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   Chapter 29 You won’t betray me

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"Are you mad, Yousuke? Why are you throwing her to me? You are her husband!" He said, clenching his fist and watching Yousuke who casually chew his food.

"We don't have any vacancy in the office Kaname. At least if she stays with you, I would be more…at ease." Yousuke replied impassively.

Kaname shook his head, and resumed eating.

At ease, my ass! He thought. He would be the one that couldn't be at ease.

"Kaname, I trusts you with my life, " Yousuke said, earning a sharp glance from him.

Yousuke sure knows his weakness.

"I know that, but you are going overboard if you trusts me with your wife as well, " he answered. He meant it as a joke, but his voice was so serious that Yousuke thought him to be.

Yousuke became silent, carefully thinking about the situation.

"Yousuke, has it ever occurred to you that because of what you're doing, Sachie and I may…fall into each other?" Kaname knew that under normal condition, he could at least control himself, that he would give up his life rather than betray his friend. But Yousuke's insane plans have been driving him to the edge of his control.

He is not sure how long he could last.

Yousuke looked at him with his piercing narrow eyes, as if trying to read what's on his mind. Kaname's eyes did not waver, too.

In Kaname's amazement, Yousuke just smiled mysteriously, and continued eating.


"You're talking too much Kaname, and you're thinking too much. Give credit to yourself, " he then pointed the chopsticks at him. "I know you, and I know her. She might be weak, but you…won't betray me."

Yousuke said it with such sincerity that Kaname was not able to think of any reply.

Hell, this is it.


That night after dinner, Yousuke went to their bed holding a bottle of champagne in his hand. Sachie already went ahead to their bedroom to take a warm bath, and Yousuke gave him an eye signal which made his gut tightened in tension and guilt.

Another night of blissful sin, he thought.

Yousuke placed the two glasses and the bottle of champagne on the small table beside their bed. He felt a sudden kick in the lower side of his abdomen, and he winced in pain. He went to his personal drawer, unlock it and took a tablet from it, then drank it with warm water. After a while, the pain subsided and he returned to the bed, waiting for Sachie to come out.

Sachie came out dressed in her bathrobe with the towel wrapped on her hair. She smiled when she saw Yousuke, and she walked towards the dresser to dry her hair.

Yousuke just watched hi

about to drink her warm milk. She looked questioningly at Kaname, who kept his face down, and turned towards Yousuke.

"What do you mean? K-Kaname will be the one to train me?"

How come it became like this? They have different companies, right? As far as she knows, Kaname handles the resort and hotel business while Yousuke was the one in-charge of the manufacturing sector.

Their offices are even located on separate floors of the building.

"I tried to find a suitable position for you in our section but there is no vacancy as of the moment Sachie. So I asked Kaname and he obliged. That is why from next week, you may start working under him in their office." Yousuke said indifferently, keeping his unreadable fa?ade.

Sachie gripped her chopsticks firmly, if not, she would have dropped it.

Her face reddened upon the thought of having to work in the same office with Kaname. She still hasn't forgotten the kiss that they shared on his car, and still feel guilty every time her mind would wander about that incident.

Kaname looked up and met her gaze, she blushed when he grinned at her.

"Don't worry Sachie, I won't be too hard on you. I will teach you everything you need to know about running the business, because you might be the one to handle them one day."

She frowned at him. She thought that his idea was absurd. Hiro has two sons and a daughter, they will be the one to inherit all the businesses after all. Besides, she has no interest in becoming even a head of a department. She just wants to work so she won't get bored at home, and would have the chance to at least use what she learned in school.

"Just teach me enough to get by daily, Kaname." She answered.

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