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   Chapter 4 Hikari Okami Kitsune Series

Hikari Okami Kitsune Series By lolah runda Characters: 1309

Updated: 2018-12-27 12:37

He remembered his friend's warning to avoid the night of the Tsuki no mangetsu "night of the lunar moon" for on that day, the onmyouji go hunting kitsune and other yokai.

Unknown to them, Kayo had overheard what had been said as tears slowly trailed down her cheek, reaching to her face and seeing tears on her fingers, made her realize how much she loved Hikari.

With that came regret, for she knew it was a hopeless love. It was forbidden for a Kaze no Yuki of the kurokumo inn to fall in love with their patron, for they are only tools to bring pleasure to their owners.

Slowly making her way away from the room where Hikari was, she dried he

r eyes with the sleeves of her yukata. Kayo resolved never to reveal the love she had for him; most especially to one who was from the strongest noble family in the yokai world.

Once Ritsu-no-kami was done speaking with his friend, leaving the same way he came as his body slowly disappeared until there was no trace of him left in the room.

After which, Hikari rose from where he sat to leave on a journey into the unknown world of the humans, for a moment, he felt a slight regret for not waiting to bid his longtime companion goodbye.

"I hope she can forgive me one day."

With that thought in mind, he left the inn to begin his journey.

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