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   Chapter 41 I have done everything

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Sachie was taken aback by the question. But after a short while she was able to gather her wits.

"That is private matter, Kaname, " she said gently, "But I will answer it truthfully. I…will love Yousuke. He is my husband, and the father of my child. He is kind and caring to me. There is no way that I won't fall in love with him…soon." She said, meeting his gaze.

Kaname did not reply immediately, he just kept on looking through her eyes. However, his expression became somber, and he was the first to avert his gaze from hers.

"I see, that is nice to hear." He said and stood up, he heard the opening of the door and met Yousuke's eyes. Kaname walked towards him and patted his shoulder. Yousuke looked confused about what made Kaname looked so defeated.

Sachie stood up when she saw Yousuke, she smiled and greeted him.

"So, how is work? Busy as usual?" She asked as soon as she got near him.

Yousuke shook his head and held her at the small of her back. They exited the building and walked across the car park to their car. Yousuke took her to a nearby restaurant where a table has been reserved for them.

It was a restaurant with a romantic ambience and cozy atmosphere. There were lots of tables for two but they were set far apart from each other in such a way that a normal conversation won't be heard between tables. A waiter wearing an all-black attire except for the inner shirt guided them towards a far corner. The table was lit by long and blue candles and as soon as they were seated, a female staff bowed at them and took their orders.

Sachie looked at the menu and she picked all her favorite dishes, which were mostly a combination of vegetables and chicken. Yousuke ordered some seafood and beef, and he just smiled at her the whole time they were waiting for the food. Sachie don't know how to initiate the conversation, and so was Yousuke.



When they did, they decided to talk at the same time which made them laugh at their synchrony.

"Lady's first, " Yousuke said gallantly, and Sachie smiled wider.

"I was just thinking that since we were in Europe, we almost did not eat in any fancy restaurant such as this one." She said, using the wet tissue to wipe her fingers.

Yousuke nodded.

"Yes, we were both busy after that, and we usually ate with Kaname and friends, " He remarked.

He became silent again, and was watching her against the glass of water that he was drinking. Sachie looked brilliantly happy, which must be because of the pregnancy.

I wonder how she would react once she learned that I'm not th


"Why did you keep it a secret from us? You should have told us and we will do everything to help you." Hiro said.

Yousuke had no doubt that Hiro will indeed help him. But he could not tell them.

"If I told it to both of you, how will Kaname feel? Do you think he could bear the fact that because I gave him my other kidney, now it's my turn to need one? Don't you think he won't be filled with regret and guilt?"

Hiro also knew that.

"But you could have told me, "

"And you will probably prevent me from marrying your sister, thinking that I'm so sick and I might just leave her behind sad if I die soon." Yousuke said.

Hiro did not reply.

"I love Sachie, Hiro. You know me, I have never taken any interest in any woman. Sachie is the only woman I ever loved, and I want to make her happy." Yousuke's voice cracked.

Hiro cursed, feeling torn at the moment.

"Don't you think you were acting selfish, Yousuke? You should have make yourself better first before you considered marrying her."

Yes, it's true. Under normal condition. But there is something more that you don't know about me, Hiro.

"I have done everything I can for my condition Hiro, " he said in a low voice.

Hiro felt cold, as if he was suddenly put in a freezer.

"What do you mean? You are not terminally ill, Yousuke. You just need a kidney transplant like Kaname was 17 years ago, and…" Hiro choked on his words, as if he could not say what he wants to say.

He felt afraid that if the words would come out of his mouth, it might be true. When he read the medical reports from Yousuke's doctor in Europe, he could not believe his eyes. How could a healthy 37 year old man be having all those kind of illnesses?

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