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   Chapter 26 Are you insane

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Kaname cocked his eyebrow at her, amused at how bold she could get once she drinks alcohol. Looking at her like this, Kaname could not help but feel better. He should at least try to make her talk about what she really thinks. Girls could be so difficult sometimes, saying no when they mean yes.

He remained leaning on his chair, with a playful smirk on his face. He decided to enjoy their time together.

"Hmm, you don't care…really?"

She did not reply and continuously play with her glass.

When Kaname looked at his watch, it was already 10:00PM. He roamed his eyes on the hall and found that almost everybody are still enjoying their time chatting and drinking. He saw that Hiro and Ivy were also talking with some executives from the foreign branches. If Sachie is not here, he would have went home earlier.

Well, maybe…

He leaned closer, whispering his words only for her to hear.

"Sachie, do you wanna go somewhere else?"

A flicker of emotion made her eyes bright, and for a brief moment, he saw hesitation on her eyes. He suppressed a smile.

Let's see if you really don't care.

"Where?" she asked.

"Just wanna go around, drive around, or do something…interesting?"

She finished the remaining of her drink then stood up. At his surprised reaction, she threw back some strands of her hair that cascaded down her face.

"I thought we're gonna go somewhere, let's go then."


Hiro casted him a stern look when they told them that they will go back earlier.

"Sachie is already drunk, Hiro. I will take her home." Kaname said, holding the tipsy girl firmly on her elbow.

It was Ivy who answered for Hiro.

"Take care then Kaname, "

When they reached the elevator, some employees were also waiting to get in. All of them knew him, but not Sachie. When Kaname saw that the employees were looking at them with knowing eyes, he stopped Sachie from walking towards the elevator and pulled her on one corner.

It might not hurt his reputation anymore but it might affect Yousuke and Sachie later on. From the pocket of his suit, he took out a colored sunglasses and put it on her.

"Kaname! I don't wear this, " she complained, trying to remove it but he held it in place.

"Wear it Sachie, otherwise you will branded as my lover, do you want that?" he whispered on her, and pulled her towards the now empty elevator.

She stayed silent and just leaned on him.

Sachie was quite drunk, but she is still on

"If I can, then I will."

He noticed the faint smile on her lips, and the sudden brightness of her eyes against the darkness of the night.

"For example, if that person will ask you to do something that may not be…morally right, will you still do it?"

Kaname did not feel right with her second question, but he could not quite comprehend where her line of thoughts is leading to.

"Well, it depends on the severity of that matter." He let out a laugh, "Hey, why are you so suddenly asking me these questions? It's so unlike you." He said.

She remained silent and just looked at him, the kind of look that made him uncomfortable. Then she sighed and smiled at him.

"Kaname, can I ask you a favor?"

He frowned.

"But promise me that no one will know except us."

He nodded, not breaking eye contact with her.

"Can I ask you to please…kiss me?"

He did not flinch, but his gut tightened at what she just asked him to do. He searched her face for an indication of mischief but all he could see was her determined expression.

Kiss me.

"Sachie, are you insane?"

His blunt words cut through her foggy mind. She blinked several times, seeing for the first time the dangerous glint on his eyes and the darkened expression on his face. He looked so formidable that Sachie cowered in her seat.

"Kaname, I'm sorry, " she said hurriedly, touching her temples, "Sorry, I am not on my right mind. It's because of the alcohol." She explained, feeling stupid.

Within her, she is already crying. It took her a lot of guts to ask him to kiss her, as if she was pleading him for her life.

As expected, he declined.

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