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   Chapter 28 A wife belongs to her husband

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 8696

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He felt her sighed disapprovingly, but she did not reply. After a while, it might be the after effect of the alcohol but she was breathing on his chest steadily. When he looked at her, she was already asleep.

He exhaled, and carefully put her on her side of the bed. Afterwards, he went to the bathroom and took a cold shower. He was almost tempted to make love to her. He almost destroyed his own plan.

Patience Yousuke, everything will fall accordingly.


Kaname was on his room, it was 2 rooms apart from Yousuke and Sachie's room. Yet, for some reason, he could not be at ease. Knowing that Sachie was such in a drunken state, he was thinking that she might be doing some bold moves against Yousuke.

What's the matter, Kaname? It's natural because they are husband and wife, it's not like you own her.

He sat on the sofa, with a glass of warm water in hand.

But Yousuke said that he could not get a hard-on with her unless he hurt her. The thought made him a little at peace.

Since his bedroom was slightly opened, he heard the other door opening. When he stood up and looked through his slightly opened door, he saw Yousuke going down the stairs, already wearing his sleepwear.

He took two canned beers from his personal refrigerator and followed Yousuke up to the balcony outside the house.

He found him sitting on one big rock that adorned the side of the balcony, while looking so forlorn at the moon. That night was a full moon, and it made the sky a bit brighter than usual.

"Care for a drink?" Kaname spoke softly, he already knew that Yousuke has felt his presence.

Yousuke accepted the beer and opened it, then drank from it before looking to meet him in the eyes. Kaname settled himself on one of the chairs, a meter away from him.

"What is really going on, Yousuke?" Kaname asked after a few moments of silence.

Yousuke remained silent, and just stared at the space, looking lost and in deep thought. For Kaname, who has been friends with him for quite a long time, it was such a rare sight for Yousuke to be in such a deep thinking.

Yousuke has always been the most straightforward and logical among the three of them. He always say what he wants, what's on his mind, without caring for their feelings. Instead of thinking about a problem for such a long time, Yousuke is the kind of person who will immediately find a solution.

But looking at him like this, he was reminded how Hiro was when they all thought that Ivy has died.

"Kaname, you are my friend right?"

"Do you really have to ask me that?" He raised one eyebrow at him and op

ent on the other side, and Hiro understood the situation. He massaged his temples with his left hand.

"Sachie, you should ask your husband first for his permission, ok?"

"But brother! What if…he won't want me to work with him?"

"Then don't. In the first place, why do you want to work in the same office with him? Do you want to be such a clingy wife, Sachie?" He replied exasperatedly. In his case, it was Ivy who did not want to work in the same office with him.

He just realize that he became a clingy husband, just like his sister.

How ironic, he smirked.

Sachie did not reply soon, and when she did, her voice was calm and determined.

"Ok I will ask him then. Bye brother, " she said and hang up on him. Hiro looked unbelievably at the phone.

What a rude one, he thought. She did not even wait for him to answer bye.


Yousuke received a call from Sachie, while he was having lunch with Kaname. The decided to meet up in the nearby restaurant to finalize their plan for the night and the succeeding nights.

"Sachie, " he acknowledged, and Kaname darted a swift glance at him, then bent his head down and appeared to be focus on eating his food.

"I see…yes, I understand. Let me handle it. Sure…don't mention it. See you later."

It was a short call, and Yousuke stroked his chin afterwards, thinking about the favor that she was asking.

"What was that about?" Kaname asked indifferently.

"She wants to work." He said briefly.

Kaname nodded. "She must be bored at home, "

"Right, so…I will have her work under you, Kaname."

Kaname choked on his food. He began coughing and beating on his chest, while Yousuke offered him a glass of water. He took it and drank the water fast.

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