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   Chapter 43 If it’s another man

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Sachie just looked at him, as if in a daze and could not believe what she just heard from him.

Kaname will go to Europe?

She smiled.

"I see, how long will you stay there for your business trip?" she asked, hoping that what she thought was wrong.

Kaname looked at her with a painful expression, the first time that he openly looked at her with such a face, and she felt like crying in solitude. She promised herself that she would forget her feelings for him, but knowing that she won't be able to completely see him set his heart on a panic. It's enough that she knows that he's here, somewhere near.

But if he go away…

"I'm not sure, I will be transferring there…for good, perhaps." He said, searching her eyes thoroughly.

She knows that whatever he saw in her eyes made him happy, because he smiled. It made her heart leap.

"Why?" she asked, her voice quivering with her emotion. Emotion that she has been trying to let go…but to no avail.

Just one look from, one touch, one kiss.

It only takes him just one move and the wall that she has been trying to build just dissipated like gas to nowhere.

"I…I can't stay here anymore, Sachie." He replied, his voice was laced with anguish.

Hey gaze lowered to look at her feet. She interlaced her hands together, and stepped a little backwards away from him. She realized why he wants to go away. But she was afraid to hear it from him.

"Sachie, I will go, and I don't know when I will come back. So for once, I want to be honest with you." He said, stepping towards her, and she back away again, her heart beating faster and louder. Her head suddenly felt dizzy, she put one arm down and hold on to the back of a nearby chair.

"I will go…because I love you. But, my love for you will hurt all of us. Yousuke will be sad, and I know that you and I can't be fully happy knowing that we are hurting somebody with our love. If it's another man, I will be selfish and fight my way to get you."

She did not respond. Among all the things he said, just three words kept on reverberating on her mind.

I love you.

Kaname loves her…and she loves him.

Why can't they be happy together?

"If I just realized earlier that my feelings for you is real, I would have been in Yousuke's shoes, I would have been the one who proposed to you, who married you, who have put a ring on your finger…"

Kaname eyes were bloodshot, and he was gritting his teeth.

Although I was the one who made love to you…

At the mention of Yousuke's name, Sachie bit her lower lip. She is married to Yousuke, and they will have a child soon. She sh

t is at 1:00AM, and he must prepare, of course.

"Kaname, you may go now. We will stay here." Yousuke said.

Kaname looked worried. "But-"

"It's alright, Kaname." Hiro interjected, who already calmed down. "We will let you know once she wakes up."

Kaname nodded, he walked towards Hiro and Ivy and bid them goodbye. Then, he walked towards Yousuke and said the same. Hiro watched Yousuke's expression, and he knows that Yousuke will never say anything to Kaname about his condition.

With a sigh, Hiro walked towards them and put his arms to their shoulders then pulled them closer in a hug. The two were utterly in shock at Hiro's action, but they did not dare to pull away.

"The three of us will remain friends, no matter how far apart we are." Hiro said.

"Yes, " Yousuke said with a smile

"Of course, " Kaname replied as well with a grin.

They put each other's right fist at their front and made a bantered punch at each other's heart.

Kaname went out of the hospital with a heavy heart.


Thirty minutes after he went home, he received Yousuke's message that Sachie has awaken and that he didn't need to worry. He smiled to himself, feeling better that she was ok. He continued packing his stuff.

He finished at 9:00PM, and he just stayed lying on his bead, with his arms under his head. He closed his eyes and tried to remember Sachie's grief-stricken face. It made him angry at himself.

What kind of man is he? He caused the woman that he loves pain. He has been so used to playing around with women, that he never learned how to treat his special woman properly. All he did was made her sad.

This is the right choice Kaname. They will be a happy family, and you, you will move on in time.

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