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   Chapter 5 Hikari Okami Kitsune Series

Hikari Okami Kitsune Series By lolah runda Characters: 2632

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An immense yokai aura seem to announce Hikari's presence into the world of the humans. He came in through a tori gate located at the entrance of the Inari shrine that connected the world of the yokai and the humans.

On reaching the human world, he began to observe the brightness of the sky and his surroundings, watching as the humans passed by going on with their activities.

Wanting to know more, he allowed his senses to flare out seeking as much as he could without physically going to those places.

As a creature of the night, he was not yet used to the intense brightness of daytime. Deciding to come out later in the night, he swiftly headed straight for the inner room of the shrine to assume his duties as guardian.

On entering the shrine, he noticed that his friend, Ritsu, left the place looking unattended.

He saw ancient mystical scrolls, books and spiritual ornaments lying carelessly around, as one used to refinement and neatness, the whole place struck him as odd. Reaching down, he began picking the things lying on the tatami and arranging the place.

"If I keep going at this pace, I'll never finish until sundown."

With that said, he released his kitsune no maho "demon fox magic", not too long after, the place was looking sparkling clean.

Making his way out, he saw a g

rown blooming senbonzakura "cherry" tree, not too far were small jizo statues erected to the east of the shrine; while to the west, was a Shishiodoshi with a zen garden.

"At least he was able to take care of the shrine surroundings, " he mused within himself.

Walking to where the senbonzakura was, it reminded him of home. Closing his eyes, he allowed his kitsune no maho to fill the air.

As though with a life of their own, they began wrapping around the blossoms as they danced in the wind as the sun shone brightly.

Once his turbulent emotion was under control, he made his way back to the shrine to wait for night to come.

As a fully realized kitsune, he had reached the point where he could assume the form of a human; without his tail neither sticking out, nor having to resort to using a kitsune no ha "demon fox leaf" to appear human.

On the night when Hikari decided to take a walk among the humans, unknown to him was this was the night of the Tsuki no mangetsu, when the moon becomes the color of peach with the absence of stars from the sky.

As head of the onmyouji clan, Kamo no Yasunori, would call his men to perform a special seal to renew the ritual that warded off yokai from entering the human world; to maintain the balance between the human and that of the yokai world.

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