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   Chapter 12 One step at a time

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"Miss me, babe?" He drawled, grinning sexily at her widened round eyes.

She tried to push him, and because he was drunk, he stumbled a bit farther to the couch.

"I did not come here for that, " she replied and took something from her shoulder bag. She held his card on her hand. "Here, I just came to return this to you. I don't need it."

Kaname stood and walked towards her, she inched backwards until her back hit the door. His right hand trapped her while the left hand pinched her chin upwards to look at him.

"I know what you really came here for, let's start now, shall we?"

When Kaname kissed her, she did not fight back. She remained unresponsive but after a while, they were hungrily kissing each other. His hand gripped the back of her head, pulling her closer and deeper. He could taste her really well, but in a flash, he saw Sachie's face.

Damn it!

Chelsea's hands were roaming on his chest, and she was surprised when Kaname stopped her hands. He broke their kiss and turned his back on her.

"Just take the card with you, you might need it some other time." He said, obviously hinting that he was no longer on the mood. He sat on the sofa, not looking at Chelsea at all.

She felt humiliated. With an adamant look on her face, she walked towards him, and stood firmly. When Kaname looked up, she stripped off her own clothes in front of him. His eyes widened. He stood suddenly and backed away.

"Go away Chelsea, " he said crisply. "I told you…"

She embraced him, pressing her naked body into his already warm one. She looked up to him, her full lips partially opened, tempting him to kiss her.

"Kaname, I want you…" she purred, and her hands travelled to his belt, playing on him.

Kaname closed his eyes and looked upwards. His mind is still muddled with the alcohol, and he could feel the familiar stirring of lust in his loins. Under normal conditions, he would have grabbed her and threw her on the bed already, have sex with her until she's writhing in pleasure. And say goodbye to her as this would be their second, and last time. That is his normal routine.

However, Sachie's innocent face loomed on his mind like a barrier against his lust. Turning his normal self into somebody different. Somebody that he has no wish to be him.

With what's left of his sanity, he held both of Chelsea's hands, picked up her clothes and bag, opened the door, and pushed her outside. He locked the door amidst the woman's vile shouting and cursing.

He remained standing with his back on the door.

What is happening to me?


During the dinner, Yousuke's parents and his sister seemed to be so pleased with his choice of wife. The only remark his father made was that Sachie seemed to be so young for him.

"Father, age doesn't matter in love, " Yousuke's sister, Erika interjected. She is 25 years old, and is currently working as an Editor-in-Chief in a popular fashion magazine in Japan. She seemed to be nice lady with perfect manners and she looks at Sachie like her own sister already.

Sachie smiled at her demurely, giving Yousuke's parents the impression that she was indeed so much in love with their son.

The dinner ended after an hour and a half, and at around 10:00PM, they went their separate ways. Yousuke then led Sachie to his car in order to take her back home. Usually, Yousuke should not be driving because he drank some whiskey with Kaname earlier, but his mind was as alert as anyone else's. But Sachie noticed the slight reddening of his ears when he fetched her but she did not comment on it. He seemed to be in a bad mood about something, although he pretended to made some conversation with her.

"Yousuke, I wouldn't mind if I drive, you know. You appeared to have drank some alcohol. It would be a big trouble if a police catch us." She said, putting on a smile so he won't be embarrassed.

She has a point, Yousuke thought. With an apologetic look, he opened the door to the driver's seat and let her entered. But before Sachie could put on her seatbelt, Yousuke leaned and did the task for her. She held her breath as their faces became too close that they might kiss if he just turned his face to her.

Thankfully, Yousuke was still a gentleman, even though he's a little drunk.


They reached Sachie's house after 20 minutes and when she was waiting for Yousuke to open the door for her, she realized that he looked like he was about to say something but did not.

"Ummm, would you like to come in for a while, Yousuke? Drink some coffee, perhaps?" She offered shyly.

Even though they have been engaged, they haven't shared any intimate gestures yet and Sachie was quite aware that Yousuke has been treating her very gently and with respect. She appreciates it.

But I wouldn't mind if we kiss, she thought.

After all, they will get married in a month's time.

Yousuke's face lightened up at her invitation.

"Will it be alright if I come in?" He still asked out of respect. He knows that Sachie's parents are still in the Philippines, and she only lives here with the house's staff.

Sachie giggled.

"Of course, K… you are always welcome anytime, " she stammered. She almost said that 'Kaname has been here'.

Yousuke pretended not to hear the slight change in her tone, and held

her elbow properly as they walked towards the house.

They entered the receiving area and Sachie asked Kotoya to bring them hot coffee and some cookies.

"Is everything alright about the preparation, Yousuke?" Sachie asked.

Yousuke told her not to mind about the wedding preparation. They contacted with a wedding planner already, and the only thing they have to do is to go to the temple before the wedding day. They are also scheduled to shoot some pre-nuptial photos and they agreed to have the photo shoot in Kyoto, Japan's old capital and a very popular tourist's destination.

"Yes, don't worry about it. Everything is moving according to schedule." He said while sipping his coffee.

Then, an awkward silence enveloped them for almost a full minute, until Sachie decided to talk.

"Yousuke, I wonder, where shall we live after we got married?"

Yes, they haven't actually talked that much about the details of their life after the wedding. Currently, Yousuke still live in his parent's house, as well as Sachie. But it would not be a good idea if they won't live in their separate house after marriage. Although Yousuke's mother hinted that there would be no problem at all if they decided to live with them as the house was big enough to accommodate them, Sachie was quite reluctant.

"We will move to a new house Sachie." He said, obviously he already thought about it as well. "Next weekend, if you don't have any plans, let's go to the housing company so we can look for a house which both of us will like. Or would you prefer for us to have a newly built one based on our plan?"

Sachie shook her head and smiled.

"It's alright Yousuke, it would take a bit longer if we start from scratch, so better have the one that's already built. Some houses can be remodeled right?" she asked.

"Yes, " he replied.

Again, an awkward silence. Sachie fidgeted on her seat, as she looked at Yousuke finishing his coffee. He stood up as soon as he finished it.

"I think it's time that I go, " his eyes bore into hers, and she saw something that she could not quite fathom. She was never really good at reading people's emotions.

When he was near the door, Sachie touched his sleeve. She has an embarrassed look on her face as she focused her eyes on his shirt with the first button undone.

"Err.. why don't you sleep over here tonight Yousuke? You've drank alcohol and it's not safe for you to drive."

She did not notice that Yousuke's face also turned a shade redder, along with his ears. He cleared his throat.

"A-are you sure? It's not like I'm actually that drunk anyway Sachie. I can still drive." He does not want to take advantage of the situation, but if she insists one more time then he will gladly accept her offer.

Sachie smiled earnestly.

Ah, what an innocent smile, perfect for her untainted beauty.

"I insist Yousuke, let's not take the risk, ok? Even though you can drive home, who knows if a police officer finds out that you are driving under the influence of alcohol? You might have to give your gold license goodbye."

Yousuke accepted her offer. They went to the second floor together, with Sachie walking in front of him. He could smell her light perfume, mixed with her natural womanly scent. As Sachie stopped in front of the door, she opened it and let Yousuke in.

"You may sleep here, Yousuke. Nobody uses it now, it's a guest room actually. There are some clothes here that you can use, I think, " Sachie kept on talking, unmindful of his silent perusal on her. "This is the closet, and there is the toilet and bathroom." He was following her as she moved around in circles, obviously uncomfortable staying in the same room with him.

He smiled knowingly, then she stopped suddenly.

"And then…" when she turn around suddenly, she almost collided with him and in her surprise, she took a step backwards which made her tip over her other foot. She would have stumbled if not for Yousuke's fast reflex. He captured her on her waist, pulling her closer to him.

Their bodies were touching in an intimate way that Sachie felt her heart beat quickened, they stared at each other's eyes for quite a while before Yousuke gently let her go. He turned his face on the right while she turned her face on the left. Both of their faces were burning with embarrassment. He cleared his throat.

"T-thanks Sachie, I will make myself at home, then." He said.

"Oh sure, please, " she replied and walked towards the door, calming herself in the process. Before she closed it, she added, "if you need anything else, my room would be at the right corner, next to the study room. Goodnight, Yousuke."

"Goodnight, Sachie." He replied.

As soon as she went out, he let himself in the bedroom, and lay down for a while with a disappointed look, his two hands underneath his head.

What were you expecting, Yousuke? That she will invite you to her room?

Well, it would have been nice if she did. But I'd prefer to take it at my own pace, one step at a time.

Until she forgets her childhood feelings to Kaname.

He would make her be aware of him as her fiancé, and as her future husband.

He closed his eyes, savoring the sweet scent from her that was left in the room. Very soon, Sachie. You will be mine, as you are destined to be.

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