6 You Seduced Me First

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Emily had no idea that she had his number saved in her phone, nonetheless, she pressed 'call'. She waited on the line with great agony for what felt like eternity before someone answered the call.

"Hello, "

Answered Jacob, with his charming voice like a deep baritone of startling beauty.

Jacob's voice was like a ray of light in the darkness, breathing in new life to Emily's hopes. Too frightened to control her emotions, she cried out in an instant, "Ja...Jacob? It's dark and I'm very scared..."

Jacob was pleased to see her name pop-up on his phone, but as soon as he answered and heard her cries, Jacob's smile turned upside down, followed by a look of concern in his eyes.

"Where are you right now?"

"I can't get out, I'm in..."

Emily had not finished speaking before the battery of her cell phone died, consequently cutting their call short.

This had Jacob even more worried than he already was; he couldn't help biting his lip, nervously; then he dashed out the door in a hurry without even changing his clothes. He strode to the garage with the car keys in his hand; while starting the car, he tried to think where Emily could have been. Finally, he decided to drive to Hogan Company.

In the office, Emily stared blankly at her phone screen; with the disappearance of the only light in this dark room from her cell phone, her anxiety and fear of the darkness grew stronger and stronger.

"It's too dark here..." She hugged her legs, buried her face between her knees and began to sob hopelessly.

In her moment of desperation, she remembered Jack, who knew about her experience as a child, had never left her alone in such an environment before... And now she was wallowing in the darkness, while he was sleeping with another woman.

Emily's fear of darkness was increasing in small increments with the passing of every second. It was first time that she felt extremely eager to get out of the office right away; she couldn't endure another second of the darkness.

She thought of Jacob and wondered whether he would come or not.

'Maybe not, ' she thought. It was already quite late, besides, they were not familiar at all, excepting for that one night together...

As to the experience of her night with Jacob, she was of the impression that people like Jack and Jacob, by virtue of their status, could have any woman they wanted and never have to worry about the consequences. They could forget about their love affairs without much difficulty, which was very much unlike her.

Emily was slowly fading away into her thoughts, forgetting the darkness and spiralling down into her own mind. She didn't know how long she had spent like that before she finally heard someone call her name. "Emily?"

"I'm here..." she responded half-heartedly, thinking that it was just her auditory hallucination.

Soon after she heard a loud bang, as someone had kicked open the office door from the outside. She raised her head curiously and rubbed her blurry eyes as if she had just woken up from a dream, before finding a man standing at the doorway.

It was still too dark to see who the man was, but his tall figure, appeared to be serious and cold.


The calming voice sounded like the familiar voice she had heard in her phone just a while ago.

Emily was stunned; her eyes beamed wide open at the first sight of him, as she had never thought that Jacob would really come to her aid.

Almost unable to control her gratitude, she ran towards Jacob excitedly. She suddenly tripped on her way and accidentally landed directly into Jacob's arms.

"Thank you, thank you very much..."

Cried Emily incoherently as her voice trembled, hugging Jacob tightly before realizing how intimate they were at that moment.

After he confirmed that she was fine, Jacob's worries started to fade; he stretched out his long arms around her body and caressed her back lovingly, like a mother comforted her crying baby.

"It's okay. It's okay..."

His baritone voic

e miraculously calmed and soothed her.

It wasn't until they had reached downstairs when Emily suddenly realized that she had been holding Jacob's hand too tightly the whole time, so she relaxed her grip in an instant. The thought of troubling Jacob with her problems embarrassed her, so she said, "Sorry, I... I'm being too melodramatic."

'Maybe he thinks I'm a frivolous person, ' she thought.

"Are you afraid of the dark?" Jacob gazed into her eyes in a way that couldn't be explained or understood.

"Yeah, especially when I'm alone... Thank you very much, Mr. Gu." Under the moonlight, Emily noticed that Jacob was in his leisure wear. Immediately, she realized that he must have rushed out from home in a hurry... Just to finding her?

Jacob's chivalry warmed her heart and moved her deeply.

"Get on." The look of gratitude in her eyes seemed like they were for an elderly person, this disheartened Jacob because despite being older than Jack, he believed that Emily should consider him to be her equal in love, instead of her elder.

Emily felt his sudden displeasure as well but she didn't dare to ask him the reason behind it, because she was afraid of irritating Jacob even more. Instead, she got in his car obediently. When she recalled what had happened between them in the car that night, she quickly turned red with embarrassment.

According to her memory of that night, this was the very same car where she seduced Jacob in an intoxicated state. How shameful! She cursed herself at the thought of what she did; she tried to understand how she had lost all her senses that night.

Emily felt uncomfortable sitting in Jacob's car. How could she sit in his car so calmly after that night? She was about to get off when suddenly Jacob got in and sat next to her.

"Mr. Gu..." Emily was afraid to make eye contact with Jacob.

Jacob looked at her with a faint hint of smile on his face, and a faint hint of danger in his voice, "Emily, maybe we should take this opportunity to be clear about where we stand with each other?"

He had saved his phone number in her cell phone for this reason specifically, but Emily had no intentions of contacting him. Maybe she wanted to avoid confronting him about it? He couldn't accept that.

Emily's whole face turned red after hearing what Jacob had said; she concealed her apologetic eyes to avoid meeting with Jacob's, she stammered, "About that night... I...I was very drunk then, and it was just unexpected..."

"And?" Jacob approached her slowly with a calm, but serious gaze.

If she had meet any other man that night other than him... Despite his calm and composed appearance, the mere thought of that, made his blood boil in anger.

Emily shifted backwards intuitively, but soon realized that she had run out of space to move in because her back was almost touching the car door. Having no where else to escape to, she gathered her courage and spoke up, "I know that I am to blame for that night, but could you..."

"No, I can't, and I won't mind if you repeat your mistake."

Emily was not very quick to understand the meaning of his words before Jacob suddenly embraced her tightly and kissed her.

Jacob alleviated Emily's anxiousness with his long and deep kiss. On the other hand, he had tasted the sweetness of her lips once again because of Emily. He couldn't help himself from being overwhelmed by his desire but unfortunately, Emily lost her breath.

"Stupid! You can't even keep breathing?"

Instead of getting angry, Jacob, however, became aroused by her clumsy and immature reaction. He smiled at her briefly, and then insisted on continuing, when he was surprisingly pushed away by Emily.

"Mr. Gu... Please don't..." Emily almost broke down in tears, gasping for breath as she said, "This isn't right. We shouldn't be doing this!"

With great displeasure in his face, Jacob instantly gripped her delicate jaw; pulled her closer towards him and said, "Don't forget that you seduced me first, Emily!"

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