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   Chapter 39 Hikari Okami Kitsune Series

Hikari Okami Kitsune Series By lolah runda Characters: 3018

Updated: 2018-12-31 12:02

Before she slept, several thoughts came to mind. "I have to look and behave myself for Hikari's sake. I cannot bring shame to him no matter what, even if I must make my face up for the first time and ask for more advice from him before she comes, just anything to appear as one who is refined. I hope she doesn't hate me...." with that thought in mind, she finally fell asleep.

In her dream, a yokai supposedly meant to be Amabie, looked disappointed in her as she began asking Hikari in a very angry tone, why he had brought a human that was so rude to serve her. Turning to see how Hikari would respond, only to see that he didn't even look at her; as though he was thoroughly ashamed to have known her. She kept tossing on the bed all through the night in a nightmare created from her very own fear.

The sound of birds chirping announced that morning had come but Miyako was still sleeping due to

y in the morning; while I, on the other hand, look so messy." she thought.

"Let me take a bath, then I'll join you to prepare breakfast before heading out to the market, " she said.

Hikari reluctantly left her side as he reached for the door to give her the privacy she sought.

After he left Miyako wondered why she acted so terribly despite all he had done for her.

Standing up from the bed, she went to the bathroom that Hikari had created in her room using his Kitsune no maho. Whenever she saw it, this always reminded her how much he went out of his way to make her more comfortable.

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