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   Chapter 20 Broken Vow

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The moment they stepped in the room, Kaname could not will his heart to stop beating faster than ordinary. It was a small living room, and Yousuke told him not to make any sound nor even say any words at all. They proceeded to the bedroom, where the light was turned off.

Once Yousuke opened the room, a movement on the bed made Kaname held his breath.

"Yousuke?" it was Sachie's voice, obviously already lying in bed.

"Yes, it's me." Yousuke replied. Kaname was motioned to stay behind the door.

Hell, I'm like a thief here, he thought.

He watched as Yousuke walked towards the bed, and sat beside Sachie who sat up. Even in the dim light, Kaname could see that she's wearing a white sleepwear, the blanket fell to her waist, revealing how flimsy she was dressed.

"Yousuke, I…"

"Shhh, don't say anything anymore Sachie, " Yousuke said. He then turned off the small bedside lamp. "Let's turn off all the lights ok?" He said afterwards.

Kaname could tell that they were kissing.

What the heck, am I here to watch them? He clenched his fist, and looked upwards. He closed his eyes, and would have covered his ears as well, when he heard Yousuke speak.

"I will just remove my clothes Sachie, just wait and relax. You don't have to say anything, let me handle this, ok?"

With that, Yousuke walked towards Kaname, and he could only see the light in Yousuke's eyes as he felt his tap on his shoulders. With gritted teeth, Yousuke whispered. "Be gentle with her, " and he went out of the room, softly closing the bedroom door.

Kaname slowly walked towards the bed, he sat down and with a pounding heart, he touched Sachie's face. He felt her stiffened, as if surprised by his touch.

"Yousuke, your hands are cold, " she said.

Damn, of course!

He cupped her face and bent down, not giving her a chance to think anymore. At first, her lips remained tightly close, but upon his expert goading, she gradually opened up to him. Her hands pulled his head closer, to deepen the kiss, and she reciprocated.

His cold body instantly felt like he was on raging fire. He broke their kiss to remove his clothes. He went back to the bed and claimed her mouth once again, in both gentleness and haste.

Yes, this is the sweetness that kept on haunting him in his dreams. This is the taste that had him craving for more, yearning for more.

His hands removed her one piece camisole, he groaned when he felt her hands on his bare skin. It looks like she couldn't wait anymore either. He caressed her, felt her, stroke every part of her. And the music that was her moaning left him senseless. The only feeling he had at the moment was to be consumed within her, to be one with her and be inside her delicious warmth.

Sachie raked his hair with her warm hands, her body was also heated along with his own, and he knew that he could not control anymore. With his legs, he parted her to prepare her in their joining.


He felt her shifted her weight to adjust with his body. As he tested her readiness with his finger, he heard her soft wailings again. He then covered her body with his own, and the moment he started to enter, he felt the sharp pain his back as her fingers dug on it.

"Be gentle, Yousuke, " she said, pain was evident on her voice.

He felt like a cold bucket of ice was just poured on him. He is her first? They haven't made love, yet?

Kaname could have sworn that if this was under normal condition, he would have went out of the room in that instant. He was just called by another name. But yes, it was not supposed to be him inside her actually. It's supposed to be Yousuke.

Yet, he must do this.

Not only because Yousuke asked him, but because right now, he is not in his right mind. His desire has taken control of him, he could not stop. He has lost the will to stop.

He began to move, slowly and gently, until he was in her completely. He just claimed her first. He stopped for a while, savoring the moment, savoring the feeling of her. He then began to move, while kissing her passionately.

Shit, even though this is just a charade, let this be my most treasured one.

I'm not supposed to touch you anymore Sachie, I just broke my vow.

Let me savor this moment then, until the very last. This false and illic

it rendezvous.

Kaname let his mind wandered off from Yousuke, and focused on the warm lady who also matched his movement with her own. She finally able to learn to move along with him, and they were able to reach their climax after a while. They both exploded in united passion.


He wanted to whisper something on her ears. But he managed to held back.

Their breathes hitched as they laid intertwined on the bed. He continued to calm his breathing while on top of her, relishing her scent, her sweetness, her warmth.

Until he felt her hands caressing his chest, drawing circles on it.

Damn it. You would be my death, Sachie. He thought.

Without another word, he was again brought to life. And he relinquished whatever sanity he had at the moment, just to feel her, taste her, and be with her.

I love you, Sachie.


Yousuke stayed on the living room, with a soundproof headphone on his ears. He stayed lying on the sofa, his hands clasped in front of his abdomen, and his eyes were closed. His eyes were shedding silent tears, and his lips were shedding blood from him biting it too hard.

He had never believed in God, nor heaven, nor hell.

But at the moment, he wondered if what he's feeling now is the same as hell.

He has brought this upon himself, let him be scorched in hell's fire, then.

When Kaname went out of the room, they exchanged glances, but no words came out of their mouth.

After another 30 minutes, he went inside their bedroom. He stood for quite a while, just looking at her sleeping figure. Finally, he slipped in next to her, embracing her, until he fell asleep as well.

I'm so sorry Sachie.


She woke up the next day, feeling exhausted and sore. As she opened her eyes, she realized that it was already morning, based from the light seeping through the blinds. She tried to move, and when she did, she saw Yousuke sleeping next to her.

She turned towards him, and propped herself on one hand.

Sideways, Yousuke looked like an innocent child sleeping. Although they have a 15-year age difference, it was not noticeable. His skin was so smooth, and his face was young-looking. She touched his cheek, and he opened his eyes.

She was surprised and her cheeks reddened when he met her gaze. She felt hot all of a sudden, with her head feeling dizzy and a bit light-headed.

"G-good morning, " she said.

Yousuke moved to face her, and smiled as well.

"Good morning, Sachie. Did you sleep well?" He asked.

"Ummm, yes, how about you?"

She thought that she saw a brief moment of hesitation crossed his face, but it was immediately replaced with a smile.

"Of course, " he touched her cheeks, and when his hand stroked her face, she closed her eyes.

She wanted to reminisce last night's feelings. She did not imagine that Yousuke could be such a passionate man, and she reciprocated his warmth with her own as well. When he first kissed her last night, she tasted the alcohol in his lips, and knew that he has been drinking. After that, he became like a completely different man, passionate but gentle. Every touch he made, every stroke he did elicited her body to respond accordingly.

She never knew that making love could be that fantastic. She could not explain the feeling. It was so satisfying, so fulfilling. It was totally magical. She felt like a complete woman, at last.

However, when they were on the verge of releasing their desires, for that brief moment, she thought that he heard Kaname's voice. And when she touched him on the chest, she thought she felt something weird on them, like deep scars.

"Sachie, you're hot." He said, his tone has a hint of worry on it.

She opened her eyes, feeling heat waves being released on her eyes. Yousuke touched her forehead.

"I think you have a fever, " he said and immediately went out of the bed.

If Sachie was not dazed with fever, she would have noticed that Yousuke was fully clothed, the one that he was wearing when he went out of their room last night, telling her that he needs to drink to be in the mood.

She closed her eyes again, feeling feeble. However, she could not help but smile.

Yousuke already granted two of her wishes, just as he promised when he proposed to her in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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