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   Chapter 49 I would still be with all of you

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Kaname continued to look upwards, thinking about Sachie. He did not notice how Yousuke was staring at him with extraordinary warmth on his eyes.

"Kaname, have you…ever wondered why I never had any interest in girls before?"

Kaname turned to look at him with a wicked grin.

"I did, even Hiro. We thought at first that you have this fetish about not wanting any western lady, but then I just learned about you being a S when you told me… Yousuke, why did you really not had any girlfriends prior to Sachie?"

Yousuke looked at him straight in his eyes.

"I was in love with somebody else, " Yousuke answered, and Kaname lifted one eyebrow.

"Really? Was she somebody we knew? American or Japanese?"

"Sort of… half-American, half-Japanese." Yousuke answered, and Kaname touched his chin, thinking about anybody he knew who was also a half like him.

"I couldn't remember any girl we met in the US who was a half like me…" Kaname said after a while.

Yousuke did not reply, but instead finished the remaining of his beer.

"Was she ever your girlfriend?" Kaname asked.

Yousuke shook his head.

"No, I never tried to approach…the person. It was a one-way love, and that person later on fell in love with somebody else. So I decided not to pursue it. Besides, I knew that…there would never be a way that the person will love me back."

Kaname slightly shifted his head, and uncrossed his legs.

"Yousuke, no battle is lost without being fought over. I just realized that, when Hiro talked to me days ago." Then, Kaname's tone became serious. "That is why I decided to pursue Sachie. I will fight for my love for her, even if it's you, Yousuke."

Yousuke just smiled and nodded.

"Ok, " he said afterwards.

Kaname was surprised.

"Are you sure? I thought that Sachie was the first girl that you ever loved."

"Sort of, " Yousuke answered in half-truth.

Kaname grinned.

"You have learned how to evade questions like a man, Yousuke. I thought all along that Sachie was your first love, now it turned out that you did fell in love then. So, the reason why you never had any girlfriends after that was because you were broken hearted." He tried to jest on Yousuke, to lighten up the mood.

Yousuke just shrugged his shoulders.

"You can look at it that way, too." Then Yousuke stood up, "Shall we go back to Sachie's room?"

"Oh ok, will you stay there, too?"

"Yes, I'd like to be with her on the last night before her operation tomorrow."

Kaname's eyes lightened up.

"Oh yes, I forgot to ask you. How did you find the person who was willing to donate a heart for her?"

Yousuke did not answer at first, he pushed the elevator open to the 7th floor, where Sachie is being kept now.

"A terminally ill patient, and he is willing to donate his heart so that he can help Sachie to continue on living."

Kaname nodded.

"We must go and thank him or his family personally after this." Kaname said.

"I already talked to his family, and they accepted the man's decision." He said firmly.


The next day came, Yukio, Andrea, Hiro and Ivy, as well as Kaname was on the waiting room outside the operating room. It was already 12:30 at noon, and he has been trying to call Yousuke but his phone was just ringing continuously, but he wasn't picking up.

"I wonder where is Yousuke right now, " Kaname said.

Hiro just looked at him, but did not say a word.

That morning, Hiro and Yousuke had a long talk. As Ivy said, no matter how much Hiro has tried to make Yousuke change his decision, he never listened. He just told Hiro that everything had been prepared, and that after this operation, he will continue to be with them inside Sachie.

"But what about your child?" Hiro asked exasperatedly.

Yousuke looked at him for a long time.

"Hiro, I am not the father of Sachie's child."

Hiro was dumbfounded. He could never believe for one moment that Sachie would cheat on Yousuke. His sister will never do that kind of immoral thing. Unless…

"Don't tell me…" Hiro's eyes widened in disbelief. But upon looking at Yousuke's expression, he raked his hair with his hands, and sat down on the chair.

"So all along, you have been playing cupid between the two of them."

Yousuke smiled sadly.

He loves Kaname, as his real self. But he also loves Sachie, as him being a man. By giving his heart to Sachie, he can protect her and make her live her life more and achieve her dreams more. By giving his heart to Sachie, he can continue loving Kaname.

Yes, Kaname was his first love. Ever since he was in Junior High School, he wondered why he could not have sex with a female. He would not have any reacti

on, and he noticed that he tended to look at men with more awareness than with women. However, being born in a strict family, and being the only son, he never gave in to the temptation. He never once thought of himself as a homosexual. He was telling himself that he has just yet to meet the girl who would make him fall in love.

But when he met Kaname, that's when his heart started to flutter, and it made him realize what kind of person he really is.

Yet, he never let anybody knew about his other self. He loves Kaname too much to even think about losing him. That was why when Kaname needed a kidney donor, he never hesitated. When he noticed that Kaname was becoming interested in Sachie, he panicked. He wanted to keep Kaname by himself, so he proposed to Sachie. By keeping Sachie with him, Kaname would never leave him.

However, Yousuke never thought that he would also come to love Sachie. His other self as a man was awakened by her. So it was also true that his first love, as a man, was Sachie.

He knew how selfish he has been, but he could not bear the thought of Kaname marrying another woman, and that he would someday leave them behind for his family. Yet, his selfishness began to change upon his realization that he was also falling in love with Sachie. It was indeed a complicated process for him.

So he decided that the only way to continue loving them both, and being with them, is to be a part of her. By being with her, he would be able to love Kaname, as Sachie's heart.

"Hiro, just support me on this, as my friend." Yousuke said. "I don't want to undergo surgery, because I don't want to be a burden and to think that even after surgery, I might not live that long. But if I give my heart to Sachie, I would still be with all of you."

Hiro clenched his fists. He stood up and hugged Yousuke tightly.


Noriko Amano looked at the profile of the man who will undergo the operation as a heart donor. She is an oncologist, but as the owner and the president of the hospital, she has the means to all the information. So, the man who looks just exactly like her husband is named Yousuke Matsumoto.

Yousuke Matsumoto, Noriko mused.

What a small world, she thought as she read his medical records.

This is pure fate, Mr. Matsumoto, she said to herself, as a plan went on her mind.

Noriko drank her coffee, she made several phone calls and looked at the time. It was 12:50.

Very soon, the heart transplant will start. She will have to act soon.

She opened her wallet and looked at the photo with three faces. Her, her husband, and their daughter.

This must be fate, we were guided to meet at this opportune time, Mr. Matsumoto.


After five hours, the operation was announced to successful. Yukio, Andrea, Hiro, Ivy, and Kaname were in high spirits when the doctor said that Sachie might open her eyes in 24-48 hours.

Kaname was so happy, then he saw that Hiro and Ivy were weeping silently. He thought that it was because of Sachie's successful operation.

He then send a message to Yousuke.

"Where are you, man? Sachie's operation is done, it's a success."

He pressed the send button. However, his message was returned to him after a while. He frowned.

What's going on? Did Yousuke blocked my number?

He resend the message, but it returned again.

He tried to call it, but the automatic voicemail said that the number he dialed is not existing anymore.

"Hiro, can you reach Yousuke's phone number? I cannot seem to contact him."

Hiro did not reply, and just looked at him with eyes in lamentation.

Kaname felt strange, suddenly, he felt a shiver ran through his spines, as if it became cold all of a sudden. He stroked his arms.

Just then, the door at the waiting room opened, and Yousuke's father arrived.

"Mr. Matsumoto, " Hiro stood up upon seeing Yousuke's father. They patted each other on the shoulders. Yukio and Andrea also knew what happened, so Yukio bowed respectfully at Yousuke's father.

"Mr. Matsumoto, we are…" Yukio was about to thank Yousuke's father.

"Please, Mr. Yamashita, no need for words." Mr. Matsumoto said in a calm voice. "Everything is my son's decision. We respect his decision. We will get the body now, and there will be a wake for 5 days before the funeral. After that, shall we talk again?"

Yousuke's father went out of the room, and Kaname was frozen on the floor where he was standing.

He looked with confused eyes at Hiro, then at Ivy.

Hiro met his gaze, his eyes were bloodshot, and he slowly nodded.

Kaname dropped on his knees. His shoulders began shaking after a while, and Hiro hugged him like his own brother.

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