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   Chapter 3 Hikari Okami Kitsune Series

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"Ritsu, I just thought of you not too long before you appeared before me, be rest assured, for I never leave myself unguarded, unlike some."

"As a friend, I'm just showing my concern for you, now, let me come to the main reason why I'm here. Word has reached me that your mother wants you to take over for her as the supreme leader, is that true?"

Ritsu-no-kami asked as he watched his friend closely for any sign that he may be hiding something from him.

"Mother has yet to tell me that, although word has also reached me about it. But for now, I just want to see it as mere idle talk."

As Ritsu-no-kami was about to speak, they heard a knock at the door as a voice spoke, "Sorry for the disturbance but I have an urgent message for Hikari-sama from Chiho-sama."

Wondering what it was, Hikari responded, "You can come in."

On entering, the messenger bowed his head as he reached into the side gathering of his kimono for the letter issued by Chiho-sama.

Bringing it out, he handed it to Hikari who then read the letter, through it all, no one made a sound as they watched him; who at the moment seemed very annoyed.

"Please excuse us for I'll like to speak with Ritsu alone, " said Hikari to the messenger who, on hearing this bowed before them as he made his way out of the room.

"Ritsu you know that you and I have been friends for a long time. It is on this ground that I ask a favor from you, please allow me to take your position as guardian among the human

s for a season. After which, I'll take over from mother as the next supreme ruler."

"So, it is really true, is that what the letter was about?" asked Ritsu-no-kami.

"You know my mother is never direct when she says things, according to the letter, she says that I have to take over before I celebrate my fiftieth season which to my knowledge, will be very soon."

"You do know that humans are very different from us. Some are as terrible or if not worse, but they have a great capacity to show love which goes beyond their limitation as a lesser being. Take heed never to break the rule that binds us, yokai. You must never fall for a human or lay with one. It is forbidden which is punishable by barring your entry into the yokai world; to be condemned to spend your life among the humans as one of them, although I doubt your mother would kill you for doing that even if you're supposedly immortal."

"Finally, avoid humans who possess powers like us for they are called "onmyouji", who go about sealing yokai. I was able to live among them without detection because of my unique ability to suppress my aura, making me appear human."

"Don't take me for a fool, of course, I know the rules and I'm not one to be swayed by such fleeting emotions. There are duties waiting to be fulfilled as the next supreme leader."

Ritsu-sama agreed to relinquish his position as guardian of the Inari shrine to his friend; then he went on to explain the duties expected of a guardian.

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