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   Chapter 38 Sachie is pregnant

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When they arrived at the airport, Yousuke was alone in the waiting area. It seemed like Ivy and the children already picked Hiro and the kids could not wait to have their father treat them somewhere.

Sachie laughed at how Yousuke was relating about Hiro's reaction.

"I knew that he was longing to embrace Ivy the moment we saw them waiting. But then, the three children ran to him and hugged him tightly that his two arms were not enough to hug the three of them at the same time. Ivy was just laughing while Hiro was in chaos whether to look happy or annoyed."

Sachie sat at the back of the car while the two men were on the front.

"Kaname, did my wife behave like a real employee?" Yousuke bantered when Kaname started driving, and casted a playful look at Sachie.

She blushed. Of course, she worked the ways she was expected to do.

"Well, she must have. She has been so busy since Wednesday from her work that I only get to see her this afternoon when we go to pick you up." Kaname answered.

Although his answer was the truth, Sachie could not help but feel guilty. It was like Kaname was holding something against her for avoiding him. But it was her decision. And she won't back out from it.

Yousuke looked at her.

"Really, I thought I told you not to overdo things, Sachie." He said in a gentle voice.

"My work wasn't anything heavy Yousuke. I was just reviewing proposals for whole day. If I don't go to toilet, I won't even have any exercise at all, " she answered honestly.

Yousuke shrugged.

He has been counting the days, until next week, she should take the early pregnancy test. So, she should not do anything that will put stress on her body and on her mind.

"Ok, let's go to that restaurant by the bay, Kaname. My treat." Yousuke said cheerfully.


That night, Yousuke held her gently in his arms. They kissed and for some reason, Sachie did not feel any desire from his kisses, if there was any feeling that she felt from him, it was exhaustion. She felt that even his touch have no energy on them. And even though she should have missed him from being gone for four nights, she could not say it out of her mouth. For she knew that she would just lie if she said so.

If there is anyone whom she wouldn't want to lie with, it would be Yousuke. He has been nothing but good to her.

So, with an understanding smile, she became contented with embracing him and snuggling close to him just to feel his warmth and his presence.


Two weeks has passed and Yousuke came home that night observing Sachie. It was Friday night and until now, he has not seen her usual signs of her monthly period. She still acts as her usual sel

nds and touched her cheeks lightly, then pinched her nose.

"You don't have to say it that way, Sachie. It is my pleasure to make you happy, " he said.

Even if it's the last thing that I could ever do. He added to himself.

He looked at her with such tenderness, and then with a deep inhale and exhale, put his hands on the wheel.

"Put on your seatbelt now, we will go to the supermarket first, right?" Yousuke then said and started the car.

She did as she was told. "Yes, they were about to start having 'yakiniku' in the garden. It's good timing because brother said we should bring some vegetables since the children only chose the meat every time."

*Yakiniku means barbecue, mostly meat but it could be with vegetables and fish also.


They arrived an hour later, and Sachie did not expect to find Kaname there. He was merrily playing with Shin and Aki at the indoor tennis room that Hiro has prepared for the two boys.

When they saw each other, Sachie's happiness became shrouded with unease and unknown emotions. Deep within, she did not want to share the good news that she is pregnant with him. She found it uncomfortable.

But when they were at the middle of eating, it was Yousuke who made the announcement.

"Hey everyone, listen to me." He said while standing and looking very pleased, his eyes settled a while longer at Kaname, who was sitting between the two boys.

"What is it?" Hiro said with an arched eyebrow, his hands settled firmly on Ivy's lap.

"Well, I would just like to share the good news, " he started and held Sachie's hand, then gently pulled her to stand close to him. He kissed her on the top of her head, and Sachie's cheeks reddened at his public display of affection. "We are going to be parents soon. Sachie is pregnant."

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