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   Chapter 10 Time is of the essence

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Kaname was bewildered. Regina's twin sister, Chelsea.

Is this even real?

As he looked at her, disbelief written all over his eyes, he could not help but think how preposterous her words sounded. He got hooked into a twin?

Could this even be called a coincidence? Or a curse?

Without further ado, Kaname stood and walked towards the closet, he began to change without glancing at Chelsea on the bed. Chelsea just looked at him, wondering whether to go to the bathroom and change as well. But she remembered that her clothes was ripped apart by Kaname last night at the heat of the moment. She won't have anything to wear.

When Kaname finished, he looked at her with a calm expression.

"I ordered some clothes for you, it's on the closet." He then walked towards her, taking out his wallet and placed a card on the table. "You can contact me with this, and…" he met her questioning look. "If you need to… ummm be compen…"

Her hurtful look stopped him on what he was about to say.

"I don't sell my body, Kaname. For your information, it was not my first time. So don't feel guilty. It just so happened that the interval was too long." She said angrily, obviously humiliated by what he was just about to say. "I don't need your pity, especially not your money. You can go, for all I care." She said and turned her eyes the other side, biting her lower lip to suppress the tears that were about to fall.

How dare him think of me like a slut!

Kaname stood, feeling guilty. But his mind is in chaos. He has to clear his head. So, without another word, he left the room.


Two weeks passed. Sachie returned to Japan, and she went straight to Hiro and Ivy's house. They were talking on the living room, and Hiro was in bad mood as he looked at Sachie, sipping her tea.

"You can't be serious Sachie!" Hiro said in a louder voice, Ivy stood up to calm him.

"Yes I am brother. I am going to marry Yousuke." She said without flinching as she met her brother's eyes.

"Why? When? How come I didn't know that you were even dating?" He asked, obviously confused with the fast turn of events.

She just came back from Europe, and the moment she goes back, she would tell him that she will marry Yousuke? It's not like he has anything against Yousuke, but what the heck? His friend and his sister, dating without even him having any inkling on it.

"We never dated brother." She admitted.

Hiro was left without any words, as well as Ivy.

"What? No dating, but you will marry him? What happened? Don't tell me, Sachie. Are you…."

Sachie's face reddened. She stood up as well.

"Of course not! We haven't done anything, yet.." she said, her fingers interlaced in front of her.

Hiro has already calmed down, thanks to Ivy's presence.

"Then why?" His eyes intently tried to read her, but she turned her face somewhere, avoiding his scrutiny.

"I just want to get married brother. Yousuke also. I think there's no problem with it because we are both single, and Yousuke is a good man and.."

"I know too well everything about Yousuke. Sachie, you don't have to convince me about his character." Hiro sat down together with Ivy, and he drank his tea. Sachie sat down, too.

"What I want to know is, why are you marrying him?"

Sachie was lost for words.

"We are compatible, " she finally answered.

"Do you love Yousuke?" He asked.

She averted her gaze, but smiled when she looked at him again. "Love is not important in marriage brother."

"It is, " Hiro and Ivy's voices were in perfect sync, and Sachie could not help but smile truthfully.

Ah, how she envies her brother and sister. Their love for each other was so perfect, and it could be seen by the way they just look at each other.

"Well, not all couples are the same with you, brother, sister. For example, father and mother, they were married but they did not love each other. Yet, they stayed together until the end."

At the mention of their parents, Hiro became silent. He looked at Ivy, and she lowered her gaze. Sachie realized her mistake, and she immediately sat beside Ivy and held her hands.

"Sister, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way. I am not against father re-marrying your mom. Please don't be sad." She said, and Ivy just tapped her hands.

"I know Sachie, don't worry about it." Ivy replied softly.

Sachie turned towards Hiro.

"Brother, just give me your consent ok? I cannot bother Father anymore so just give me your consent to get married."

Hiro held her hands softly, looking at her with loving eyes.

"Sachie, you know I have always cared for you right? I only wish for your happiness. If you can honestly tell me that you can be happy with your decision, then I won't think twice on giving you to Yousuke. He's a good man, I know."

Sachie swallowed, she felt a lump in her throat because she knows that lying to Hiro also hurts her. But she has think about this decision more than a hundred times. She cannot back out now.

She smiled as she looked at Hiro.

"Brother, I'm a grown up woman now. Please trust me on this ok? This is my decision, I cannot say for sure that I would be happy, as you and sister are. But I know that Yousuke is the best choice for me."

Yes, Yousuke is the best choice she could have.

When did it start actually? It was when she met Yousuke in Europe, on her 3rd day touring Paris by he



"Sachie, is that you?"

She turned when she heard a familiar voice behind her as she was sitting on the bench all be herself. She was among the many tourists who were admiring the breathtaking structure of the Louvre Museum when she heard him call out to her.

"Brother Yousuke!" She said, smiling as she stood up and bowed to him appropriately.

Yousuke nodded at her as well.

"Are you alone?" He asked, keeping his hands on his pocket.

"Yes, " she replied and sat again, she offered a part of the seat to him. They sat together about 1 feet apart, looking at the museum.

"I didn't know you are in Paris, " he remarked.

"I was actually in Madrid until yesterday. I was staying with my friend, but I decided to come here today to relax." She said, stretching her slightly sore feet. Today, she's only wearing a 3 inch-heel shoes, so she can walk around and unwind.

Since that incident with Kaname, she has to clear her head about everything. She has never fully confessed her feelings to him, but he has rejected her flatly even before that.

It was worse, because he never gave her a chance at all to express her feelings. Deep within, she felt so humiliated, so hurt, and so unwanted. It took her several days before she went out of her room and decided to travel for her own peace of mind.

"Why are you traveling alone?" he asked.

She smiled at him, like a child smiling to her brother. With Yousuke, she felt like she is with Hiro. She feels so herself, calm and at ease.

"I had to clear my head of something, traveling alone accomplished that."

"Hmmm, " Yousuke gently scratched his chin with some stubbles on it. "Does it have something to do with Kaname?"

Sachie did not expect that he would bring out Kaname's name. But for some reason, she wasn't that much surprised. After all, Yousuke is Kaname's best friend as well.

She laughed softly, remembering the bitter memory with him.

"Partly, " she admitted and turned to look at Yousuke. "Tell me Brother Yousuke, do I…"

"Sachie, please just call me Yousuke. I am not actually your brother." He interjected, and she blushed.

Indeed, they are not related.

"S-sorry, " she said shyly.

"No, I don't mean to be rude. I just want you to stop calling me brother, and stop looking at me as one." His tone has a hint of seriousness on it that made her look at him with confusion.

"Sachie, I've been meaning to ask you this, but…" he cleared his throat, obviously feeling uncomfortable. "Is it ok if we… we try to go out?"

Sachie's eyes widened in disbelief. Yousuke has just asked her if they can go out. Does it mean he has feelings for me?

"Br-Yousuke, " she started, a bit confused about what to say next.

"You don't have to answer me now. You can think about it later." He said, feeling embarrassed all of a sudden. Sachie nodded, and they stared at the museum silently for a couple of minutes before they decided to go in and have a look.

That night, Sachie stayed awake longer than usual, thinking about Yousuke. She has never felt any physical attraction with Yousuke, or maybe because she was always focused with Kaname?

But Kaname made it as clear as daylight that they would never be in any form of a relationship. Will Yousuke be able to ignite her fire as much as Kaname did? Will she be able to fall in love with him, or just be attracted to him to consider marrying him?

If she considers everything about them, Yousuke would no doubt, be the better choice. He has the looks, character, and status of a perfect husband for her. She also knows that Yousuke would never cheat on her, as he is her brother's close friend. But the question is, will she be able to quench her feelings for Kaname and turn her love towards Yousuke?

Love is on the mind, Sachie. If you keep on thinking about Yousuke's fine points, no doubt you will fall in love with him in no time.

Time, yes. You have to fall in love with him in time.

Your time is of the essence.

The next day, she contacted Yousuke and they met at a restaurant. They talked for hours, about everything under the sun, and she realized that Yousuke was also a good conversationalist. He was so knowledgeable about all sorts of things, and he was also a good listener.

At the end of that day, they decided to go on a date the following day.

Yousuke took her to all the beautiful spots in Paris, and she enjoyed every moment of it. He was a gentleman, and was very conscious of her needs. Her last week was spent with him, going around the city, touring, walking, eating, shopping, and talking to each other. They decided to get to know each other as much as they can in just 1 week.

She was able to tell him why she wanted to get married early, and he understood. On her last day in Paris before going back to Tokyo, he proposed to her, offering her a marvelous piece of an engagement ring.

She accepted with a smile on her face, as she shyly looked at him, kneeling in front of her outside the Eiffel Tower.

She went back to Tokyo by herself, as Yousuke has to stay for another three days for business purposes. The whole time she was on the plane, she could not help but dream about her fist kiss, with Kaname. She cried silently, and touched the engagement ring on her ring finger.

She couldn't wait for Kaname to love her back anymore. Time is of the essence.

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