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   Chapter 31 Is that the boss’ order

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When Sachie reached the 11th floor, she pressed the open button the same time he did. She tried not to even glance at him as she waited for the door to open but before it completely opened, he leaned closer to her.

"See you later, " in his sexy tone.

She looked back at him with a confused look, and was about to say something when the door opened. She saw many people waiting to ride so she went out fast.

She let out a sigh, and finally felt normal again. Staying inside the elevator only with Yousuke made her held her breath. The scent of him was too appealing, and she wondered if all the females feel the same way with him. She remembered that Hiro told her not to get too close to Kaname because when it comes to that 'thing', he could not tell a friend from foe.

But it's alright now, for she feels better. She had wondered before if Yousuke was attracted to her physically but the last one week they spent together on the bed, she felt really loved and desirable. Those were the most unforgettable nights that she wouldn't forget. It's just too bad that Yousuke always turned off the lights. She would have wanted to see his facial expression during those moments.

She saw the word 'HR department' on a closed door as she walked on the corridor and knocked gently. When she heard a voice that told her to come in, she opened the door as gently as she could, so as not to make any unnecessary sound.

Some people inside looked up upon her entrance but some did not bother to do so.

"Good morning, I'm Sachie Yamamoto."

One middle-aged woman stood up and walked towards her with a smile.

"Good morning, Miss Yamamoto. I'm Miss Nakayama, nice to meet you. Please come in and fill up some documents first, " she said and guided her to one room.

Once she sat there Miss Nakayama gave her some documents that she had to read and supposed to understand.

"In normal condition, our head should interview you and explain to you all the company policies. However, he is at some very important meeting that will finish at lunch. So for the moment, please fill-in your information on these papers, then read the most important policies in this employee's handbook. You don't have to hurry up, but the person who will be in-charged of teaching you all the basics might come for you around 11:00AM. I will just go back to my work but please don't hesitate to call me if you need anything."

With that, she was left all alone in the small room that looked like it was really meant for a job interview.

Ok, she inhaled and exhaled deeply.

This is it, Sachie. Your first job ever, don't mess it up.


Kaname kept on looking at the time on his wristwatch during the meeting. However, even though the other people in the meeting noticed him, they could never reprimand him. After all, with regards to the hotel and resort section, he is the CEO of the company. Especially now that Hiro and Yousuke have went to Thailand together, all decision making from the other sectors also fell on him.

At exactly 11:45AM, he ended the meeting, and greeted everyone with his usual calm demeanor.

Contrary on most beliefs, Kaname is always serious when it comes to his work. He never dilly-dallied and always try to get everything done in the shortest span of time. Time is precious for him.

Then, he returned to his desk and pressed the intercom for his PA.

"Yoshida, have you finished what I told you to do?" He said with his hands clasped in front of his face.

"Yes Sir, " Yoshida replied tactfully.

"Ok, tell Miss Yamamoto to report here now."


Sachie tried to digest everything that Yoshida told him about her work description. Basically, her job would be to make an initial review of business proposals submitted by different branches. Since she has a degree in business management, she was placed on the administrative department which handles all business projects and proposals.

Aside from that, she will serve as the assistant PA. The second job description caused her to arch an eyebrow. The clause said that she will be the assistant PA 'whenever the need arises'. When she asked Yoshida about the details of that clause, he cleared his throat and looked at her in a professional manner.

"I believe that means that it will be up to the boss if he would need your service. As you may know, I am his PA. So I think you won't have to worry too much, unless I

get sick, I won't bother you to do my job for the boss."

Yoshida sounded quite confident and pleased with his position and competency but she did not feel any hint of over-confidence on him. Sachie smiled and thanked him. That time, she knows that Yoshida was talking about Kaname as the boss. As one of the stockholders in the company, she at least knows the people who occupies the highest position in every sector.

"I see, thank you, Mr. Yoshida." She said and was about to go back to her workplace when Yoshida told her that she has to wait for his call at 11:45AM.

So, here she is, waiting for his call at her desk at exactly 11:45.

The phone rang and she answered it almost too fast that Yoshida on the other line was almost taken aback.

"Miss Yamamoto, please come here at the 13th floor, I need you to do something." Was his straight order and hang up the phone before she could reply.

Wow, that was not too nice, she thought.

Nevertheless, she only took her pad and pen with her and left her bag on her desk's drawer that contains her wallet and phone. She thought that the call was job-related.

She took the stairs going up since it was only two floors apart.

When she reached the 13th floor, she saw Yoshida standing in the front of the elevator, and he showed a surprised look when he saw her coming from the stairs.

"Nice exercise, Miss Yamamoto, " he commented, obviously earning her some good points on his eyes.

She smiled and said 'thank you'.

Then, he led her to his room, which is just a small room with two desks inside, many floor to ceiling drawers, and another door which she believes would lead to a kitchen and toilet. Since he is the PA, his room has more amenities.

She noticed some boxes which she presumed were lunchboxes according to the packaging. Yoshida walked towards the boxes and handed them to her. She looked at him with surprise.

"Please bring this to the boss' office. He is waiting for it." He told her, and took her pad and pen from her.

She had no choice but to take the lunchboxes. It wasn't that heavy, but she eyed the boxes and wondered how could he eat these amount of food. It looks like it was ordered for 2-3 persons.

Yoshida went with her until they reached the closed door and he knocked. She heard Kaname's voice from the inside telling them to enter, and so Yoshida opened the door for her.

She entered the room then, holding the lunchboxes.


Kaname looked up upon hearing her heels clicked on the floor. He stood up from his chair and walked towards her, languorously, as if he has all the time in the world.

He looks like a model, she thought.

Enough Sachie, don't admire him for everything he does, will you?

She shook her head and pushed the thought out of her mind.

He had an indifferent expression on his face as he stopped near her. He stood just a few inches away from her, holding her gaze with his deep eyes, and reached out. She thought that he was reaching out for her and she involuntarily stepped backwards. Only to realized that he just locked the door behind her.

She met his gaze steadily. Only then did he let out his trademark sexy grin.

"So that no one will disturb us, Sachie."

She looked at him disapprovingly, then pushed the lunchboxes towards him.

"I thought I came here to work in relation to my degree, how come you made me deliver you your lunchboxes…Sir Hill?" She said, adding an intentional cynical tone on her voice.

Kaname took the lunchboxes and chuckled at her. He touched her left cheek, and she tried hard not to be affected by his warm fingers.

"Well, this is part of an assistant PA's job, Sachie. And may I remind you that even though I told you to call me Sir Hill in this building, you may call me the way you used to when there are only the two of us in this room."

"But I'm still an employee even inside your room, Sir, " she said defiantly.

He just looked at her and turned around. He then walked towards a small round table and motioned for her to come, too. It was a table with three chairs. He placed the lunchboxes and began to take them out from the bag.

When she reached the other chair, he spoke to her.

"Please sit down Sachie and let's have lunch together."

"Is that the boss' order?" she asked, still standing. For some reason, she was still annoyed by how cold he was with her at the elevator this morning.

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