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   Chapter 3 She Deserves This

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A sense of insatiable desire came over Jacob. Just as he intended to move forward to the next step, he was abruptly interrupted by Sam's voice from the driver's seat.

"Mr. Gu, we've reached Theodore Villa." This was Jack's villa; where he lived alone since he became an adult.

Jacob nibbled at Emily's lips and then gently let go. "Turn the car around; go back to Tyrone Mansion, " his tone was full of displeasure.

"Yes, Mr. Gu!" Although Sam did not dare to have a peek, he was smart enough to understand what was happening in the back; thanks to the noise.

"Miss Bai is Mr. Jack's girlfriend. How could Mr. Jacob..." Sam wondered.

Sam kept hearing them making out in the back. He suddenly wished he were deaf, so he wouldn't be able to hear what they were doing.

The car sped off and soon arrived at Tyrone Mansion.

Jacob helped Emily out of the car and carried her all the way into the villa. He held her gently; helped her up the stairs and brought her to the master bedroom.

Emily was so exhausted from having an excessively eventful day, she wanted to fall asleep at the very sight of a bed. Jacob, however, needed to sate his burning lust for Emily, after she had aroused his carnal desires.

After the one-night stand...

The next afternoon, Emily woke up from a long and deep sleep. Her entire body ached as if she had been run over by a train last night.

She looked around to see if there was anyone else in the room, only to find that she was the only person in the room. Emily lay on the big bed and stared blankly at the exquisitely designed engravings on the ceiling. Fragments of last night's memory slowly seeped into her mind; the fragments came together like puzzle pieces and formed an indescribable image...


Figuratively speaking, Emily's head exploded in an instant. 'I, I seemed to have slept with a man last night! And, the man... the man is Jack's uncle, Jacob!

Jesus!' Emily thought, in utter shock.

Jacob turned 27 years old this year. Although Jack and this so-called uncle are not related by blood, she always regarded and respected him as Jack's real uncle. How could this happen between them?!

Emily now bitterly regretted going to the bar last night. If she had not gotten herself completely drunk, she would have never met Jacob on the road, and they would never have...

She had brought this upon herself!

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door; it almost gave her a heart attack.

'What should I do? How will I face this guy?'

Before Emily could recollect her thoughts, the voice of a maidservant broke in from outside the room, "Are you awake, Miss?"

Hearing the maidservant's voice came as a great relief to Emily. At least, it was not Jacob. "Yes, please, come in."

When she sat up straight, the bed sheet covering her body slipped, revealing the traces of last night's debauchery on her naked, snow-white skin.

Alas, it was too late to stop the maidservant from coming in. She entered through the door and saw the traces all over Emily's body. With a look of vague emotions that Emily couldn't read, the maidservant said, "Here are some fresh clothes for you, Miss."

Emily frowned in embarrassment. As she intended to refuse the maidservant, she caught a glimpse of her clothes on the floor. Emily blushed and said in a low voice, "Thank you!"

She struggled for a moment and then finally asked, "Where is Uncle...Mr. Gu?"

"Mr. Gu went to his company." The maidservant was envious of Emily because she was the first woman Jacob had ever brought over to his own house. In her jealousy, she did not give Emily the message that Jacob had left for her.

Emily noticed the maidservant's obnoxious attitude, so she stopped talking to her. After the maid left the room, Emily got dressed in a hurry, then she called a taxi and left Tyrone Man

sion before Jacob came back.

Jacob arrived at the Tyrone Mansion, just after Emily's taxi left.

He was disappointed to find his room empty.

After a few seconds, Jacob yanked the sheet which still had Emily's residual temperature on it. There were drops of blood on the white sheet, clearly visible to the naked eye, which indicated that Jacob was her first man.

His sight finally moved from the sheet and there were something different appeared in his eyes.

As a grown man, he could have pushed her away last night. Instead of doing so, he acted on his instincts.

He had to admit that he had been seduced by Emily. The self-control he had prided himself on had broken down over her. And her shyness woke up the beast inside him that had slept for a long time. Last night, he held her to sink into his desire again and again...

Since it was her let the beast inside him out, she had no way to escape from him.


Emily did not go to work after she left Tyrone Mansion, instead she called the company and asked for a leave. She went back to her apartment, and slept until the next morning. She woke up and finally went back to work.

When she saw Jack's Aston Martin parked at the company gate, she reckoned it was going to be a rough day for her.

Rose gracefully stepped out of the car, with her fabulous stilettos and a sweet smile on her face.

When Jack got out of his car, he deliberately ignored Emily and pulled Rose close to give her a hot, passionate kiss in front of everybody. Rose panted and was almost out of breathe from Jack's kiss.

"Jack, everyone's watching us. Stop it..." Rose said with coquetry and gently brushed her hands over his manly chest.

Jack wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and said with a flirtatious smile, "You are such a tease."

Emily glanced with a scornful look at the people watching them from not too far away, and walked straight through the company gate without looking back.

Jack did it all purposely in front of Emily to send her a warning. Unfortunately, Emily did not give him the attention he wanted and casually walked by. All of a sudden Jack got disheartened and even a little sad.

"All right, I'm leaving now."

Jack pushed Rose away casually; he got in his car and then drove away.

From that night until now, he did not feel an ounce of remorse for what he had done. Considering his social status, playing around with women was a trivial matter to him. What was the big deal anyway?

Emily was the one he was to marry at last and nothing would change fact. This was the best love he had to offer her.

What he did just then before Emily was for her own good. If she could not tolerate such instances, how would she be his gentle and kind wife?

Hogan Company.

Emily decided to suppress her traumatic experience and focus on her work, but one way or the other, there was always someone or something that would go against her wishes.

"Hey, Rose! Did Mr. Jack dump Emily? Look at how depressed she looks!"

"Yeah, you and Mr. Jack look good together!"

"I knew it! How did Mr. Jack ever stand such a phony woman like her? Rose and Jack are more suited for each other..."

Listening to the flatteries and compliments from her female colleagues boosted Rose's ego and greatly satisfied her vanity. She pretended to be displeased and insisted, "Stop! Emily and I are good friends. I don't want to hurt her..."

"Are you done?" Emily looked at her in disdain, "If you are done, please stop disgusting me."

"How could you say that, Emily?" Rose bit her underlip; she was unwilling to accept such words from Emily.

The people around Rose are always fickle and devious. They resorted to provocation and said, "Oh, my! Check this woman's attitude! Rose, you don't have to talk to her in such polite manner! She deserves this!"

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