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   Chapter 33 Why have you married my sister

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Kaname stood behind Sachie's back, silent and his facial expression changed from playful to solemn. With his many experience with females, he does not need to know why she was looking intently at their photo.

He is aware that Sachie has feelings for him, but he told her from the very first not to let those feelings grow. He explicitly told her to kill whatever feeling she has for him.

It was because he does not deserve her.

She was an innocent beauty who deserves somebody who will love her and treat her like a queen. Kaname knew that for himself, he could not do it for her, during that time.

That was because he had no idea that he had feelings for her as well.

Ever since what happened to him and Regina 17 years ago, he had never cared for any other woman. They treated them all fairly equal, as bedmates. When he first noticed Sachie, he thought that the fondness he felt for her was because she is Hiro's sister, and so in his mind, he already erected a barrier between them that he could not treat her the way he treated his previous conquests.

Yet, he could not deny that the mere sight of her could ignite his primal instinct as a man, sex. But he could never do that. Especially when Yousuke told him that she will be his bride.

Nevertheless, the effect she had on him never wavered. If there was any change, it became deeper, more intoxicating, addictive. This has been the longest time that he had deprived himself voluntarily from the company of women. Except for that one night that he spent with Regina, he never had any physical involvement with any woman since the first kiss that he and Sachie shared.

He never realized that admitting your own feelings would be this difficult.

If only she was not his best friend's bride, he would have pursued her, even though she's already married.

The nights he spent in her arms as a 'substitute' have been the most fulfilling sexual activity he ever had. It was just totally different from before. It was magical, it was exhilarating. It would have been more fulfilling if his mind was not being torn by the knowledge that he was doing it in secret.

It was too late.

He realized his feeling towards her too late.

Yet, even though he realized it earlier, he knew that he will not compete with Yousuke. He is willing to give him everything, because he gave him half of his life.

With a deep breathe, he cleared

f it.

Why would he be so difficult like this?


In Bangkok, Yousuke and Hiro were drinking alcohol in a bar with some business associates. Yousuke read Sachie's message, and he smiled sadly upon thinking that Kaname and Sachie are together right now. They must be eating at a cozy restaurant somewhere.

His eyes reddened at the thought. After drinking already 6 glasses of whiskey, his face was already red, so Hiro did not notice anything off when his eyes turned bloodshot.

Only himself knows what is really going on. He has to play the game that he set in motion. He was the orchestrator, after all. All the pieces are gathered together, he just have to move them according to what he has in mind.

"Yousuke, I've been meaning to ask you something." Hiro said suddenly, he has been only on his 1st glass. It has been a long time that Hiro has abstained from too much alcohol. Now, he only drinks a maximum of one glass, and always keep his head sober.

"What is it?" he said.

Hiro looked at his glass, and sipped a little. A deep frown formed on his forehead, then he turned towards Yousuke with his piercing dark brown eyes. Yousuke swallowed. Among the three of them, Hiro has always been the most sensitive.

"We have been friends for quite a long time, and I can say that I'll trust you and Kaname with my life. I think only the two of you." He began, and Yousuke felt his heart beat quickened, "Tell me man, why have you married my sister when you keep on throwing her into Kaname's arms?"

Yousuke's mouth fell open.

It was a direct question, and it was bullseye.

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