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   Chapter 21 I have another favor

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It seemed that she became too exhausted which caused her to have a fever. She spent the rest of the day in their room, with Yousuke just ordering food from the restaurant. That night, he just held her close, until they fell asleep.

The next day, she was feeling alright. Yousuke took her around the city and they went visiting some shrines and temples. Then, he took her to the Inokashira Onshi Park where they rode a mini boat while viewing the cherry blossoms. It was the peak season and there were so many Japanese and foreigners alike.

Sachie misses this.

When her mother was still alive, they used to go for sakura viewing in various parks. It was one of those times that she first met Kaname. They just arrived then back from graduation in the university, and Hiro invited Kaname to join them. She was 8 years old then, but she clearly remembered how much she admired Kaname.

He looked so cool and was so kind to her that time.

Sachie shook her head.

Why is she thinking about another man when she has her husband with her? She looked at Yousuke, who was also enjoying the view, she inched closer to him. She wanted to hold his hand, but she felt shy because they are in a public place. When Yousuke turned and caught her staring at him, she turned her face on the other side. She then felt his hand held hers.

She smiled. She silently wished that all the times she would spend with him would be in bliss and peace. As husband and wife, they should create more special memories together, ones that they will treasure forever.

After the boat ride, they went to Yoyogi Park and ate their bought packed lunches under the sakura tree along with so many people, then they proceeded to the Meguro River and stood there for about an hour, admiring the pristine whiteness of the cherry blossoms. It was already dark when they decided to go to some nearby restaurants and ate dinner.

That night, Sachie had a long warm bath. All the walking and standing whole day made her exhausted. Yousuke helped her to dry her hair, then they slept together snuggling to each other. She has started to get used to his manly scent, very calming.

She felt secured.


After 4 nights of staying in the hotel, they checked out finally. Because their house was not yet completely furnished so they decided to rent a fully furnished apartment for a month. It has only 2 rooms, with a living room and kitchen. It was just a 5-minute drive away from Yousuke's office.

For the past two weeks, Sachie tried her best to be a good wife. During the day that Yousuke was still in the office, she would spend her time watching the internet for different recipe. She tried to always cook different dishes for him and prepared him lunch boxes. At night, he would always talk to her about his whole day. She enjoyed that he became more open to her with his day to day activities. Because they were not in a relationship for a long time, the getting-to-know part has just started between them.

Every morning, Yousuke would always thank her and kiss her before he goes to work. She could have been contented from the peaceful days she spend with him.

Aside from one thing.

Since their wedding night, Yousuke never once initiated for them to make love.

Sachie was too embarrassed to initiate it, nor to even ask him if there's any problem. Although she made sure that she has cleaned herself thoroughly and even dared to wear revealing lingerie at night. He would always kiss her and embrace her. But he would just settle with it, he won't go further. She thought that he was just too tired from work, and so she never dared to ask him.

On their wedding day, she has chosen that date because it coincided with the peak of her fertility. She was anticipating that from that night, she would fortunately get pregnant.

However, on the 16th day after their wedding, she got her period. That night, Yousuke noticed how low her spirit was. She was almost not in the mood to answer to his questions, and she was just spacing out most of the time. When she was washing the dishes, Yousuke hugged her from behind, kissing her nape.

"What's wrong?" He murmured gently.

She stopped from washing the dishes, and with teary eyes, she looked up to him.

"Yousuke, I'm sorry, " at his frown, she added shyly, with her cheeks reddening, "I got my period today."

She saw a flash of confusion on his eyes, probably because he didn't understand first what did she meant by 'period'. Then as realization dawned on him, Sach

ie could swear that a hint of disappointment and something else, crossed his handsome face. She bit her lower lip.

She knew how much Yousuke has been looking forward for her to get pregnant. She was disappointed with herself at first. Then, Yousuke pulled her closer, stroking her back gently and kissing her hair. His gentle gestures made her cry.

When they went to bed that night, Yousuke held her close to his chest. She could feel the heat emanating from his body.

"Don't be sad, Sachie. Next time, we will try harder. We will make it sure that you will get pregnant, ok? Tomorrow, we will go to the gynecologist so that we can have better chances next time."

Sachie thought that the crispiness in his voice was because he was pitying her for blaming herself. She could not see the anguished expression on his face, nor the reddening of his eyes.

The next day, Yousuke fetch her at lunchtime and they went to a female gynecologist for consultation. After the blood test and some personal questions, the gynecologist told them there's nothing to worry about as both of them are healthy and it was just the first month they tried so it is common.

However, the last thing that the gynecologist said made Yousuke's already thin lips thinned more and Sachie's cheeks to be blushing scarlet.

"On her fertility days, you should have sex as often as possible. If daily is hard, at least every other day for 1 week would give you the highest chance of pregnancy."


Kaname waited patiently in the bar, where Yousuke called him that afternoon and told him to meet with him. He sat there anxiously. It has been more than two weeks since that night. It was sweet torture for Kaname. After that, he decided not to show his face to Yousuke nor to Sachie. Since Yousuke is also a part of the YY company and was handling the manufacturing section, there would be times when they really have to meet. Yet, he successfully evaded the two meetings where Yousuke was sure to attend.

His reason, it was his check-up at the hospital, so he cannot skip it.

He should not feel guilty, because it was Yousuke who asked him for it. But what made him too guilty to even meet his friend in the eyes is because he enjoyed it.

While Yousuke was sure to be suffering outside the room that night, he was enjoying it fully. He was such a messed-up friend.

I should burn in hell, he thought.

He looked at his watch. It would be 6:00PM soon, Yousuke will arrive any moment from now. He has to compose himself as if nothing is wrong. As if he had never thought about Sachie after that night anymore, and the following night thereafter. As if he never tried to be with other women, but was not able to have any orgasm because he was missing her scent, her feel, her softness, her warmth, and the way she moaned under him. As if he wasn't kept intoxicated by that one night of sinful bliss.

I am so damned.

He slouched on the seat, and then Yousuke entered. He was wearing his inner white long-sleeved collared shirt with the top button undone. The moment he entered, his eyes roamed the room and found him. Kaname raised one hand, and Yousuke strode towards him.

Their closed fists met each other in a bantered greeting. Then Yousuke sat down, and gestured for the waiter. Kaname has a black tea on his glass. His 2-month no alcohol period is not through yet. For the meantime, he can only drink a shot of alcohol at the maximum or just plain black tea.

He decided to have black tea because once he tasted the alcohol again, he knew he will ask for more. It was so addictive.

Just like her.

He shook his head and pushed the thoughts about her out of his mind. He has been celibate for almost two months, except that night with her. And he is not proud of it.

He misses his own self. The happy-go-lucky womanizer image he had built for so many years, had just came crashing down because of that one night with her.

"What's up, man?" He asked Yousuke as soon as the waiter walked away to get his order.

Yousuke made himself comfortable in the seat first, before looking at him with indifferent eyes.

"I have another favor to ask of you, Kaname."

If this is the same as back then, I'm going to punch him. I'm already burning in hell because of that favor, don't let me drown in sin anymore, Yousuke.

"Yeah, " he said, acting calm.

"I want you to…sleep with her…again."

Without further ado, his closed fist connected with Yousuke's jaw, causing him to land on his back at the floor.

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