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   Chapter 36 Why do you have to avoid me

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Sachie was about to go to her car that morning when she noticed Kaname standing on the side of his car, in their front gate. He waved at her.

With a curious look on her face, she walked towards him and opened the gate.

"Hey, good morning, " she said with her usual voice.

"Good morning Sachie, I have come to pick you up." He said in his usual voice, too. He gave her a brief head-to-toe look and nodded in appreciation of her attire.

She put on the office uniform which was a blue blouse and skirt, with a gray blazer. The skirt fell just an inch above her knees and it perfectly suited her figure. She was wearing a 2-inch closed black shoes and have her hair in a simple ponytail at the back. Light make-up with a reddish lip tint and some eyeshadow. Her overall appearance exudes femininity and elegance.

He liked it.

She pretended not to notice him staring at her.

"Why are you here? I thought you would be in a 2-day business trip?" She said with a lifted brow.

"Supposedly, but the business trip was re-scheduled next week. So I came here as planned." He explained, and opened the door to where he was just leaning. "Get in, so we can go to work."

She hesitated for a moment, but then decided to go with him.

They were silent the whole time with Kaname humming a song from the radio while Sachie busied herself with her phone.

Even though she promised herself that she would start moving on today, being with him is still a bit uncomfortable.

This is good training, Sachie. Once you get used to him as your husband's friend, then everything else will follow. Just take one step at a time.

She inhaled and exhaled deeply, clearing her mind from other unnecessary thoughts.

Kaname glanced at her through the mirror. She was obviously avoiding him. But it's all for the better. If she would distance himself from him, then he would not mind to go with her plan. He has always been good at going with the flow.

They reached the parking of their building afterwards and Sachie was out of the car before he can open the door for her. He pretended not to notice how she moved faster than her usual pace, in a hurry not to make him act gallant towards her.

When they reached the elevator, there were other employees as well so they didn't say any single word to each other. At the 11th floor, Sachie went out without even a glance at him. Deep within himself, Kaname felt irritated by her cold behavior towards him.

When he arrived at his office, Yoshida was already dutifully waiting for him.

"Good morning, Sir Hill, " Yoshida immediately stood beside the elevator when he saw the lights on it stopped at 11th floor. Kaname just nodded at him.

Yoshida knew that his boss must be in a bad mood. Kaname has always been a person who answers a greeting with a greeting. Opposite to the other executives Hiro Yamamoto and Yousuke Matsumoto, Kaname has the most approachable personality from the three. So he knows that something this morning must have offended his boss.

"Black coffee, Sir?" He asked knowingly, and Kaname looked at him with an impatient glare.

Yoshida became tense.

"How long have you been working as my PA, Yoshida?" Kaname stopped just in front of him.

"Err…more than 5 years, Sir." He answered, wondering deep inside what made him ask the question. Surely, he is not thinking of firing him, right? Yoshida began to sweat.

"Then how come you still ask me the same question? You already know my answer to that." He said curtly and walked towards his office.

"I'm sorry, Sir." Yoshida bowed, and he was answered by the closing of the door.

When it was closed, he slapped his own face and began to pour a hot brewed coffee on a clean cup.

He knocked on Kaname's door and when he heard his voice, he entered and like walking on eggs, he was able to reach Kaname's desk and gave him the coffee.

"Thanks, " Kaname said and Yoshida turned around, with a brilliant smile on his face.

He felt at ease as he realized that it wasn't yet his last day of work today.


It was exactly 12:01 noon when Kaname called Yoshida.

"Yes boss?"

"Have you asked Miss Yamamoto to come here for lunch?"

"Yes Sir, " he answered.

"Then, why has she not arrived yet?" Kaname has a very well-modulated voice, but he could turn it deadly cold whenever he wants.

"Err—Miss Yamamoto just called me before you Sir, and said that she will have lunch in the cafeteria with her co-workers."


a held his breathe, because Kaname's silence meant that he did not like what he heard. He thought to himself that it was a bit strange for his boss to invite a worker in his room to eat with him. Especially a female worker. However, it has never been his manner to wonder and gossip about his boss' personal affairs.

The next thing he heard was the tone of having the phone hang up on him. He finally able to breathe again. At least, it was a better response than what he has in mind.

Kaname felt his anger rising. It was so obvious that she is avoiding him.

Where is the moving on she was talking about? He thought.

Kaname stroked his chin in deep thought. She confessed, and accept my answer readily, and told me that she would move on.

Maybe, this is her way of moving on, to completely avoid him as much as possible.

He glanced at the lunchboxes that he ordered. They would be such a waste.

With an adamant expression on his face, he took the lunchboxes and went out of his office.


Sachie was just on her own cubicle. She called Yoshida and told him that she would eat together with her workmates in the cafeteria but when she looked around the office, almost everybody have their own lunchboxes, and were just eating on their own desks.

She sighed exasperatedly, and with her bag on hand, she went down on the 1st floor where the employees' cafeteria is located. When she arrived there, she saw a long queue of people and she could not help but be surprised with how many people were there.

She looked at the time. 12:02PM.

She would be lucky if it could be her turn in 20 minutes based from the long line of people. But since she was already there, she decided to be patient and just wait for her turn.

So, this is the reason why most of them brought their own lunchboxes, she thought.

With the food tray at her front, she stood on the line with a neutral expression. She decided that from tomorrow, she will also bring her own lunchbox. It's either she prepare it by herself or she would just ask Kotoya to prepare one for her.

She has been standing there not too long when she felt the small hairs on her nape stood, as if somebody is staring at her intently.

She was not mistaken.

When she turned around, Kaname was standing next to her, with an amused look on his face.

She swallowed hard and felt guilty for being caught lying, but she was able to form a smile.

"Kan-Sir Hill, what brings you here?" she asked, remembering their employer-employee relationship.

The building where they are in is actually owned by YY company as well. She learned that from the sixth to the 13th floor was the executive and management offices of the hotel and restaurant sector. From the second to the fifth floors are the hotel rooms for rent, and the whole first floor are different restaurants.

The restaurants were divided into different ones depending on the function. Among one of the functions would be the cafeteria that only caters for the employees working from the sixth floor and above.

He gave her a fake smile, obviously understanding her plan to avoid eating with him inside his office.

"Well, I seem to ordered too much food for myself and I thought it would be such a waste to throw them away. So, would you care to eat these with me, Miss Yamamoto?" He then squinted his eyes, seeing that the people on line before her do not have the same office uniform with her. "It seems like your co-workers who are supposed to eat with you decided to stand you up."

She blushed a little at being caught lying red-handed.

She then felt that some eyes have started to stare at them. Who wouldn't? She is talking with the most important person in this building. With a defeated sigh, she walked towards where the food trays are arranged and returned her food tray there.

Kaname followed her, still holding the lunchboxes on his hand. A winning smile was on his lips.

"Where to, Sir Hill?" she asked afterwards.

"We can eat here, since it would be a waste of time to go back to the 13th floor, right?"

With Kaname leading the way, she tried to look nonchalant with all the stares they were getting. Kaname found an empty spot on the corner with two seats and placed the lunchboxes on the table. He then motioned for her to sit on the opposite chair.

As soon as they were seated, Kaname leaned on the table and looked at her closely.

"Now Miss Yamamoto, why do you have to avoid me like that?"

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