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   Chapter 17 You are so obvious Kaname

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Two days before the wedding, Kaname was finally released from the hospital. When he was still in the hospital, he told them what really happened when he was shot.

It was on the 4th day after they met at the parking with Regina. He was on a meeting when he received a call, and upon looking at the caller ID, he decided to ignore the call. It rang again once but he turned his phone into silent mode and proceeded with the meeting. After an hours, the meeting ended.

He walked to his chair, leaned back and thought for a while. He looked at the calendar, in 23 days, Sachie and Yousuke will get married. He smiled bitterly. Why would he feel bad about the wedding anyway? It's not like he has any special feeling about Sachie. The only thing they shared was that one kiss, nothing more.

Yet, that one kiss made him woke up in the middle of the night for so many days, having wet dreams. Dreaming about her. Like now, every time he would think about her, he would feel a familiar stirring in his loins.

He looked at his phone, and after a while, decided to call back.

It was ringing for quite a while before it was answered.

"I told you not to call me…"

"Mr. Hill, "

He frowned, it was a man's voice. He gave that phone to Regina 4 days ago.

"Who's this?" He said indifferently, knowing that it must be one of her tricks. He now knows everything about Regina, as well as her true intention of coming to Japan and establish a connection with him.

According to the investigator, most of her story was factual. However, she omitted some important information. The leader of the drug syndicate was her lover, as well as the leader's son. She was double-timing them. Another thing, she is indeed being followed, because she took all the syndicate's assets, transferring all the money to her own bank account. But because she could not use the money yet in fear of being traced, she had to get money from Kaname.

What a bitch. He thought.

"We would like to invite you to come with us, Mr. Hill, we have your girlfriend." The man said, obviously faking his voice.

Kaname smirked. Girlfriend, my ass. He thought.

"Oh yeah? You can do whatever you want with her for all I care." He replied, looking at the GPS tracker on the phone.

The man became silent for a moment, then the caller changed.

"Kaname, " it was Regina's voice.

"Yes, bitch?" He answered, his disdain at hearing her voice was so obvious.

"Ouch, " Regina said, and laughed with amusement. "I know I'm a bitch in bed Kaname, but you don't know me at all."

"What do you want?" He saw a notification of an MMS at his phone.

"You just received a photo right? Will you open it for me please?" She was mocking him for sure, but he did open the MMS, and his eyes squinted dangerously.

It was a photo of Sachie, who seemed to be in a coffee shop, alone and looking oblivious of her surroundings.

"What is this for?"

"Well, if you won't come here at the location that I will tell you, she will become your alternative." She giggled, "after all, her brother is richer than you are I assume. We could still get the same amount of money, or even more. Or Yousuke might even pay more for his beloved future wife."

"Regina, I dare you…"

Kaname already stood up from his chair, he was trying to contact Hiro from his other phone but it was unreachable.

"Oh, don't dare me Kaname. As of now, you should know what are the things I am capable off, " her tone changed drastically to that of a cold one. "My men are already inside that coffeeshop, ready to do what I will order them to do."

"Regina, why do you have to involve her?" He asked while he was on the way to the parking, checking his small gun in the compartment.

"Why?" she laughed again, "because I realized that you will move if she is concerned, right? You are so obvious Kaname, you are in love with Yousuke's future wife!"

Kaname gripped the steering wheel so hard.

"Don't you ever lay your hands on her, Regina, I swear…"

"See? I am right all along, Kaname." Regina smirked on the other side. "Come here in 30 minutes, along with the request that I sent to you, ok? If I wait too long, you might not only see the picture of her."

She then hang up the phone. Kaname punched on the wheel, as he looked at the bag on his backseat. It contained the 1 billion yen that she was asking. He had it prepared earlier, beca

use he was anticipating her action. But he never once thought that she would involve Sachie.

The bag only has several real bills, and the rest are fake money. He was not such a fool to fall for her stunt. He then called the detective and told him to find Sachie and keep her safe.

What a scheming woman, he thought. She was one step ahead now, but Kaname has also prepared a plan to trap her as well.

When he arrived at the location, there were several men there. When Regina saw him, she walked towards him slowly, with a provocative smile on her lips. As she got near him, he took it his cue to imprison her in his arms and made her the scapegoat. However, he did not anticipate that one of the men will still shoot him, while she was in his arms.

He did not know what happened after then, he felt the sharp pain on his body. As his consciousness faded, he saw Sachie's face.

A few days after he woke up at the hospital, the police came to visit him and reported to him what happened after that. It seemed that one of the members of Regina's group noticed the arrival of the police. Upon the order of their boss, they decided to kill Regina along with him.

It was pure luck that he wasn't hit anywhere vital, Regina's body was able to filter some gunshots on him. She was dead on arrival, and her body has been cremated as well. All the members of the syndicate who was with her were all captured and put in jail.

It looked like he was saved by the devil's luck.

And this time, it was confirmed that Regina died, for the second and last time.


Kaname smiled and thanked the nurse who handled him the receipt of his medical expenses. The nurse blushed and stood there gaping at him until her attention was called for by the other nurse. Kaname smiled to himself.

Then, the elevator opened and before he could get in, he saw Hiro, Ivy, Yousuke and Sachie. The four looked surprised upon seeing him and they went out of the elevator one by one.

"Kaname, what are you doing here?" Hiro asked, looking at him from head to foot. "Are you ok to move now?"

Kaname nodded.

"I was just about to go out. I already finished paying."

Yousuke walked towards him and put one arm on his shoulder, deliberately making his hand weigh more, but Kaname was able to bear it just well. Hiro took his bag and put one arm around Ivy.

"Well, it looks like you are alive again, " he teased. "As you should be because you have to be able to go the temple tomorrow with us." Yousuke added.

Kaname was silent, and he could not help but cast a glance at Sachie, who has deliberately fixed her attention on her phone.

"I know that, " He answered. Hiro pressed the elevator open once again, and the five of them entered. The three men were busy talking while Ivy and Sachie were just smiling, as they were teasing Kaname how long he has been bearing to be without a woman.

They went through the back exit where Hiro and Yousuke's car was parked.

"To whom shall I ride with?" Kaname asked.

"You go with Hiro, Kaname." Yousuke answered. "I have an urgent matter to attend to." He said and went in his car. The four of them were left, and Kaname turned his face to Sachie questioningly.

She just smiled and entered the backseat, so Kaname went to the other side and entered as well. Because he could not use his right arm yet, Sachie pulled the seatbelt and placed it for him. For that moment, he smelled her fresh fragrance, her hair has the smell of shampoo. He closed his eyes, thinking that once he opened them, it would let his emotions be read obviously.


"For the meantime, you have to stay with us, Kaname, " Hiro announced once they arrived home.


"No buts, Kaname. You don't have anybody to look after you in your apartment, right? Sachie is also staying with us for the meantime, so she can look after you until the wedding. Don't worry, we have enough rooms to accommodate you." Hiro interjected, his expression said that no matter what Kaname says, he won't listen.

Kaname shrugged his shoulder, then when he just realized what Hiro said, his eyes widened.

"Sachie will also stay here?"

Hiro's brows lifted, as if Kaname's question was a foolish one.

"Of course, I cannot let her stay in that house alone anymore. Somebody might target her again. Until she has married and start living with Yousuke, she will stay with us."

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