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   Chapter 37 I can’t pretend

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Sachie looked at him with disbelief written in her eyes. She opened the lunchboxes first before she answered him.

"It's because we are not supposed to be seen eating together like this within the company premises, Sir Hill. You are the company's boss, while I am just a common employee. On top of that, I am a married woman, it won't be proper so I decided to stay away from you from now on."

She did make sense, and Kaname could not find an appropriate answer. He also knows that it was the best for both of them, but he did not realize that she would avoid him as fast.

He cleared his throat.

"I understand your point. I think what you said was right. So, after this meal, I will see to it that we won't be seen like this from now on." He said in his business-like manner, and began to eat his food.

Sachie did not reply and began eating as well. She kept on glancing at some direction and noticed that there are still many people who kept on staring at them and she felt annoyed.

Don't they know that it's rude to stare? Come on, these people!

In about 20 minutes, they were able to finish the food without so much talking to each other. Sachie somehow felt sad but she knew that what she said and did was right. She is married, so she has to act properly as a married woman.

When she finished, she noticed that Kaname has been looking at her intently. It was so sudden that she felt her cheeks reddened with his keen observation.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?" she said, feeling conscious. She touched the corners of her mouth, thinking that some food must have been stuck somewhere.

He shook his head, and just kept looking at her, not even smiling. Just with his straight handsome face.

She pretended to ignore him and drank her water. She then made the gesture that she has finished eating and was about to stand when she felt his foot under the table, holding her other foot in place.

She looked at him sharply.

"What are you doing?" she hissed at him.

That was when he showed his signature sexy grin.

"Sorry, I was just enjoying watching you eat. You never changed Sachie, you still chew your food on your left cheek and always eat the dish first before the rice." He remarked.

She lifted one eyebrow at him.

How long has he been observing her eating habits? She didn't even notice them by herself.

She looked at her wristwatch on her left wrist. It was already 12:40PM.

"I think I should go back, " she said.

Kaname looked at her, "I wonder why you're not wearing your wedding r

up, she saw the man that she has been avoiding. Kaname was leaning casually on the door, with a nonchalant look on his face.

She tried to look unaffected and walked towards him with her bag on her hand.

"Good afternoon, Sir Hill. The office hours is already finished, may I know why are you here?" she said with her business-like manner.

Kaname looked at his watch before looking at her again.

"I just came to pick you up. We have to go to the airport and pick your husband." He said, sounding impatient.

Sachie was surprised.

"Yosuke? I thought he will come back on Sunday?"

She said, because every night, they will send a message to each other. But he did not mention last night that he will be back today.

Kaname let out a small smile.

"Apparently, all business have finished ahead of schedule. As you may know already, Hiro won't stay there a day longer to go around without Ivy, and of course, he will not leave his brother-in-law behind, won't he?"

Sachie smiled a little as well, remembering how Hiro doted on Ivy and how he has turned into a completely clingy husband.

Well, it must be true love.

She sighed and without another word, she went out of the room. She did not lock it as she knows that some employees were still inside the other rooms, as indicated by their nametag on the door.

When they reached the parking and she was about to go to her car, she was stunned when Kaname held her hand. In surprise, she pulled her hand almost immediately that Kaname looked embarrassed at her reaction.

She just looked like she was burnt with his touch. And she felt like it, indeed.

"Sachie, Yousuke said we go there and pick him up together. Just leave your car here."

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