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   Chapter 39 Kaname’s feelings

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Updated: 2018-12-04 23:06

Kaname felt his heart has been stabbed with numerous knives. The chopsticks that he was holding fell on the ground as he felt his joints became numb with the news.

"Uncle Kaname, your chopsticks, " Aki pointed out.

"Wow! Congratulations, Sachie, Yousuke, " Ivy was the first to stand and walked towards the two.

She hugged Sachie, and smiled cheerfully at Yousuke. She really feels happy to her sister who will be a mother like her in a few months-time.

"Thanks, sister, " Sachie said, her uneasiness with Kaname's presence became forgotten as she held Ivy's warm hands.

Hiro also stood up and patted Yousuke's shoulder. However, in contrast to Ivy's cheerful countenance, his expression was unreadable.

"Congratulations, Sachie, " he smiled at his sister, patting her head gently, "You must be happy now, " he added, his expression softened at Sachie's joyous face.

Kaname finally overcame his shock and stepped towards the two as well. He masked the unknown feeling in his heart with a ready smile that did not reach his eyes. He nodded his head towards Sachie after patting Yousuke's shoulder.

"Congratulations to both of you, "

Kaname's words were dry, and his tone did not fail to reach Hiro's sensitive ears. Hiro frowned, but immediately eased his expression when he felt Ivy's eyes on him.

"Well, this is indeed a joyous news. Come on guys, let's eat more before the food became over burnt, " Ivy said.

The children were all happy, eating while playing at the same time. The five adults remained on their seats, chatting about everything under the sun. Kaname would join the conversation once in a while, but he could not force himself to really enjoy the talks. He focused on eating and drinking, while his mind was in disarray.

Sachie is pregnant, with his child. He would be a father. But the child would not be his.

It's supposed to be a good news, and it's what's supposed to be really happening because it was what Yousuke wanted. It was the reason why he was allowed to touch her, to made love with her. Just for the purpose of making her pregnant.

He should be happy.

At last, he won't be forced by Yousuke anymore to make love with Sachie.

Forced? Really? Didn't you enjoy it, too Kaname?

No, I did it for Yousuke.

You are such a good pretender. You have always wanted to touch her, to make her yours. You were even excited every night it came, when you were supposed to join her on their bed.


Yes, you wanted her by yourself, Kaname. And now, she is pregnant with your child. You and h

tell that you have been on edge since Saturday." He said, and Kaname could not believe how he was so obvious. Yousuke has called him a few times yesterday but he did not answer any of it. He spent the rest of Sunday in his apartment, just lying on his bed, thinking and planning.

"Let's meet this lunch at the usual place, ok?"

Yousuke did not wait for his reply and just hang up the phone.

Kaname clasped both of his hands under his chin, and after a few minutes, he began working on his computer again.

He could not be distracted now, he has to arranged everything in the office before he could ask Hiro for a change in working environment. Aside from the business-related aspects, he has to devise a fool-proof plan for him to allow his request for transfer.

He could not remain in Japan anymore. If he does, he won't be so sure until he could keep his feelings in check every time he would see her. Especially now that she is carrying his child, he is not sure of himself if he could keep himself from laying his claim on the baby once he is born.

If he would follow his own feelings, he would not only hurt Yousuke. He knows that he will also hurt Sachie on the process. How would she accept that he and Yousuke have agreed to trick her into something immoral? Knowing her, there is a high chance that she would decide to get away from both of them.

For Kaname, he would choose her and the baby's safety over his own selfish feelings.

He leaned back on his chair, this is the consequence of their sin. This happened because he was not man enough.

He was not able to fight for his love.

But how could he fight for his love when it would hurt his best friend?


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