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   Chapter 23 He could never be yours

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 9207

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"Good evening Sachie, Sorry, Yousuke is drunk, " It was Kaname who spoke first, looking at Sachie's face. He shook his head as he suddenly remembered how she writhed in his arms that night.

Sachie smiled apologetically to Kaname and said thank you.

Then, she touched Yousuke's face, who has his eyes closed.

"Yousuke, " she called his name softly.

Yousuke responded by opening one of his eyes, and grinned at her.

"S-sachie, " his voice drawled, and Kaname felt the need to kick his gut.

Obviously, Yousuke was acting. Although he is really drunk, he knows that Yousuke could still carry a serious conversation. He might not be able to walk properly in both feet, but he sure would not be as groggy as the way he sounded just now.

Sachie looked like she was lost for words or does not know what to do. It is the first time that Yousuke came home as drunk as this. She hooked one arm on Yousuke's waist, touching Kaname's hand on the process which made her stiffen for a moment. It felt like a jolt of electricity coursed through her veins. She looked at Kaname but he averted his gaze and she saw his hand withdrew a little to give them more distance.

"Could you help me take him to our room, please?" Sachie asked from Kaname.


It was Kaname's immediate answer, but of course he could not voice it out. He advertently stepped on Yousuke's foot to let him know that he is pissed off but the acting man just continued his drunken role perfectly.

"Of course, " he answered dryly.

Sachie thought that his answer was a bit irritated, and she thought that Yousuke must have bothered him from something, or from somebody.

Because Yousuke was not really as drunk as he was, he became heavier to carry. Kaname kept on cursing within at how bad Yousuke is at acting. Later, he would have to punish him for being such an asshole.

After putting Yousuke on the bed, Sachie first kneeled at the edge of the bed and removed his shoes. Kaname averted his gaze at her wifely appearance, feeling suddenly out of place. He wondered how it feels nice to have a wife who will also treat him nicely as she is doing now to Yousuke.

When Sachie heard Kaname clearing his throat, that was the only time that she remembered him. She completely forgot his existence because her mind was focused on making Yousuke comfortable. With a reddened face, she stood up and smiled shyly at Kaname.

"I-Thank you for bringing him home, Kaname. I will take it from here, " she said, trying not to look at him for too long.

When was the last time she saw him? Yes, it was on their reception.

After that, he seemed to be living in a different planet. Even when she visited Hiro at the office, and have to wait for him to finish his meetings wher

company ball that night. He was even asked for a date but as of the moment, he could not find anybody to be with him. He then called Yousuke.

"Yes?" Yousuke's calm voice greeted his ears. Kaname began to dread hearing his voice, because he always reminisce their 'secret'.

"May I ask your sister's phone number? I may have to ask her to accompany me with tonight's company ball."

He heard Yousuke's mocking chuckle.

"Oh? The famous Kaname Hill has a difficulty finding a date? I can't believe this."

"Don't be hard on me, man. Just give me her number and I'll ask her." He said, massaging his temples.

"My sister is off-limits to you, Kaname. She already has a fiancé so I don't think she will say yes to you." Yousuke said.

"Ow come on. It's not like I'm taking her out on a date. Just to accompany me, after we entered the ball, she can be with any person she wants to talk with. You know these events, Yousuke. It's good that you already have a date with you." He cursed inwardly.

The ball will also be attended by Hiro and Ivy, as well as Yousuke and Sachie. But for him, he has to find a date. This is the first time that he has to ask somebody a favor for a date.

"Ok, I will ask her." Yousuke said.

"No, just give me her number and I will do it coz it would be rude if you ask her for me." He said.

Yousuke turned silent for a few moments that Kaname thought that he has hang up.

"Hey, "

"I'm here. Wait, I'm checking my phone book." Then, he read the number to him and he wrote it down on his memo notebook.

"Hey, Kaname, " Yousuke's tone became serious.


"She agrees for you to stay with us for a week."

Kaname was lost for words. He remained silent until Yousuke hang up on him. He leaned back on his chair, with his hands on the back of his chair, and closed his eyes.

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