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   Chapter 17 Hikari Okami Kitsune Series

Hikari Okami Kitsune Series By lolah runda Characters: 1575

Updated: 2018-12-28 12:22

"Thanks, but you didn't have to give me a flower, the painting would have been just enough for me."

"I'll need to start placing protection spells around you and your place, for I do not want you to be in danger."

Hikari muttered the special protective spell as he released it to surround her and the apartment building, after he was done, he asked her where the bath was.

Pointing to the entrance behind the kitchen, he went to where she directed him.

Miyako c

dering what brought them together as the events of the day began to sink in. Her eyes became heavy and she made her way to the bed to lay down.

Before closing her eyes, she turned to look at the beautiful flower in the vase that he gave her. With a smile on her face, she slowly drifted into a restful sleep.

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