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   Chapter 48 Yousuke’s first love

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Two days has passed by again, but Sachie hasn't made any improvement. Her heart and her pulse rate even became weaker each day.

Kaname was looking at their baby boy sleeping soundly on his crib at the baby station. He has both of his hands on his pockets, and has tender and solemn expression on his face. His boy, Sachie and his boy, he is such a healthy child.

Hiro and the others haven't named the baby. When they asked Yousuke about the child's name, he shrugged his shoulders and looked at them with silent despondence.

"I will let Sachie name him. She is, after all, risking her life for him."

The doctor talked to Sachie's family and told them that time is of the essence. The longer she stayed unconscious, the longer her heart would weaken. He told them that there is a higher chance that the moment they take out the life support on her, she might not survive anymore.

After that, Yousuke asked to speak alone with Ivy.

In the room, Yousuke was left with Ivy, while Hiro and Kaname went back at Sachie's room.

"Hiro, what do you think they are talking about that Yousuke does not want us to know?" Kaname asked as soon as they arrived at Sachie's room.

Hiro shrugged, but he couldn't help the gnawing feeling in his heart, as if a deep sense of foreboding has been making him feel on edge.

"Maybe it's a woman's thing about Sachie that only Ivy has to know." Hiro answered.

After about 20 minutes, Hiro became impatient and was about to go out of the room and go where the two were left when Ivy arrived. She was surprised to find Hiro who was about to open the door.

"Where are you going?" She asked, averting her eyes and looking at Sachie.

Hiro frowned. "I was about to go and get you. You've been talking alone together for too long." He replied.

Ivy smiled and walked to the other side of Sachie's bed, she stroked the strands of her hair on her forehead.

"Yousuke said he has found a heart donor for Sachie. The operation will take place tomorrow afternoon."

The two men looked at each other, a feeling of hope rose at Kaname's chest, and his eyes glittered in response. Meanwhile, Hiro also felt hopeful, but for some reason, he doesn't feel right.

He could feel that Ivy is hiding something.

"Did Yousuke say who the donor is?" Kaname asked what was on Hiro's mind.

Ivy shook her head.

"He said that the donor is a terminally ill patient in the hospital who decided to donate his heart to help others who can still live."

Ivy kept her eyes focused on Sachie, and Hiro's intuition became even more stronger. He decided to talk with her later on when they go home.

"Hiro, shall we go now? We have to tell father and mother about Sachie's operation." She asked after a while, and Hiro just nodded.


Kaname was left alone with Sachie that night again, and as always he slouched on the sofa which have been his bed for the past five nights. It was past midnight when the door to Sachie's room was opened from the outside.

The person walked over to where Sachie is laying unconscious. Yousuke stroked her face gently, and leaned closer to her to give a very light kiss on her pale lips. Then, he whispered on her ears.

"I love you, Sachie. Please continue to live on, and love for me."

A tear fell on his eyes.

Then he walked towards where Kaname was soundly sleeping. He squatted near him, his knees dropped on the floor as he looked at his sleeping face. The growth of stubbles on his chin is very visible now, and some dark shadows underneath his eyes.

Yousuke smiled bitterly.

His eyes watered, and he pinched the bridge of his nose. He stared for almost 3 minutes at Kaname's face. He would have wanted to touch him, but he was afraid that he will wake up. So, he just continued to watch him, a solitary smile on his lips.

Then, Kaname blinked and met Yousuke's eyes.

"Yousuke?" He said, and sat up from the sofa. "What's up? What time did you arrive?" He said.

Yousuke stood up, putting his hands on his pockets.

"Kaname, will you accompany me outside for a drink?" He asked, thinking that this might be the last time that he could speak with him.

Kaname glanced at Sachie.

"Sure, " He said.


They sat on the bench at the waiting room just near the main door of the hospital, where there were many vending machines and a 24-hour convenience store was still buzzing with people from the hospital. With a one can of beer on their hands, they sat next t

o each other on one bench.

For about five minutes, both of them just drank the beer, and would occasionally look somewhere, stare at one part of the hospital but not actually seeing anything.

Kaname was thinking about Sachie, nothing and nobody else occupies his mind as of the moment but for her to wake up.

Yousuke was just savoring the last moments that he can spend with the person who was his first love, and still is. The one who made him realize what kind of person he really was, without him being aware of it.

His first love, whom he met more than 18 years ago.


Hiro and Ivy were in their bed snuggled together after a well-spent time together at the bath tub.

Hiro was stroking Ivy's back, but his mind was still very wide awake.

"Ivy, are you sleeping?" He whispered.

"No, Hiro, " she replied, and he realized that she was stifling her cries.

Hiro hugged her tightly.

"Ivy, tell me what Yousuke told you this afternoon. Please, " He said.

Deep in his heart, he has an inkling about Yousuke's plan. He knew that he never had any appointment for the surgery about his gallbladder cancer, nor did he ever asked for any kidney or liver donor.

In any case, Hiro has already found a possible donor of kidney, as well as he already made a reservation at a hospital for a complete liver transplant. However, he has to ask for Yousuke's permission. The only thing he can do as a friend is to provide him all the means that he would need, but the last decision would still come from him.

Ivy kept her face close to his chest.

"Hiro, Yousuke will die tomorrow…" Hiro's hand that was stroking her back stopped, and he bit his upper lip. "He will donate his heart to Sachie."

Hiro shut his eyes tightly, trying not to lose his calm. He felt the salty liquid flowed from his closed eyes.

Ivy cried harder.

"He asked me not to tell you until tomorrow, because he will talk to you tomorrow properly before the surgery. He also said that no matter what you will say, he will proceed with the donation. He already signed the waiver from the hospital, and he has everything ready. He said that he would want his ash to be spread on the ocean, and please allow Kaname to do it."


"Yousuke, I want to tell you something, " Kaname said after a while.

"Sure, "

"When Sachie wakes up, I want to tell you that I will pursue her."

Kaname did not look at Yousuke, for he was feeling guilty. But he has to do it, because he could not deny any more how much he loves Sachie.

He did not notice the faint smile that formed on Yousuke's lips, nor the hint of happiness on his eyes, nor the glitter of envy on his expression. He did not notice the anguish that washed on Yousuke's face after a while.

"I know. You must have realized how much you love her now that she is almost slipping away from your fingers." Yousuke said, and it made Kaname looked at him.

Yousuke was never a man who speaks in riddles, especially a romantic one at that.

Yousuke sighed exasperatedly.

"Life is really complicated right? And human beings are never satisfied with what they have. Why do human always want something they could never have?"

Kaname stared at him in awe, and Yousuke just leaned back on the bench.

"You must be thinking that I'm being too sensitive now, right?" At Kaname's silence, Yousuke spoke again.

"Kaname, do you still remember the first time that we met in US?"

Kaname also leaned back on the bench, placing his hands on the back of his head and crossing one leg over the other.

"Of course. That time, you were being bullied by some American students. You were looking too Japanese and they thought you could not understand English in a native level."

Kaname let out a small laugh.

"Then, both you and Hiro came to my rescue. I remembered that was the first time that we all were sent to the dean's office, because those guys were beaten like a pulp by three Asians." Yousuke also grinned.

Then he became serious all of a sudden.

"Kaname, I never say thank you to you for that."

Kaname shrugged his shoulders and replied nonchalantly at him.

"Don't mention it anymore, Yousuke. You have donated your kidney to me when I was on the verge of dying. No words are needed anymore between us."

Yousuke smiled.

"But that time was the most unforgettable moment of my life Kaname, " he said in a lower voice.

Because that was the time that I met you, Kaname, my first love.

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