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   Chapter 18 Under the Sakura at night

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 9902

Updated: 2018-11-24 11:40

Kaname could not sleep that night. How could he fall asleep when he knows that Sachie is just a wall away from him. He looked at the watch, it was past 11PM. He decided to go down and get some warm drinks. He walked carefully, so as not to wake up anybody at the house. Because it was not his house, he found it quite hard to locate the kitchen in the dark. Finally, he saw a faint light coming from a small bulb, and was able to find his way.

He gulped down a glass of fresh milk and decided to go to the balcony.

He stood in the balcony, captivated at the sight that ever so slowly unfolded in his eyes.

Just a few meters away from the balcony, there stood proudly a big Sakura tree. With the gentle breeze, some of its petals were carried by the wind, creating a picturesque cascade of pinkish, reddish, and bluish crystals. It was because installed on the ground are different colorful lights, creating an illusion that the petals have different hues as well. It was breathtakingly magnificent to look at.

But what captivated Kaname's attention was not the tree, but the girl standing beneath the tree. He did not expect to find the girl in his dreams there. Surely, this is just a dream, like those dreams of him that always involved her.

She was wearing a one piece long dress with long sleeves as well, with a dainty slipper on her feet. Her shoulder-length hair was flowing freely, and both of her arms were spread as if catching the petals, or just feeling the petals fall on her. Her face was upturned, and when he squinted that was when he noticed that her eyes were closed, and crystal-like beads decorated her lashes.

She was crying!

Kaname clutched at his chest.

Before he could look back on his action, he was already walking towards her. He felt so drawn towards the ephemeral beauty of her apparition. He wanted to touch her, before her phantasm vanished. Without even blinking, he reached out to her, and held her close to his chest.

That was when he closed his eyes, as he breathed in the fragrance of her hair, as he sensed the warmth emanating from her body, as he felt the softness of her skin.

"Sachie, " he whispered, still with eyes closed, afraid that once he opened his eyes, this wonderful vision would be gone as well.


Sachie did not notice Kaname approaching. She managed to stifle a surprised outburst when somebody suddenly pulled her close. But when she felt her heart beat became faster, she realized who is the one holding her, even without glancing back.

When he whispered her name, she smiled, and gently touched his arms that were embracing her from behind. She felt the warmth of his breath on the side of her neck, and the hard muscles on his chest. She felt safe, she felt at home, she felt wonderful.

"Kaname, " she responded.

Her cheeks reddened when she felt his lips brushed at her neck, while murmuring her name again, and she held her breathe. She was afraid that if she mov

y written on her face as she bit her lower lip to stop it from trembling and looked at him straight in his eyes. He met her gaze solidly.

"I see, that's it then. Goodnight, Kaname."


"Don't go! Sachie!"

Kaname woke up with beads of sweat from his dream. He sat down on the bed, and cupped his head with his palm. He looked at the watch, it was already 6:30AM. He did not realize that he was finally able to fall asleep, after Sachie left him on the balcony.

It took him all the self-control he had not to follow her and pull her back into his arms.

He then heard a knock on the door.

"Kaname, breakfast is ready, "

It was Hiro. He replied that he will go down after a while, and with slow movement, he went to the toilet and the bathroom. He washed his face, and saw on the mirror that his stubbles were already long. He has to shave his face before the wedding, or he can just go to the salon.

When he went down, he was welcomed by the cheerful voices of the three children. Shin and Aki were almost 5 years old, while Aiko will be two years old soon. He smiled when he looked at how Hiro and Ivy were blessed with such beautiful children. He was happy for his best friend.

Next, Yousuke will have his own family, with Sachie.

He will have to find his own woman as well.

As he got near the kitchen, the table was already set. He saw the vacant spot beside Sachie, and he sat quietly, upon giving a big smile to the children. Looking at Ivy, she almost hasn't changed at all. If there was a change in her, her beauty became more elegant and matured.

"How was your sleep, Kaname?" Ivy asked conversely, pouring the milk on Aiko's glass.

"I slept like a log, thank you." He replied, noting how Aiko kept on making a face at Shin. He smiled at the two. "Those two are really close huh, "

"Uncle Kaname, Aiko thinks of me as her enemy, and was only behaved with Aki." Shin replied. Shin's word elicited some smiles from the adults.

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