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   Chapter 42 For the last time

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Yousuke felt a little better when he saw Hiro's reaction. He could not be happier knowing that a man like Hiro, who is cold and powerful, would look at him with such a somber expression and reddened eyes that were about to cry.

"You must go to America, Yousuke." Hiro said finally, turning his back on him.

Yousuke smiled bitterly.

"I don't have to, Hiro. My doctors in Europe have consulted my condition to the best doctors in America. This is a rare chronic illness. One doctor told me that having a polycystic liver and kidney disease is usually not deadly. However, you have seen the medical report. I don't only need a kidney transplant, but a liver transplant as well. Money aside, who would donate a liver to me? It would be great if I only need a partial liver transplant but no, I need a whole liver transplant. And of course, my gallbladder…"

Yousuke's voice trembled and his hands shook. He looked down and saw beads of liquid fell down the floor next to where his feet where.

When he found out about his kidney disease, he wasn't that much affected. He knows that he could definitely found a kidney donor that will match him with the right amount of money. Then he was told that his liver is almost filled with cysts, that it will soon cease functioning if not replaced. He knew that it would be an ordeal to find a donor, but with his connection, he knew that he will have a high chance.

Then his gallbladder was diagnosed with an adenosquamous carcinoma just a week after their wedding. A rare type of cancer in the gallbladder.


His world almost came crashing down on him.

Even Steve Jobs died of cancer.

Hiro kept his back on him.

They remained not talking to each other for about 5 minutes.

When Hiro turned around, he has an adamant look on his face.

"You will go to the US, I will arrange for you to move on our branch there. Get a treatment Yousuke, undergo whatever surgery you have to."

At Yousuke's expression, Hiro's jaw clenched tightly.

"Damn it!"

Yousuke smiled.

He feels lucky that even before his time has ended, he saw and felt how Hiro cares for him. At least, he was lucky that he was not mistaken in giving him his loyalty. Hiro was so worth it to be his friend, and the memories they shared has proved how they stood beside each other, the three of them. No one was behind, they all stood beside each other, in equal position.

"Hiro, just take me back please. I want to sleep with my wife."


When Hiro took Yousuke back home, he asked Yano to take him home as well. Upon arriving at their hous

his expression did not change from the moment she entered the room until he reached where she was standing. He stopped a few steps before her.

She involuntarily back away a little, feeling uncomfortable with their proximity.

"Sachie, " he murmured her name, and before she knew what was happening, he was already kissing her.

Her eyes widened in utter shock, she was so dumbstruck that she did not know how to react. Her eyes closed by itself, and her mouth opened by itself, too. Before she could understand what was going on, she was reciprocating his kiss.

Then suddenly, Yousuke's face flashed on her mind. With all the willpower she could muster, she pushed Kaname. He looked at her with confusion, and she immediately turned around before he could touch her again. She was running out of his room.

She went directly to the stairs and went to her room. She put both of her hands on her heart, which was beating rapidly.

She wept, realizing that after all her efforts to forget him, just a mere kiss from him would make her fall in love with him again. How weak could she get?

Then, the door to her room opened, and she looked up to see Kaname. His eyes were full of concern for her, and more.

"Sachie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" at her pained expression, he sighed. "I did meant to kiss you, for the last time."

She looked at him in puzzlement.

"What do you mean…for the last time?" Her heart was beating faster than usual, and she felt her hands becoming sweaty with tension.

Kaname walked towards her, and gently touched her shoulders. He looked at her with saddened expression.

"This is the last time I will be in this office. From tomorrow, I will be moving to the Europe branch."

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