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   Chapter 35 A hopeless case

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 8533

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Sachie laid on her bed, feeling emotionally exhausted. At the same time, she feels that the heavy load she has been carrying in her heart has somehow been lifted. She turned around and put her face on the pillow.

From tomorrow, she will just look at Kaname as her brother's best friend and as her husband's best friend. She will start moving on, as she should have done months ago.

She took her phone and decided to send a message to Yousuke. She frowned when she saw a new message from Kaname. She opened it.

'I will not be able to pick you up tomorrow, I will be in a 2-day business travel to Kysuhu. Have a goodnight.'

She furrowed her brows.

Was it just a coincidence? Why the sudden business travel right after she confessed to him? She decided to reply.

'I hope this is not your way of avoiding me, Kaname.'

She did not confess to him for him to feel guilty. She just wanted closure, and as she said, she just wanted him to let her know what she feels, no expectation of something in return.

'Why would I do that?' His reply.

She sat up from her bed, thinking if she should till reply or not. In the end, she did.

'Nothing. Goodnight Kaname. Have a safe travel.'

She pressed the sent button then created a new message for Yousuke.

'Hi, how are you there tonight? Already had dinner, or having some good time with my brother? I just arrived home, Kaname treated me to a healthy restaurant along the way. My first day at work was fine, nothing tedious for me and everybody treated me just fine.'

She sent the message, not expecting for Yousuke's reply at all. She just felt it right to tell him what happened on her first day of work, in case that he might get worried.

She went to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water. She decided that a long warm bath would make her relax and feel rejuvenated. After all, she has just done her first ever confession to a man. And was rejected right after.

She smiled at the irony of it.

She entered the tub after cleaning herself first from the shower. She put on a rose scented bath soap and immersed herself.

She could not believe that she has finally did it. Since she was in high school, she has received several confessions. And she rejected them all. In all honesty, nobody caught her attention during those times because she has always been looking for a mature guy to confess to her. But nobody did.

Now, she was just rejected.

It did hurt. Very much.

Especially that it took her a great deal of courage to say it straight.

Yet, it made h


"Hiro, I have lots of work to do this week. I cannot be away from the office for a week. A day would be ok but a week is a big no-no." She said with finality.

He decided not to press her further because he knows that Ivy was very serious when it comes to work. Ever since she became the head of the Research and Development section, she had proven on so many times that she could do her job as efficiently as any male head could.

Ivy told him that even though she could sense a 'male chauvinistic' attitude within the company, she has no plan to back down. After all, she has the proper skill and education related to her job.

Hiro wasn't sure if he liked it. He felt that she has started to be too independent from him. He would have preferred it for her to be dependent on him on most times.

Well, that is one her charms.

After they said their 'I love you' to each other, he hang up the phone and dialed another number. It was ringing for several times before it was picked up.

"Yano, " he said and the surprised voice of his assistant came into the phone.

"I want you to look into Yousuke and Kaname's whereabouts. Of course not…this is not about the business, you fool." He almost cursed at him. How could Yano insinuate that his two best friends might be trying to overthrow him?

"This is something personal. I want you to look at Yousuke first, see whether he is having some family or personal-related problems. Anything…health problems or something. Also with Kaname. Yes, and also I want you to post a 24-hour surveillance on Sachie. Yes, do everything as discreet as possible. And Yano…make sure that the two won't have an inkling that I was investigating them."

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