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   Chapter 16 You are my best man

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The first thing that he saw was the white ceiling, and he felt it was too bright so he had to blink several times before he completely opened his eyes. He tried to move, but his whole body seemed heavy. He looked at both of his arms, where different tubes are currently attached. Some tubes and plasters are also attached on his chest. He could feel the searing pain in his abdomen, and he sure knows why.

Then he caught sight of her, slouched on a nearby chair, eyes closed, lips partially opened and her hair disheveled. It was the first time in his life that Kaname looked at a sleeping woman and found her appealing.


He would have wanted to touch her face, her cheeks, her lips. But alas, he could not even lift a finger. This could have been a rare opportunity to touch her without her knowing it, but he couldn't. So, he just bear it by staring at her.

Thinking back, he could not remember when did he started thinking that Sachie has turned into such a beauty. Was it when her mother died and she returned from abroad? They haven't seen each other for about three years then, and when she came back, he suddenly thought that she was indeed attractive.

All the while, the only feeling he had for her was like that of a sister, because he has considered Hiro and Yousuke as his brothers. He never once thought that he could feel an attraction towards her, the same he feels with the opposite sex.

Then, she went back to US and came back after another year, during Yukio and Andrea's wedding. That was the first time he admitted that she was indeed sexually appealing. She has a voluptuous body against an innocent face. It was just so hard to miss. But before he could even properly analyze his emotions, Yousuke told him that he thought of Sachie as his future bride.

It was the first time that Yousuke became interested in a woman, much more seriously thought of her as his future bride. Kaname could not possibly snatch the first girl that his brother is considering to marry. He is not that kind of man.

After all, he does not love her, or so he thought. He could still forget whatever attraction he feels towards her, or so he planned. He could still forget how she tasted in his lips, and how she responded to him with an equal ardor, or so he assumed.

But it was all for naught.

When he was shot, not just once, but several times, in that fleeting moment, Sachie's face came to his mind. His last thoughts before he lost consciousness was that he would have wanted to see her one last time, feel her, kiss her, and tell her how lovely she is.

Only then, did Kaname realized, he was doomed.

He fell in love with her, unknowingly.


Sachie finally opened her eyes, and she felt that somebody is watching her. She turned towards Kaname and found him still

eral times first before fully opening them. He turned his face and saw Sachie, but his eyes settled surprisingly behind her, where Yousuke was standing. His face has a woeful expression, as if he just realized something.

"Yousuke, " Kaname said, and it made Sachie turn around.

She was so surprised that she lost her balance upon turning, and would have fall down if Yousuke did not catch her.

"S-sorry, Yousuke. Thanks, " she said, obviously flustered by his presence.

Yousuke managed to form a smile on his lips, a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"How do you feel?" He said, looking at Kaname.

"Pain all over, " he replied truthfully, and upon noticing the small bluish spots on Yousuke's arms, Kaname knew that he was saved again. "Thanks, man." He added earnestly.

Yousuke nodded, and sat on one chair. Sachie busied herself with peeling one apple, her cheeks still a little flushed upon thinking that Yousuke and Kaname almost caught her doing something unthinkable.

Yes, it was an unacceptable act for somebody like her who would be married soon. How could she acted like an unfaithful fiancée? She bit her lower lip guiltily. She didn't know what she would have done if Yousuke caught her touching Kaname's face. It would be so humiliating.

She finished peeling one apple and when she chopped into smaller pieces, Yousuke took the plate from her. She turned to him with a questioning look.

"Kaname could not eat solid food, yet" he said, took one piece of the apple and placed it near her lips. "Eat, Sachie, " He said, meeting her widened eyes with his steady gaze. She swallowed hard, but decided to open her mouth, and he carefully pushed the apple.

He let out a satisfying smile, and turned to Kaname, who averted his gaze from the awkward scene in front of him.

"Hurry up and get well Kaname, you are my best man, after all."

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