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   Chapter 25 I’m with you

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He then realized that she must have been drinking. The ball has been on-going for about an hour, and by the looks on her flushed cheeks and droopy eyes, her sanity must be waning now.

That explains her candid behavior, too candid for her own safety.

Kaname did not move an inch from his chair, and continued to observe her. Just then, the emcee announced that the dancing will start. It was a sweet melody.

Sachie lifted her head from the rim of her wine glass and turned around, obviously looking for Yousuke. Kaname knew about it and he said in a low voice.

"Yousuke has an emergency. His mother called him earlier and he did not have the time to find you and inform you." He told her, and she looked disappointed.

However, a look of worry also appeared on her face.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I'm not sure."

Then, he saw that she seemed to like the music. So, as a gentleman, he stood up and asked for her hand in the dance.

Sachie looked at his pal, they look so manly. She accepted it.

Within minutes, they were dancing to the melodious tune of the violin. His hands were on her hand and her waist, while hers were also on his hand and on his shoulder. Kaname is tall, so even with her heels, she only reached his chin.

Hiro and Ivy were also among the couples who were dancing, and Sachie looked sentimental as she stared at her brother and sister. Kaname noticed her expression and found the cause of it.

"They look perfect, right?" Kaname whispered on top pf her ear. He had to bent so she could hear him, and it sent chills on her back.

"I couldn't agree more with you, Kaname." She replied.

"They are so lucky, " he lamented in jest, but Sachie seriously looked at him.

"It's because they openly admitted their feelings for each other." She said, her words laced with double meaning.

Since Kaname has only sipped a little wine for the cheers, he was indeed sober. And he would be such a fool if he could not get what she just meant by that.

But he could not dwell on it.

His hand on her waist tightened, pulling her closer to him. Their bodies are not yet in contact, yet she could feel the heat being released from him. She felt being pulled magnetically towards him.

How could he have this much effect on me?

Because you love him Sachie, that's why.

She bit her bottom lip and averted her gaze.

Kaname remained silent as well, but she didn't notice that he was expertly guiding her to the darker corner of the dance hall. For a few minutes, they just remained dancing to the melody, not meeting each other's eyes, but hearing each other's heartbeat.

"Sachie, there are things that are better left unsaid, " he finally broke the deadly silence between them.

She couldn't agree more. She has her own Pandora's box that she couldn't let other people know. Everything will happen in due time, she thought. But for now, she wants to relish the time to be in his arms.

"Such as?" she looked up, meeting his round eyes with her narrow ones.

"Painful things, " he said in between gritted teeth.

"Hmmm, " she mumbled but did not say anything else.

Kaname stiffened when she suddenly rested her head on his chest, closing the distance between their body that he so carefully maintained. The nearness of her has the same effect as alcohol on him.


"Please Kaname, I feel dizzy, " she said in a weak voice.

The damned alcohol!

Kaname turned his face upwards, forcing his senses to calm down. The proximity of their body is sending him on fire, and if she continue to be this close to him, he might…not be able to control himself anymore.

"Kaname, " it was Hiro's voice who saved him in that moment where he was at his wit's end. As he met his eyes, Kaname grinned at him, motioning at Sachie whose head is nestled on him casually, with eyes closed.

"Let's change partners, man, " he said, smiling at Ivy.

Hiro gave him a scornful look. Without a word, he took Sachie from him and led his sister to a nearby sofa.

"Sachie, hold yourself together, will you, " at Hiro's firm voice, Sachie's eyes snapped open. She looked apologetically at her brother and at Ivy. The four of them sat on the sofa.

Ivy offered her a black tea and she accepted. "Sorry, sis, " she asked after finishing the drink in one gulping.

Then, Ivy smiled to Kaname.

"Shall we dance, Kaname?" she said, not minding the warning look on her husband's face.

Kaname chuckled.

"I'd love to Ivy, but can you put a lease on your husband? He might bite me any time soon, " He stood up and reached for Ivy's hand.

Ivy laughed and blew a kiss on Hiro, who j

ust looked at Kaname with a glare.

"Mind your hands, Kaname." Hiro said, with a stoic face.

Kaname saluted at him in jest, and led Ivy to the dance floor.

When they were dancing, Kaname kept on joking about how Hiro was throwing sharp blades at him as he held her waist properly. Ivy just laughed heartily. Her laughter was very candid and jovial, it set his senses back to normal. He saw from the corner of his eyes that Hiro and Sachie were talking, or more like Hiro was trying to placate his little drunk sister.

It made him smirk.

No matter how powerful Hiro might be, he still could not win against the ladies in his family.

"Kaname, " Ivy said, his attention turned to her, "Honestly, I have always thought that you and Sachie were a perfect match."

Kaname almost stepped on to Ivy's foot, but he thankfully avoided the embarrassment. He let out a small laugh.

"What made you say that?"

"Well, call it a woman's intuition, " Ivy smiled at him, showing a tiny dimple on the corner of her mouth.

"Well, life is pure of unpredictable things, Ivy. Look at Hiro now, we never would have thought that he would be the first one to get married between me and Yousuke. We thought that his mind was only focused on business, not expecting that he was also fast on the other form of business, " He skillfully maneuvered the focus of their conversation to Hiro.

It made her laugh.

"By the way, how are the kids these days? Haven't seen them since the wedding."

He then said, avoiding having the topic to fall on him again and Sachie. They continued talking about the children until the music stopped. When it did, Hiro was already at their side, claiming his rightful place on Ivy's arms.

"You stay with Sachie, " Hiro ordered crisply to him, as if he was just another one of his staff. Kaname did not mind anyway, Hiro has been like that ever since, and he's already used to it.

He took one glass of champagne from one of the waiters passing by and returned to where Sachie was sitting. She has a pissed off expression on her face, with her arms crossed on her chest.

He couldn't help but smile at himself. What is with her that he finds so attractive? If he would compare her to some of the women he had dated in the past, Sachie would be physically the last in queue. However, he knows for a fact that the heart has an eye of its own, and follows its own reasoning.

"You look like you want to hit somebody on the face, " he remarked casually as he sat down on the opposite sofa.

Her expression changes at his arrival, it became softer and womanly. Sachie's expression is like an open book, so easy to read. The effort of Hiro not to make her involved in the business industry proved to be the culprit for her easy personality. She could be too gullible at times as well.

"Not really, I just don't like it that brother is still treating me like a child." She said, pouting her lips.

When a waiter was about to pass by them, she gestured and took a glass of tequila. Kaname lifted his brow.

"Hey, are you planning to get drunk?"

Kaname said, eyeing the way she drank the alcohol, almost too sudden. It showed that she was not used to drinking liquor.

Looks like this girl doesn't know what moderate drinking is, he shook his head.

Since the party started, this is just his second glass, but Sachie was already tipsy when they were dancing earlier. She might not know what's left and right if she drinks more.

She threw him a provocative look and damn, it was working quite well by the way his pants began to tighten on his groin.

"It's alright. You know Kaname, I never get drunk before, or, I always avoided to get drunk before. Do you know why? Because I'm a girl, and I have to take care of myself especially in the company of men. Nasty men. But now, I feel like I'm finally free. I can now drink to my heart's content."

She was slurring on her words, as she finished the remaining of her drink. The bottom of the glass met the table with a loud sound. She smiled, but he did not reply. How could he converse seriously with a drunken woman?

"Ask me why, " she urged, leaning forward to him, showing off a part of her cleavage for his eyes to feast on. He focused his gaze on her eyes.


"Because…I'm with you." She said in her thick voice, as influenced by the alcohol.

"And what do you mean by that?" he cleared his throat.

She is drunk Kaname. She doesn't know what she's saying.

"I…don't care what happens to me Kaname, as long as I'm with you." She said straight to his face, her eyes never once blinking, and her lips looking so alluring.

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