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   Chapter 40 She’s not a toy

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Yousuke raised his hand as soon as Kaname arrived in the restaurant. Kaname walked towards him, and Yousuke stood up.

"Let's go to the private room, " he said, and Kaname followed him without saying anything.

The private room was a soundproof room and after they ordered their meals, Kaname just looked seriously at Yousuke. Yousuke, on the other hand, started to sip his green tea.

It took him a few seconds and when he put down the tea cup, he looked straight at Kaname.

"Kaname, I want to ask you straight. Please tell me your honest answer."

The corner of Kaname's mouth twitched a little, but he just nodded silently.

"I want to know how do you feel about Sachie's pregnancy, "


They heard the knock and it was the waiter, Yousuke gave his acknowledgement and the waiter entered, bringing the food that they ordered. When the waiter went out, Yousuke looked at him patiently.

Kaname could not tell what Yousuke was thinking at the moment.

"I am happy for her pregnancy, " he answered truthfully.

Yousuke did not reply. Then, he crossed his arms over his chest, looking at him as intently as possible.

"Tell me what you think, Kaname."

Kaname frowned.

What he think?

"I don't get what you want to know Yousuke, " he said and looked at the food. "Can't we eat first?"

Yousuke sighed and smiled a little. "Ok, let's eat first."

They ate in silence, with an occasional question and answer about things related to their work. After about 20 minutes, they both finished eating.

They were already sipping their brewed coffee when Yousuke asked him again. Kaname let out a sigh, because he could not honestly tell him what he thought upon learning about the pregnancy.

"Yousuke, I kept my end of the bargain. I am happy that she became pregnant, there is no more need for us to trick her again. No more need for me to feel guilty every time we did it."

You're lying again, Kaname!

Shut up, I know what I'm talking about, he thought to himself.

Yousuke looked at him with unreadable expression. For some reason, Kaname thought that Yousuke appeared to be anxious about something.

"Kaname, answer me honestly. Do you love Sachie?"

Kaname almost choked on his coffee, but he was able to appear calm, thanks to his years of experience.

"Such a silly question, " he said, pretended to be annoyed to mask the quickening of his pulse.

"Just say yes or no then, " Yousuke insisted.

Kaname glared at him sharply, obviously displeased with his question. But Yous


Sachie waited at the lobby on the first floor at 5:30PM for Yousuke. Although she already have her own driver, she received a call from Yousuke after lunch that he would pick her up about that time. She was just looking on her phone when Kaname came out from the elevator.

Their eyes met, and both became breathless for a while. Sachie felt her face flushed upon realizing that she met his eyes for a longer time than usual. It made her heart flutter.

Shhh, be still, my heart.

Kaname walked towards her and stopped a few steps away.

"Are you waiting for your driver?" he asked.

"No, Yousuke will pick me up soon, " she answered.

She noticed that he looked more tired than usual. She also noticed that he brought his computer with him, which is quite unusual. Kaname is the type of man who seldom bring his computer outside his office or his own room.

"It seems that you are quite busy these days, " she remarked conversely, when she noticed that he has no intention of going away.

As she guessed, he sat on the bench next to her, and she consciously moved a little farther from him. Kaname noticed it and lifted an eyebrow.

"Sachie, I won't bite you." He said, looking amused.

She just made a face at him, then giggled as it made him laugh.

Sachie felt good, she has been missing his laughter. Although she has decided to keep her distance from him, she could not lie to herself that she still always miss him.

"Sachie, may I ask you something personal?" Kaname suddenly said in a serious tone.

"Of course, except private matters." She answered in a good-natured way, still thinking that he was going to tease her.

"Do you love Yousuke?"

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