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   Chapter 46 Sachie’s choice

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 8696

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Kaname and Yousuke arrived as planned at the Narita airport. When they arrived at the waiting room, they saw Hiro, who was standing firmly, with his feet a little apart from each other, hands on his pockets, and has an impatient look on his handsome face. Kaname shook his head slightly as he amusingly watched his best friend glared at them the moment their eyes made contact.

If he hasn't known him for more than 20 years, he would have scowled at how he looked so forbidding. Like a thunder God about to struck them with his lightning.

Their closed fists met at their center when they were near enough to each other. And a small laugh came out of their lips. Many people stole second glances at them, because their extraordinarily good looks and appeal were really worthy to stare at.

"Kaname, you stupid man, " Hiro said as they walked towards the parking. "You owe as a lot from not even visiting us on New Year."

Kaname chuckled, he felt good and cheerful when he's with them.

"I was working, you know. You won't even thank me that our sales in Europe has gone up by 6% this year because of me." He said proudly, slightly touching his nose with his point finger.

"It was holiday in Europe, too. Don't give us that kind of excuse." Yousuke interjected.

They all knew that offices are closed on New Year, it was stipulated in the YY company policy that holidays are strictly observed, even in the overseas branches.

"Ha-ha, I was found out, " Kaname said, clasping his hands at his nape. He noticed that it wasn't Yano who was with Hiro today.

"Hey, where's Yano?" He asked, and Hiro just shrugged his shoulders.

"I gave him a 2-week holiday. His wife has just given birth yesterday."

Hiro frowned. Now, Yano has three children. He has to work hard to make Ivy pregnant as soon as possible. He can't lose against his staff.

They reached the parking, and the driver put their luggage at the trunk of the car. Kaname and Yousuke sat at the back while Hiro sat at the front. Kaname whistled as he looked at the interior of the Rolls-Royce.

"Another new one? Is this a Phantom?" He asked.

Hiro glanced at him from the mirror.

"Yes, you know how my family is getting bigger so we need a bigger car for everybody to fit it."

Kaname's eyes widened.

"Don't tell me that Ivy is pregnant again?"

Yousuke laughed, and Hiro snapped at him.

"Not yet, but she will be soon, " He stated, more like a promise to himself.


Not too far from them, a woman wearing a black trench coat over her gray dress was looking at their side with an utter disbelief on

ed out to touch his face.

Kaname felt like a lightning struck him, and had the urge to pull her to his chest tightly.

But before he could, she closed her eyes and when he realized what just happened, she was already limp on his arms.


Andrea's outburst made everyone act hastily. She just collapsed.

Lifting her body in his arms, Kaname almost ran to the door, with Yousuke and Hiro running before him towards the car.

"Fast! Get her in!" Hiro shouted.

When the driver saw Hiro running towards him, he immediately opened the passenger's door but Hiro went to the driver's seat.

"I'll drive, you drive for father's car."

He said and as soon as Kaname, Yousuke and Sachie were in the car, he drove away fast. Yukio and Andrea followed behind in their own car driven by Hiro's driver.

When they reached the hospital, the emergency doctors and nurses were already waiting with the stretcher ready. Yousuke called Sachie's doctor along the way and told them what happened.

Sachie was wheeled into the emergency room fast and the three men were prevented from going in there. Sachie's heart doctor looked at Yousuke.

"If I have to choose which one to save…"

"The mother!" Kaname and Hiro's voice said in unison.

"The baby." Yousuke said, earning him an angry look from the two. He met their glares with his own firm eyes.

"This is Sachie's choice. She has made me promise that at whatever cost, I must choose the baby's safety over hers. If you intervene and she woke up without the baby, don't blame me for what she might do." Yousuke stated.

The doctor nodded and patted his shoulder. The two became speechless.

"We will try to do our best to save them both, "

Yousuke nodded.

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