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   Chapter 19 Sleep with my wife

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March 23rd was the schedule of their wedding day. Sachie was beautifully dressed in a hand-woven bridal wedding kimono while Yousuke was also dressed in an equally exquisitely-designed kimono for the groom. As they kneeled in front of the temple's priest, Kaname was sitting next to Hiro, witnessing the two who were being married in front of him. They looked so lovely together.

His best friend, his savior.

And his secret love.

He smiled, to convince himself that this is the best option for the three of them. In this case, only himself would get hurt. Yousuke will be happy, Sachie will soon be happy. The closure they had two nights ago was enough proof for Kaname that Sachie was matured enough to choose the right option.

Yes, this will be for the benefit of everyone. From this day on, I vowed that I won't ever touch you Sachie.

His friendship will remain intact.

Nobody loses. He would move on in due time. He would.


The ceremony lasted for about 2 hours, and the reception started. The emcee then started asking the groom's and bride's friends and relatives to give them a brief encouraging messages for their new journey as husband and wife. When it was Kaname's turn, many females in attendance focused their attention on him.

He was dashingly handsome and appealing as he walked towards the stage, where the newly-wed couple were sitting together. He glanced at the audience as he held the mike in his right hand, and he let out a sexy smile, the one he knew which has always worked with women. The effect was anticipated, many women cheered for him.

He was holding a wine glass in his left hand, and he then turned towards Yousuke and Sachie, who were also looking at him with smiles on their faces.

"To my buddy Yousuke, finally after 37 years…" he smiled knowingly, which earned him a laugh from the audience and a reddened face from Yousuke, "you now will experience the ecstasy of…" he raised his glass a little, "being with the woman you love."

A disappointed grunt and amused smiles from the audience, as they were expecting him to say something lewd against Yousuke. Yousuke also raised his wine bottle and sipped at the same time with Kaname.

"Sachie, I have watched you grow from a little girl to an elegant lady that you are now, " he said, capturing her eyes. Sachie stared at him, meeting his gaze, feeling flustered from the alcohol that she has been drinking and from the depth of his eyes as he looked at her, "All I can say is, you made the right choice. I believe that both of you are destined for each other."

except for a group of teenagers on a table far from them.

Kaname's eyes widened incredulously. So many questions bubbled on his mind, but he had no guts to voice them out. Yousuke told him not to question him, nor ask his reason for the request.

But of all favors, why this? What has happened?

"Well, Kaname? Is it a yes or a no?" Yousuke sounded impatient, as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Yes Yousuke, but…"

"I told you Kaname, don't ask me why I'm doing this, please." The pained expression in Yousuke also tugged at his chest.

"I won't ask for your reason, " Kaname replied. "I told you whatever you ask me to do, I will do it. I just want to know if she…consented to this."

Yousuke eyes fluttered, and whatever emotion was there earlier was quickly extinguished and was changed with an unreadable one.

"No, " he finally said.

Kaname was dumbstruck. What the hell is really going on? He was asking me to sleep with Sachie without her knowing about it?

"This a secret between the two of us. Don't worry, I have a plan. Just you don't say anything so she won't know it's you." Yousuke said and looked at his confused expression. "Well, are you coming with me or no?"

Kaname swallowed hard. His heart is not the only part of his body which began to beat faster. His whole being is stirred with myriads of conflicting emotions.

He could not believe what is about to happen. As they walk towards the honeymoon suite, Kaname could feel a quickening beat of his pulse, matching the strong rhythm of his heart as well.

Hell, I'm about to commit a grave sin. But what is this excitement I'm feeling?

I'm so messed up, he gritted his teeth as Yousuke opened their private room.

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