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   Chapter 5 Overwhelming Darkness

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Emily never imagined that Jack could be so angry, violent and irrational at the same time; she began to grow fearful of him. Despite the heavy weight of Jack's body pressing up against her, she struggled out of desperation, "Get off! Don't touch me!"

There was not a snowball's chance in hell she was going to have sex with Jack now!

"Why can't I touch you? Emily, you're tainted and filthy damaged goods right now. You should be grateful that I'm still willing to fuck you!" Jack screamed at her fiercely; with eyes piercing with anger, he glared at her as if he would skin her alive.

"Beep—" out of the blue, Jack was interrupted by the shrill sound of a car horn blaring from behind his car. Jack and Emily were both caught by surprise.

Taking advantage of the moment, Emily caught Jack off guard and raised her foot to kick him in the crotch, as hard as she could.

"Ah..." whimpered Jack, as his eyes squeezed shut in excruciating pain; the wind knocked out of his sails.

Emily shoved him aside; swiftly gathered her clothes and got out of the car in a panic-stricken manner. She ran as fast as she could, paying no attention to her surroundings, as if she were being chased by the Devil.

Jack watched her slowly disappear into the distance, unable to go after her as he helplessly writhed in pain. With the last of his strength and spirit he managed to muster up one last desperate cry in anger, "Emily..."

Jack couldn't accept letting go of Emily so easily. He couldn't stomach the fact that he was betrayed by his beloved girlfriend, who slept with another man before he could have a taste. Dark clouds of vengeance filled his heart as he promised himself to make Emily and her new lover pay for what they had done to him!

When Jack finally managed to catch his breath, he remembered the blaring car horn that had abruptly interrupted his evening with Emily. He got out of the car to look for the source of all his immediate frustrations.

He immediately froze in his path when he realized that Maybach, parked not too far away, looked familiar. Not only did he know who the owner of the car was, he was also quite daunted by the person.

As if to prove Jack's point, the man got out of the Maybach and walked towards Jack with a stony expression on his face and a stare that could freeze the ocean.

Jack ran his hands through his hair, fixed his clothes and stood up straight as he looked at the man walking towards him.

Yes, it was Jacob Gu, the adopted son of his grandfather and therefore, his nominal uncle. Jacob was just three years older than he was. Although Jacob was still young, he had served already as the CEO of their family business. Jack had heard of his uncle's aggressive reputation; he had a touch of reverence and admiration in his heart for his uncle.

He wasn't sure whether Jacob had caught him in the act just now, and yet somehow he still felt apprehensive as if he were guilty of doing something bad, "Uncle Jacob, what are you..."


Jack's words were unexpectedly interrupted as Jacob came in straight and punched him hard across the face, in response.

Jack lost the words to express himself; he was completely dumbfounded by Jacob's punch. "Uncle Jacob?"

However, to add to Jack's disappointment, Jacob had no intention of explaining himself at all. Jacob didn't utter a single word; he followed his surprise punch, with a quick and fierce kick to Jack's abdomen.

Jack instantly fell to the ground, squirming. Despite his respect for Jacob, he couldn't stand being beaten up by him, for no reason or explanation at all. He pleaded, "Uncle Jacob, what's the matter?"

Jack's words angered Jacob even more; he continued to brutally assault Jack as if he wanted to beat him to death.

Jack knew he was no match for his uncle; considering Jacob's position in the family, he didn't dare to fight back in retaliation. He bit the pain and endured one punch after the other, until finally he had lost the heart to endure even that.

Unfortunately, Jacob left soon after; leaving him with no explanations but only Sam to take him to the hospital.

Even after being treated in the hospital, Jack was still hurting all over. On top of that, he still didn't know why Jacob had unleashed his fury on him like that.

As a matter of fact, Jacob had always been very nice to him, providing him with proper education and opportunities and granting him privileges. Jacob even forgave his transgressions so long

as the reputation of the family was not at stake.

Jack wondered whether it was because Jacob had already found out about his visit to the police station.

The more Jack thought about it, the more certain he became. 'Yes, that must be the reason, ' he thought. He figured it wasn't because Jacob had caught him red handed, forcing himself on Emily just now, as it would apparently be a waste of his time to attack Jack for a stranger. Jesus!

With regards to Jacob, he just had to be more careful in the future. But as to Emily... How dare she betray him! He swore to find Emily's mysterious lover, as he wanted to bash his head in for touching his girlfriend!

Emily spent the next few days in peace, away from Jack's harassment as he was confined to this hospital bed. However, the news of their break-up had spread all over her company like wildfire. To add to that, thanks to Rose's lies, everyone in the company regarded Emily as a shameless woman for cheating on her boyfriend which finally led to their break-up.

Emily sneered at the thought of that. 'Is she talking about herself?' mused Emily, wondering how Rose could be so shameless as to lie to everyone and frame Emily in such a vicious way.

Although, in disdain, she refused to defend herself; she was affected by the rumors anyway. Not only was she demoted by Mr. Hua on all accounts, she was also made to be one of Rose's assistants.

Rose couldn't be more complacent, as she believed she had won over Emily again. Rose had been jealous of Emily for being a far more talented jewellery designer than her. 'So what?' Rose snickered at the thought of Emily's demotion. From now on Emily would have to follow her orders obediently!

That day at work, Rose deliberately arranged a lot of work for Emily, so that she would have to work overtime in the company.

By the time Emily had finished her work, it was almost 9 PM. When she got out to leave the company, she found that everyone had already gone home, and she was the only one left in the office.

She packed up her items and was about to leave, when she noticed that the door of the office seemed to have been locked from the outside.

Emily had no doubt in her mind that Rose was behind this.

She was confused and lost in her thoughts when she suddenly heard a 'pop'. Soon after, the lights in the office had gone off and all of a sudden the entire office was shrouded in darkness.

Emily's complexion turned pale. She was beginning to feel claustrophobic and the dark atmosphere reminded her of the traumatic experiences of being kidnapped, she suffered, when she was just a child.

In fact, Rose was well aware of this fact as they had been friends for so long.

It was too dark in the office to see anything. Emily calmed herself down, fumbled in her bag for the phone and then clicked on the address book.

She tentatively called a few colleagues for help; they all answered her in a few perfunctory words before hanging up quickly, as if they had come up the excuses together. Rose's involvement in the matter was obvious.

Emily didn't have many friends; to make matters worse, whatever friends she had, were living in other places.

Emily hesitated for a moment before deciding to call Jack. At the very least, she had hoped that he would help her for old time's sake.

Unfortunately, all her hopes were in vain as Rose answered Jack's phone.

On the other side of the call, Rose moaned, enticingly. She figured Rose meant to provoke her and show off her intimacy with Jack. She could also hear Jack vaguely, panting in the background.

Nauseated by the noise, Emily couldn't help retching in disgust before hanging up quickly.

She realized it was stupid of her to call Jack for help.

After a brief moment of self-loathing, Emily sat down against the wall and held her phone tightly, not knowing who to ask for help.

She was overwhelmed by the darkness and the eerie silence that had taken over the room. Emily felt more and more frightened with each passing minute. The traumatic memories of her kidnapping in her childhood gradually recurred in her mind, emerging from her anxiety of the darkness around her. Despair and fear flooded her thoughts once again, overwhelming and almost suffocating her.

"No, I can't stay here..." Emily started to become upset, as tiny beads of sweat poured out of her forehead. She gripped her phone firmly, scrolling up and down on the screen, until the name "Jacob" appeared.

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