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   Chapter 15 Kaname needs blood transfusion

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"What are you doing here, on a date?" Kaname cocked one of his eyebrow, he turned to Yousuke with a malicious grin. But deep inside, he was boiling hot like a kettle, for whatever reason that he couldn't fathom.

Yousuke shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

"Yes, we did. And you? When did you became so poor that you couldn't even get a room?" he bantered, forgetting that Sachie was with him at the moment.

Kaname laughed mischievously. He then bent his head and looked inside the car.

"Come out babe, I will introduce you to my friend and his wife-to-be, " Kaname deliberately stressed the words 'wife-to-be', casting a sideway glance at Sachie, who met his gaze equally.

Regina came out from the other door. She rounded the car and when she reached where the three of them were standing, Yousuke's face was pale and his eyes became slightly bigger.


He blinked back several times, his eyes going back and forth from Kaname to Regina.

Regina smiled at Yousuke.

"Hello Yousuke, long time no see, " she said, and casted a glance at Sachie. "Is she your wife-to-be?"

Sachie felt like a spectacle, as the three of them looked at her in unison. She smiled awkwardly. Then, she felt Yousuke's hand on her shoulder, drawing her closer to him. It was the first time that Yousuke did such a bold gesture that it made her blush.

Kaname did not like her reaction, as if she was so affected by Yousuke's mere touch. Yet, he tried his best to make his expression blank.

"Yes, Regina. This is Sachie Yamamoto, you remember Hiro, right? She is Hiro's sister."

Regina's face lightened at the mention of Hiro. After all, she liked Hiro first before she started dating with Kaname.

"Of course, hello there Sachie. Nice to meet you, I'm Regina. Kaname's…" Her words were cut off when Kaname pulled her closer to him by her waist.

The action was rather more intimate and Sachie was well aware of it.

"She is my lover as of the moment, " Kaname said, a sly smile on his lips.

Yousuke has been with Kaname for too long that he knew what he meant, yet it caused a frown on his forehead.

"Regina, I thought you…"

"It's a long story, " Kaname replied, "I'll tell you about it later. For now, we shall go ahead, you have interrupted us on something, and we have a long night." He added and grinned at Yousuke, who answered with a knowing look. Sachie averted her gaze at Kaname.

"Goodnight, Kaname, " she said in a small voice.

Kaname was lost for words in that moment, but he just looked at her and nodded. He went to the other side and opened the door for Regina then went back to the driver's side and waved at the two.

They watched until Kaname's car was nowhere in sight. Then, it was their turn to go, as Yousuke escorted her to

was usually so collected and calm.

"Kaname, he needs blood transfusion."

She gaped at him, disbelief and shock written all over her face.


One they arrived at the hospital, Sachie saw that Hiro and Ivy were there as well, sitting on one bench. Hiro stood up quickly as soon as Yousuke was near and the two went to the nurse's station. Sachie walked towards Ivy.

"What happened, sister?" Sachie asked.

"Kaname was shot multiple times in his body, " Ivy started as she sat down next to her.

Sachie could not believe her ears when she listened to Ivy.

It seemed that Kaname was involved in an accident because of Regina. She was kidnapped and Kaname went to save her, being shot in the process.

"Where is Regina?" Sachie asked.

"I think that she was taken to another hospital, I'm not so sure. When Hiro received the call from the ambulance, only Kaname was being taken care of in the operating room."

Sachie became silent and looked at her fingers. It was then that Hiro arrived, looking pale. Bothe girls stood up.

"Brother, " Sachie greeted and Hiro patted her head. "Where is Yousuke?" She asked.

"He has to stay there for a while, as he had to donate more blood for Kaname." He frowned, and upon looking at the questions in her eyes, "Kaname could not receive blood from the blood bank because his body always rejected them. It has always been Yousuke who provided blood for him in these cases." He explained, his fist clenched. "But this time, Kaname is in a critical state, he has lost too much blood already."

Hiro's eyes were bloodshot, only then did Sachie understand how important their friendship to each other was. They were more like brothers. Sachie felt like she was about to cry when she heard that Kaname is in a critical condition. She clutched at her heart, feeling suddenly hard to breathe.

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