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   Chapter 32 Their photo

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They ate in silence. Sachie did not want to talk to him as he appeared to be just making fun of the situation. However, the silence did not last for long. It was when he suddenly put the carrot slices on her plate.

She looked at him questioningly. He was looking like a saint, with the innocent look that he obviously created just to jest at her.

"Eat up bunny, so you'll grow more, " he said, and it reddened her face.

She put down her chopsticks and looked at him annoyingly. How could he tell it straight to her that she needs to grow up more? He was really bullying her.

"I know I'm small, but do you have to really tell it to me straight? You are so insensitive, Kaname." She said and crossed her arms over her chest.

He laughed at her.

"You are so serious, Sachie, when did you turn into such a spoilsport?"

"Ha-ha. Because you are so good at making me lose my cool, " she replied, not choosing her words as she should have.

"Hmmm, really?" He arched one eyebrow, stroking his stubbles and his jaw.

"Yes, you always know what irk me the most." She said.

Kaname did not reply and just had a playful smile on his lips as he watched her continuously eating her meal.

"So, how are you doing with your first day on your job?" he asked conversely.

She dabbed a tissue on her lips, before she looked at him, as if the sudden change in topic wasn't what she expected.

Well, it's better than have the topic go back to her height.

"As of now, I don't have any problems. I'm still on the process of learning."

"Have anybody asked you about Yousuke?"

"No, " she shook her head, then she eyed the mango juice.

"Is that mine?"

He nodded his head, then he was about to say something when his phone vibrated on his pocket.

"Excuse me, I have to answer this, " he said and stood up, he walked away from her.

Sachie followed him walking away, thinking that at least, Kaname has not done anything today that will make her uncomfortable.


It was exactly 5:00PM when some workers started saying goodbye to them. In case of

m approaching her from behind.

Kaname leaned forward from her back and saw what she was so thoughtfully looking at. The mischievous smile on his face faded as he saw the photo.


In Bangkok, Hiro and Yousuke just arrived at the airport after a continuous 5 hour flight from Tokyo using the company's private plane. During the flight, Yousuke pretended to be sleeping while Hiro kept on browsing through his phone. Hiro was actually looking over at the pictures of Ivy and the children. He casually smiled whenever he saw some candid shots of his family.

Yousuke felt the pain again, but he tried to bear it the whole time. He was sitting on the same row with Hiro, although they are apart from each other. Upon landing, he immediately told Hiro that he would just go to the toilet while Hiro had to go through the immigration procedures.

As soon as he entered the toilet, he drank his medicine. He was already sweating and at last, he was finally relieved of the pain he's feeling. If he was caught to have a high fever, he might be put to quarantine first. He spent about 15 minutes in the toilet, waited for his temperature to go down before he went out.

When he was on the queue, he saw Hiro already waiting for him past the immigration officer with a worried look on his face. Yousuke made a thumbs up sign to him and he saw Hiro nodded in acknowledgement.

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