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   Chapter 22 I’m already damned

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The other customers in the bar were shocked at the sight of Yousuke on the floor. Well, who wouldn't be? Two handsome men who looked well-mannered and respectable were just seen in such a compromising situation. However, they were more bewildered when the one who punched walked towards the man on the floor and offered his hand like a gentleman. And everybody was so baffled when the man on the floor accepted the hand that was offered. Then, they went back to their own seats as if nothing happened.

Yousuke touched his jaw, it would surely swell tomorrow. He squinted at Kaname, who was impassively drinking his black tea.

"You deserved that, you fool." Kaname said out of nowhere. Yousuke just gritted his teeth, and casually sipped his drink, too.

After a while, they began talking about business for about 30 minutes. Then, when Kaname could not find anything to talk about anymore, he finished his drink and seriously looked at Yousuke.

"What's going on, Yousuke?"

Yousuke remained silent, touching the rim of his glass.

Kaname felt irritated by Yousuke's stubbornness. He leaned forward so that his words would only be heard by the two of them.

"I know I owe my life to you, buddy. But please, don't turn me into a puppet. If you ask me to do the same thing, better give me a good reason. I already did it before without any qualms. Believe me Yousuke, I have been so guilty since then, "

Although it was not just pure guilt that I felt.

But I'll be too damned if I do it again without knowing why.

"Kaname, I…I can't get a hard-on."

Kaname just looked at Yousuke, who kept his face lowered. He was waiting for Yousuke to burst into laughter and tell him that is was a joke. A sick joke.


"When I was in elementary, I had a severe case of measles. But of course, I was treated and became well. You know me, I was not the type to engage in…sex for fun, so I never noticed anything wrong with me then. When we were in the university, none of the women then caught my attention as well, and I was not in a hurry to get laid with just anybody. I want my first to be somebody who I… like, in the least. But then, when I did try, several times, I couldn't get a hard-on."

Kaname remained looking down on his glass.

"When I jerked it off by myself I could, but when I see a naked woman in front of me, I would suddenly lost the interest to do it, you know. I could not do it. When I married Sachie, I thought I could finally do it with her coz I like her, but it was the same."

Kaname could not believe what he's hearing. This is bad, really bad.

"Are you sick?" He asked, fe

e of paper that Yousuke gave him. They were now in his car, as he had to drive Yousuke back home.

Written in the paper is an address, with some dates written on it.

"Next week, we will move to our new house. Once we have moved there, I want you to move there as well."

Kaname was dumbstruck.

Is he trying to tell him to live with them?

"Are you insane, Yousuke?"

He is literally throwing Sachie and him to the fire.

"Kaname, I want you to say in the house with us until I can make sure that Sachie gets pregnant." He was slurring almost every word

Yousuke was having a hard time putting off the seatbelt because of his drunken condition. Kaname did it for him.

"Do you have any idea what you're asking from me, Yousuke?" Kaname

"Yes, " was his curt reply.

"You are asking me to impregnate your wife, " Kaname could not believe the words that came out of his mouth.

Sleeping is one thing, but making her pregnant is another thing. It means that until she gets pregnant, they will continue to live in turpitude. And Yousuke, he will continue to live in suffering that his best friend and his wife is having sex in his own house, with his consent. How immoral is that?

"Yes, "

"Damn you!"

Yousuke gave a hoarse laughter, as if it was coming from underground.

"I'm already damned, Kaname." He opened the door on his side and stumbled on the ground.

Kaname grunted in anger and helplessness. He got out too and helped Yousuke to stand. At this rate, he could not even walk towards the house. With an exasperated sigh, he put Yousuke's arm on his shoulder and he held him until they reached the door of the house. He pressed the buzzer and after a minute, the door opened, showing Sachie's surprised face.

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