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   Chapter 20 Hikari Okami Kitsune Series

Hikari Okami Kitsune Series By lolah runda Characters: 1565

Updated: 2018-12-28 12:20

Without wasting time, she made her way to the cashier lane to begin her day.

The day went by in a blur of activities as the time drew closer for her to leave, by 9 pm she packed her bag to head for the apartment as her mind went back to the strange creature she met yesterday.

"Is he going to show up?" She wondered, while walking home.

He seems to know some things about her that she wasn't even aware of, like being from an ancient priestess lineage. Thinking

ing to her bed to prepare for the next day of work.

In her dreams, she saw a young woman dressed in a white and blue yukata, chanting some words that caused a whirlwind to form; she chanted another word as fire formed beneath her fingertips, releasing spell after spell, by issuing commands from her mouth.

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