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   Chapter 50 Under the Sakura

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Sachie opened her eyes after 30 hours, and the moment she did, the first face that she saw was Kaname's.

The moment that she met his eyes, her heart began to beat rapidly, and she felt like she was about to have a heart attack. But she didn't. Before she realized what happened, she was already crying.

Kaname's eyes reddened as well, and he embraced her ever so lightly.

"Sachie, welcome back, my love."

Sachie kept on crying for a while, and when she stopped, she asked him.

"Kaname, how long have I been unconscious?"

"Seven days, " Kaname answered.

Sachie did not respond for a while. Then, she remembered her baby, and Yousuke.

"Where is my baby? Where is Yousuke?"

Kaname wiped the tears on her cheeks.

"Our baby is sleeping soundly on the nurse station. He is a healthy baby boy, and is waiting for you to name him."

Sachie felt like she was mishearing things. He said 'our baby', right?

With her confused looks, Kaname smiled at her in an apologetic manner. Then he began to tell her the truth, from the moment that Yousuke asked him to sleep with her on their wedding night, to their agreement to made her pregnant. Sachie could not believe it at first.

No wonder she was always feeling that Yousuke was acting strangely, and that he tasted different when they made love, and when they just kissed.

"Where is Yousuke?" she asked again.

Kaname looked at her with anguish in his eyes, she felt afraid and her heart began to beat faster, "Kaname, "

"Yousuke is…" he touched her hand, his voice quivered, and placed that hand on top of her heart. "He is now a part of you Sachie. He is now living within you."


Two weeks after, Sachie was able to go out of the hospital. They already named the baby, and his name was Yousuke.

The first place that she went to was at Yousuke's family house. There, his parents gave her the urn that contained Yousuke's ash, and as Yousuke requested, Kaname scattered his ash on the ocean, along with Sachie. They offered a silent prayer for him, that wherever he maybe, to be in complete rest.

After that, they went to the old house of Yukio and Andrea, with the baby Yousuke in Sachie's arms, and they called Hiro and Ivy to go there as well.

When they arrived at the house, Sachie received the letter that Yousuke left for h

He looked at the boy, who is now holding Sachie's pinky finger.

The man squatted in front of Yousuke and patted his little head.

"Grow up to be a good man…Yousuke." He said.

The three went away, and Sachie went back to where Kaname is, with Yousuke in her arms. She can't shake the feeling about the man who has an uncanny similarity with Yousuke, as if they were identical twins.

Kaname noticed her pale expression.

"Darling, what's wrong?" He asked, worried about her condition.

Sachie shook her head, and smiled.

They just look the same, Sachie. Of course, there is no way that Yousuke is alive, because his heart is beating inside you.

With that in mind, she finally returned to her old cheerful self.

Not too far from them, Noriko told Rina to go back at their place, as she looked intently at Ryouji. Ryouji remained silent since then, as if in deep thought.

"Something on your mind, Ryouji?" she asked.

He looked at her indifferently, then answered.

"I just saw them, and they are happy. Just as I wanted them to be." He answered.


Hi everyone, Sachie and Kaname's story ended now. As you might notice, Yousuke is still alive, but the details are not in this story. I may write about it in the future, once I found some motivation to do so. For now, I will release the MENDING THE SHADOW within this week, which is the story of Ken, from BREAKING THE ICE.

Thank you so much for your time and support, and please leave your comments about what you think with UNDER THE SAKURA. – Elria Cortez

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