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   Chapter 47 That was stupid of you

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Six hours since Sachie was brought in the operating room. Hiro and Ivy stayed in the hospital, while they asked Yukio and Andrea to go to their house for the three children. It was already 7:00PM.

Kaname looked at both of his hands, feeling helpless and pained. Yosuke…was nowhere on sight.

Two hours after Sachie was brought in, Yousuke made several phone calls. After that, he told the three that he has to go and arrange some things.

It has been four hours. It was exactly 7:10PM when he arrived.

Kaname looked up and saw the exhausted expression on his face.

"How is it?" Yousuke asked when he sat next to Kaname.

Kaname sadly looked at the operating room with the red light still on at the top of the door. He shook his head.

"Until now, none of the doctors or the nurses has come out." His voice was laced with guilt.

It's his fault, he shouldn't have come back and showed himself to Sachie. He should have remained hidden from her.

Yousuke patted his back gently.

"Don't blame yourself, Kaname. Sachie knew that her life would be at risk once she became pregnant."

Kaname closed his eyes. He just learned about Sachie's condition from Ivy while Yousuke was away. He didn't realize that she has a congenital heart disease. He also knew that Sachie never wished for anybody to know about her predicament.

How could she sacrifice herself like that? Didn't she knew that it would be harder for the baby to grow up without a mother?

"Sachie is a fighter. I'm sure she will live through this. And once this is over, you can both live happily ever after, Kaname."

Yousuke's voice sounded different for Kaname. Even the words that he said di not sound right in his ears. He is not the husband here, what is he saying?

He was about to ask him when the door at the operating room opened.

It was Sachie's heart doctor. He looked so tired, as expected.

The four of them were on the doctor's front in a matter of seconds, with positive anticipation on their faces and holding their breathe.

The doctor looked at Yousuke, with a firm set of his thin lips.

"We successfully delivered the baby through a caesarian operation, and he is a healthy baby boy." He announced, and the four were able to breathe.

Then Yousuke spoke.

"How is she?"

The doctor's eyes fluttered, and Hiro clenched his fists on his sides, Ivy covered her mouth not to utter any word of anguish for her sister.

"She…is in comatose."


Kaname very gently looked at Sachie's sleeping face. So many tubes were attached on her body, and against the hospital gown, many plasters and tubes on her chest were attached to a monitoring machine. She has a life support system attached to her as well, and the monitor was showing a weak up and down line, with a weak pulse and heartbeat.

It has been three days since she gave birth, but she hasn't opened her eyes, yet. Kaname bit his upper lip, and stifled a silent cry. His eyes were red, and he looked up and pinched the bridge of his nose under the mask.

He remembered the same scene when he was hospitalized because of Regina. The moment he gained consciousness, it was her scent which greeted him, her touch woke up his senses then. He never felt better to be alive.

But now, he never knew how hard it is to be the one who waits for your love one to open their eyes. The anxiety of waiting, the uncertainty of the events kept him awake even at night. He never left her side since then.

Yousuke was with him on the first night, but on the second night, he went home. Tonight, Hiro said that he will come over and will spend the night with him.

He has to prepare. Hiro has never spoken a word to him since Sachie was brought here. Ad he is expecting that tonight, he would ask him all the things that are surely gnawing at his mind.

He would be truthful. From all the things that have progressed so far, nothing good will ever come out from telling a lie.

He stroked her cheeks, she looked so pale, as if no blood is being transported to the veins on her cheeks anymore. Her lashes were almost sticking on her skin and he longed to see her pretty little eyes once again.

He found solace on her cheerful character, and every time she would react as he expected on his banters, he would feel nice. He thought that he was looking at her like his own sister. But with time, she slowly made his way through his cold, playful heart.


please wake up soon, " she whispered against her ears, his voice quivering in melancholy. "I could never live without you Sachie, please don't leave me alone. Once you wake up, I will follow whatever you want me to do. Even if I made an enemy to my life's savior. If you want me to stay with you, I will, or if you want me to leave you alone, I will. Just live Sachie, please come back to us."

He has never begged anyone before so dearly.

But for the love of his life, he is willing to do anything.


Yousuke laid down on his bed, at his parents' house. Since Sachie was sent to the hospital, he decided to stay in his parents' house for a while. He wanted to be with them for the last time. After dinner, he talked with them seriously, together with his sister. He told them his health condition, and his plans.

As expected, they were all against his decision. But it was his decision. They could not do anything about it. He has already talked with his lawyer, and everything has been settled just as he wanted.

His mother cried at him, but even her tears were not able to change his mind. After a couple of hours, his parents finally accepted his decision, and so was his sister. He told them that they should not harbor nay hard feelings to anyone after this, for what he was about to do will give rise to happy endings.

Now, as he laid on his bed alone, he began to reflect on all his actions. He has settled upon himself to arrange the chaos that he started. It was because of his selfish love for one person that their lives became tangled like this.

All he has to do is just wait for the right timing. He has everything readied, and knowing that his heart will continue beating to be loved by the person that he loves with his whole being is enough for him to have a peace of mind.


That night, Hiro came by as he said. Kaname was slouched on the sofa when he heard the door opening, and he met Hiro's eyes. He didn't see any hard feelings on it, only sadness and distress.

"Kaname, why don't you take a night off? You have dark circles on your eyes." Hiro said after he sat on one chair, and looked at Sachie's unconscious body. He looked at his sister with deep sorrow.

Kaname shook his head.

"I'm fine here, Hiro, I want to be the first one she sees when she wakes up." He said.

Hiro shook his head, a faint smile on his lips.

"Sachie is one lucky girl, I never expected that my two best friends would fall in love with her at the same time." He said, and Kaname swallowed, he averted his eyes from Hiro.

He knew.

"But you are such a good pretender, Kaname. If I hadn't seen Sachie's reaction upon seeing you, and confirmed it with Yousuke, I wouldn't have believed that you indeed have feelings for her. How were you able to hide that from me? I even prided myself to be sensitive to the people around me." Hiro looked at his hands. "I guess I became too sensitive to other people that I tended to miss those closest to me."

Kaname clenched his fists tightly, in guilt.

"I'm sorry Hiro. I never wanted to cause trouble."

"I know, " Hiro said, ""Yousuke told me the truth, that you went to Europe not because of the business, but because you wanted to give them time and space for themselves." He glanced at Sachie, then back at Kaname.

"That was stupid of you, Kaname, " his instantly sharp tone made Kaname looked at him. "Giving up on the person you love before even putting up a good fight is cowardice. I never knew you were such a spineless man. I understood that our bond as friends were strong, but to the point that you sacrifice the person who could be beside you until you grow old for that friendship, that was utter nonsense."

Kaname was dumbstruck. Hiro is actually telling him that he should have chosen Sachie over Yousuke.

"If ever you fell in love with Ivy at the same time with me, I would fight with you to win her over. Fair and square." Hiro added, and only then did Kaname understood how stupid he has been.

Indeed, he was a shame for a man that he claimed to be. He should be ashamed for all his actions. Giving up without a fight was never his style before, nor Hiro and Yousuke.

He bit his upper lip as he glanced at the unconscious lady, and made up his mind.

He would indeed fight for her. Even if it became too late, he would do everything to win her back once she wake up.

Please Sachie, wake up soon, my love.

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