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   Chapter 30 Call me Sir

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That week passed by like a month for Kaname, and when it was on the 7th night, he was finally able to sleep soundly in his own room. Every day that week, his sane half dreaded the coming of the night, as he would become the 'other man' in Sachie's life. However, the insane half of him could not help but feel alive every time they would do that 'sinful bliss'.

Now, it was Monday again, and he woke up earlier than usual, bringing his boxes out for the pick-up service to take his stuff and bring it to his new apartment. The reason that Yousuke used about the renovation of his apartment was not wholly lies but he just made it a bit earlier.

So for Kaname, he really did found a new apartment which is just about 5-minute drive away from the building where his office is located. When he finished putting all the boxes outside, that was when he saw Yousuke going down on the stairs. He looked at his watch. It was just 6:45AM.

He noticed the deep frown on his forehead, and the beads of sweat as well.

"Hey Yousuke, " he greeted, and Yousuke looked like he did not expect him that early.

"Hey, " Yousuke said, his face has an impatient look on it.

"What's wrong?" He asked, noticing that his eyes were reddish, or was it because he was just newly awakened?

Yousuke shook his head, one of his hand was kept inside the pocket of his sleepwear the whole time.

"I will just go to drink some coffee, " he said and went to the kitchen. Kaname found it strange, and followed Yousuke to the kitchen. He watched as Yousuke poured a hot brewed coffee on a mug, and he saw that from his hand on his pocket, he put something on his mouth before he drank the coffee.

Kaname frowned deeper.

"Yousuke, are you sick?" He asked casually, because Yousuke looks uneasy and in pain. A flu, perhaps?

Yousuke just looked at him, and continued drinking the coffee. When he finished drinking it, he managed a faint smile on his lips.

"I caught a flu, I have fever and my joints are painful." He then said. "You must not approach me too close, it will pass on to you."

Kaname shot him a sullen look.

"How could you be so careless, getting sick at a time like this?" Kaname said, crossing his arms over his chest.

At Yousuke's questioning look, Kaname could not believe that he forgot what date it is today.

"You and Hiro are supposed to go to Bangkok today for a week, remember?"


Sachie looked at her appearance on the mirror. Today is supposed to be her first day at work, under Kaname. She had promised Yousuke last night that she will n

o open the door but Kaname was fast. He already opened it for her, so she had to say 'thank you'. He answered her with a sexy grin.

She pretended not to notice his grin and get out of the car with her usual, calm expression. She waited for him to walk first, and followed him at about an arm's length.

She doesn't know what is going on in his mind because he just walked towards the building without even glancing at her direction. Upon reaching the elevator, he stopped to press the open button. She also stopped and waited for the elevator to reach the first floor. When the elevator opened, they waited until everybody went out.

Then Kaname stepped in first and she followed. She has never been in his office, so she just silently looked at the button that he pressed. But she frowned when she noticed that there are two floors that have been pressed. The 11th floor and the 13th floor.

Before she could open her mouth, he spoke to her too close that almost made her jump backwards.

"You will go to the 11th floor and straight to the HR department, they already know that you're coming. Just let them know who you are. But, as much as possible, don't mention your relationship with Yousuke, unless they ask you directly. Understood, Miss Yamamoto?"

He was looking indifferent and his tone was business-like, as if she was just a mere acquaintance. For some reason, it annoyed her.

She gave him a defiant look and smiled sweetly at him.

"Very well, Mr. Hill."

He shook his head and touched her chin so that she would meet his eyes.

"As soon as you enter this building, please call me Sir Hill, Miss Yamamoto." He said, with the playful smirk that made him look all the more sexier.

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