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   Chapter 11 What’s in a kiss

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The wedding would take place in a month's time. When Kaname received the wedding invitation, he was on a middle of a very important meeting for another hotel franchising in the northern region. His secretary placed the wedding invitation on his table, and upon the end of the meeting, he looked at the fancy looking envelope without opening it.

He saw his own name written in embossed font and he opened it. He saw Sachie and Yousuke's picture, happily looking at him, his hand on her shoulder while the other hand was holding her hand, showing off the glamorous engagement ring. He didn't need to see what was written inside anymore. In the blink of an eye, the envelope met the trash can.

He stormed out of his room, to the surprise of the employees and the secretariat just outside his own room. He went to the parking and drove his car with obvious impatience. He was on the middle of the road when he decided to pull over.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

What has gotten into me?

If he continued to drive, he would met an accident along the way and worse, an innocent soul might pay for the turmoil that he is feeling at the moment. He wanted to trash something, break something, just to vent his ire on something that won't be hurt by what he's about to do.

He punched the steering wheel so hard that he felt the pain coursed through his own arms.

Shit! He kept on cursing himself.

Why is he feeling like this? He has no damn right to be angry or even get upset with that. Sachie is not his girlfriend, what's wrong with you, Kaname?

But why do I feel this? Like…like I was betrayed?

After some time, he started to drive slowly. He was supposed to go to Hiro and demanded why he consented to the wedding. But after careful thinking, he realized that it does not concern him at all. Sachie is his sister, he could decide anything even without consulting him.

Now, he found himself sitting on a bar, and after about 30 minutes, Yousuke arrived.

Kaname called Yousuke, inviting him to drink with him, in celebration of his upcoming wedding. Kaname did not notice the presence of another person who was silently watching him from another table.


"Kaname, that's already your 4th drink, you should stop now and go home, " Yousuke said, as he ran his fingers on the rim of his glass.

He just ordered a one glass of whiskey, as he has no plan to get drunk today. He has to meet with Sachie later tonight. He glanced at his watch, and as he did, Kaname eyed him.

"Why do you keep looking on your watch Yousuke? Do you have a date tonight?" He said, finishing his fourth drink and asked the bartender for the 5th drink. Before Yousuke could prevent him from doing so, the bartender already gave him his drink.

"Yes, I have to go back by 8:30 tonight, I will pick up Sachie because we will have dinner with my parents and my sister." Yousuke answered, his voice became a little hopeful in Kaname's ears.

Kaname became sullen all of a sudden, when they were just talking merrily earlier about their college days. Kaname just stared at his drink, not saying anything. He sighed deeply before he asked Yousuke without looking at him.

"When did you start

ad thinking about Yousuke's words.


As soon as Yousuke left Kaname's apartment, he barged to the parking, opened the car door but suddenly closed the door with a loud sound and kicked his own car.

"Shit!" He cursed, and kicked the car several times before he started to calm down. He sat squatting beside the door for a couple of minutes, with his hands raking his hair, and his eyes reddening in fury.

He was aware that Sachie has a feeling for Kaname, as she told him about it when they were in Europe, even the kiss. But he never knew that he would feel so angry like this upon hearing it from Kaname. Was that jealousy just now, that prompted him to punch his best friend?

Sachie is very important to him, he could not say for sure if he loves her but he could not see himself marrying other woman than her. He would not take lightly any humiliation directed at her.

He looked at the time, and then he entered his car. He remained inside calming himself before he decided to drive straight to the Sachie's house to pick her up. Although his proposal was quite sudden, he has been meaning to do that for quite a while. It was just a matter of when and where. Yousuke might be a very logical man, but he does believe that some things happen for a reason. He believed that their meeting in Europe was the clue for him to propose to her, and she accepted.

No matter what her reason was, he was glad that she accepted.


Not long after Yousuke left, Kaname stayed slouching on his sofa, feeling guilty for what he said earlier. He was a total asshole. How could he say that to Yousuke? He wasn't on his right mind, and he has to apologize soon. He cannot have their friendship be broken by his bad behavior.

Then, he heard a knock on the door. He stood and looked through the peephole. He frowned when he saw the one standing in front of his door. It was Chelsea. He hesitated for a while but upon thinking that she came at the right time, now that he is fuming with different emotions, he grinned.

He opened the door and pulled the surprised woman in his arms. He then locked the door.

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