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   Chapter 44 Sachie’s bucket list

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Updated: 2018-12-06 23:30

Since Kaname left, Sachie never returned to work. Or, she was not able to return to work anymore. The night that she fainted, it took the doctors almost 24 hours to get her back to life.

The reason, her heart almost failed beating.

After then, she stayed in the hospital for one week, as Hiro insisted. And after all the tests were conducted, Hiro could not believe his ears.

Sachie has a congenital heart disease. She was told by the doctors that if she continue with her pregnancy, she would be put in a greater risk. Worse, the bigger the baby grows, the more she will likely suffer from frequent suffocations and fainting.

Hiro called Yukio and Andrea, and the two elderly couple flew back to Tokyo the next day.

In Hiro's house, Yukio and Andrea were sitting on a sofa together, while Hiro and Ivy were on the opposite sofa. The children were told not to go out from their play room.

"Father, how come we never knew that Sachie has a heart problem? More so, she was born with it." Hiro said, still could not believe how it happened to his sister.

"Yes, it's not in our family to have a heart disease, but I'm not sure about…" Yukio glanced sideways at Andrea, who was sipping her tea. "Your mother never mentioned anything to me about it, too. Besides, Sachie never had any kind of symptoms that she has a heart problem. She was always healthy and lively, you know that."

"Have you asked for second opinion?" Andrea asked.

"Yes Mother, " Hiro replied. "We already consulted for different heart experts from different hospitals and they all said the same. It was a congenital disease."

"But how come it only manifested now?" Ivy asked, she was also wondering about it. She was thinking that it might not be the first time, because Sachie did not seem surprise about the findings, nor was Yousuke.

The four of them became silent.

"Father, Mother, maybe it's better if you stay with Sachie for now. I will ask Yousuke tomorrow for them to move for a while at the old house with you." Hiro said.

He has to talk to Yousuke. If Sachie's pregnancy would put her life at risk, it's better to make the choice as soon as possible.


However, Sachie made the final decision. She would give birth to her baby, no matter

hs, or my condition will get worse, " He said truthfully.

"Then go with it as soon as possible, Yousuke."

Yousuke did not answer. Hiro only knew his medical condition. But he doesn't know the real reason why he wanted Kaname and Sachie to be together. His real reason will be with him up to his grave.


Kaname received an email from Yousuke that night.

Kaname, Sachie has never been the same since you went away. She is now 7 months pregnant. If she continue to stay sad always, she and the baby might get affected. I suggest you come to visit them once in a while. Please.

Kaname leaned back on his chair. He then stood up and walked towards the window. Ever since he arrived in Europe 6 months ago, he never once forgot about Sachie. At first, he tried to go out on a date with several different women. However, he could not bring himself to even kiss them passionately. Every time he tried, Sachie's face would always pop up on his mind.

As a result, he has been celibate for half a year.

He smiled as he counted the days. Very soon, his child will be born. Just knowing that his child and Sachie are alright would be enough for him to keep him going forwards in life. It would be sufficient for him knowing that they are both safe and in good condition.

He decided that he won't marry any woman anymore, he will just spend his time loving his woman and his child from afar, living with his best friend in peace and happiness.

Their happiness would be my happiness.

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