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   Chapter 13 You have been long gone

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 10685

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The next day, Yousuke was awakened by soft knocks on the door of the bedroom. He opened his eyes, blinking several times, and upon seeing the light beige ceiling, he sat up suddenly.

Yes, he is not in his own room.

He heard Sachie's voice calling him from the door.

"Yousuke, we will have breakfast in 20 minutes, please get ready by then, "

"Yes, thanks, " he called out, sitting at the edge of the bed.

He heard as she stepped away, since he kept the door to the bedroom slightly opened. When the door to the room closed, that was when he went out of the bedroom. He then proceeded to the toilet and bathroom, he saw a change of clothes that were neatly folded on the rack near the bathroom.

Hmm, so considerate.

In less than 15 minutes, he went out of the room looking fresh and ready to go. Sachie looked up when she heard his footsteps. She smiled at him, and he returned it with an awkward one.

"Let's have breakfast, " she said warmly, touching his hand and leading him towards the dining area. Yousuke was momentarily taken aback by her action as he looked at her hand holding his. Yet, he followed her.

They ate breakfast heartily, and Sachie was her usual talkative self. She was smiling, and her eyes were bright as she talked about her future plans. Her future plans with him.

"Later, I'm going to show you my bucket list, Yousuke, " she said beaming at him like a little child. Yousuke smiled.

Yousuke has met a lot of different ladies, but they always have one thing in common. They pretend to be what he expects them to be.

But Sachie has never pretended to be anybody but herself in front of him. For Yousuke, Sachie was like a breath of fresh air. And he would love to live with her by his side, wallowing in her freshness and serenity.

Yes, whatever will make her happy I would gladly do.

"Will you go straight to work today?" she asked later on, when she walked with him towards the door.

He stopped and turned towards her.

"I might… but maybe I would stop by at the house first. I have to get some documents there."

When they opened the door, both of them were so surprised to see Kaname, getting out of his car. As soon as Kaname saw them, he stopped rooted in his tracks. With both of his hands on his side, he looked questioningly at Yousuke. It was an uncomfortable situation where the three of them were unmoving, until Kaname began to walk towards them.


It took Kaname a few moments to collect his thoughts. Yousuke's mother called him early this morning asking if Yousuke spent the night with him as they usually go to bar together. His mother said that they've been trying to call him since last night when he did not return at 11PM but his phone was unreachable. They also called Hiro but he did not heard from him either. They did not dare to ask Sachie though.

So Kaname thought that he might be in Sachie's house. He was hesitant to come actually but he has to try. After all, he still have to apologize to Yousuke for last night. He walked towards the two, who looked like they've seen a ghost.

He perfected a smile on his face, as he briefly glanced at Sachie's morning face.

Her face was devoid of an

sideways to escape Kaname's enquiry. She inhaled and exhaled several times before she turned to him, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Kaname, I have something important to tell you, " she said in a stern voice. "But can we talk in private?"

Kaname looked at her, doubting her words.

What else could she tell me that I don't know of? Just today, the report from the investigator arrived regarding Chelsea's identity. As what he thought, she was lying all along. She is Regina, his former girlfriend who has supposedly die 17 years ago. Kaname learned that her death was fake, it was arranged by some powerful person because she was a member of a syndicate who was into illegal drugs. It turned out that the man she was with that night was one of the members as well, but the man was really killed. Regina was the witness.

Now, he doesn't know what else does she want from him. Why is she here in Japan and why is she pretending to be somebody else.


"Ok, I get it." He answered impatiently. He has no more feelings for her whatsoever, but he should have a closure so she won't still hang on to their past. After all, she was long dead for him.

"Let's go to a restaurant and we'll talk there. I'm actually starving." He said.

Chelsea bit her lower lip.

"Can't we just go to your apartment? I can cook you dinner if you want." She offered, and he felt disgusted.

"Don't try to act in front of me again will you, Regina? I'm giving you this one last chance to talk to me, after tonight, I'm expecting you to completely disappear from my life. You have been long gone, I don't even understand why do you have to go back." He said with an air of obvious indifference, that she suppressed the tears from her eyes.

As Kaname walked towards his car, he saw the woman also went back to her own car. He drove towards the restaurant, and as he expected, she followed him there. The restaurant he was talking was just a few blocks away so after less than 10 minutes, they parked again. Kaname did not wait for her to enter, as he already entered the restaurant even before she finished parking her car.

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