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   Chapter 24 So good at hiding

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 9375

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The annual company ball has been a tradition every spring season. It was the only time in a year where all the employees of the YY company from all over Japan and from the other countries could meet and exchange pleasantries among each other. It was an international ball which caused three nearby hotels owned by the YY company under Kaname's management to be fully booked, for free. For those who live in Japan, they can stay wherever hotel they choose under the YY company for free but the largest three nearby hotels were reserved for the foreign employees.

As usual, an events planner, whose name was Maria Kanagawa, a distant cousin of Kaname, was the one who arranged everything about the event. It was a two-night, three-day event wherein the first night was the company ball, and the remaining 2 days would be spent on leisure trip within the Saitama Ken and Tokyo area.

For Hiro, Kaname, and Yousuke, the three highest executives of the company, they will only be present on the ball. Naturally, everybody would be present as well. It was a rare opportunity especially for newly hired employees to even personally see the top three young executives, who are all fetching in their own ways.

When Hiro and Ivy arrived, everybody gasped in utter admiration. Hiro, was still, as impeccably handsome as he always is, wearing a pair of navy blue suit and shiny black shoes. His deep, dark brown rounded eyes were perfectly accentuated by his roman-like nose and full lips. For Ivy, who has already given birth to two children, her figure didn't change at all. She, on the other hand, wore an ensemble of light blue evening dress which perfectly clung to her body in an elegantly sensual way. The dress was not at all revealing as it was a turtleneck dress with lacy long sleeves, and a flowing skirt from the hips to her toes. Nevertheless, she was breathtaking.

It was actually Hiro's choice, when he saw her fitting a gown with a slightly plunging neckline and very short sleeves. He put on a dark look and told her to change into the turtleneck one.

The next pair who entered were Yousuke and Sachie, and they receive a similarly warm appreciation from the crowd. Everybody knew Yousuke, but only those in the upper executives know of Sachie. Most employees thought that she was just Yousuke's companion for the night. Yousuke was handsome in his own way, decent and mysterious, with his small eyes and thin lips, he greeted the crowd with just a nod from his head. Sachie, was looking lovely with her black and blue sequined dress, with a slightly revealing neckline and hugging skirt with a high slit at the back. She was wearing a 5-inch stiletto but still barely reached Yousuke's nose. She has on a light make-up which she did by herself.

However, the gasps from the crowd, mainly t

ives, Sir. Do you want me to find him?"

At Kaname's stern look, he cleared his throat.

"I will find him now." He hastily turned around and walked away from them to look for his boss.

Sachie stifled a laugh, and ended up giggling at the man's reaction.

Kaname looked at her, standing at his side, and giggling like a little child. His eyes narrowed at the sight of the luscious swell in her front that would captivate any ordinary man. Well, that includes him.

"Enjoying yourself, Sachie?" He said, as he let her hand go and seated himself on the chair next to where she was sitting. If he continued standing and looking at her, he wouldn't be able to stop his eyes from straying to her cleavage.

She also sat, finally wiping the remaining of the smile on her face.

"Well, that was fun, " she honestly replied and looked at him. "I didn't realize you also have that scary side on you Kaname, " she said and flashed him a nasty smile.

It turned him on.

In that instant.

How could she look so innocent and attractive at the same time?

He leaned on the chair, with his hands on his pockets and casually looked at her.

"There are many hidden sides of me that you haven't seen yet, Sachie." He replied intelligently, hoping to make her uneasy so she will leave him be.

It was his fault for coming here anyway. When he saw from the corner of his eyes that a man has approached her, he smartly exited himself from the company of the executives and was just in time to interrupt that handshake. He knew what kind of man Ben David is. They smell the same.

Sachie looked at him with curiosity, as she slowly sipped her wine, her eyes never leaving his face.

What a seductress! He thought.

"I see, " she replied, and he did not expect her next words. "You are so good at hiding Kaname. I would have been interested to know you…deeper."

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