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   Chapter 8 Don’t say you love me

Under the Sakura By Elria Cortez Characters: 9841

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"Are you making fun of me again, Kaname?" She asked, crossing her arms on her chest, looking annoyed against his smirking face.

"No, I'm quite serious here, " he said.

"But, you can't…" she was about to say 'you can't sire a child because you are gay', when she realized that she has not yet even apologized to him for asking him that personal question.

If she hasn't discovered their relationship, she would have been thrilled of his offer, but now, she feels repulsive that he thought about such things.

She might not be that beautiful but she knows that she is not that bad either. She would still choose her first time to be with a real man, not a half-man.

She did not notice that Kaname has moved to the sofa where she's sitting.

"What do you mean I can't?" his gaze bore on hers intently. Kaname's eyes was the color of a deep dark brown, accentuated by his dark brown hair as well.

She inched backwards as she noticed that their knees would almost touch. Half of her legs are exposed with her dress, after all. She managed to smile amidst the sudden faster beating of her heart.

Be still, heart. You're not supposed to be affected by his charms anymore!

"I-I mean, ummm, " she looked sideways, wondering whether to tell him her views of him again, "Kaname, aren't you and Yousuke in an illicit affair?"

There, she finally asked it.

She watched as different expressions played on his handsome face, that was just a few inches away from her. Until finally, he smiled as if in admittance.

I was right all along! Sachie thought.

"What made you think like that? You know of my reputation, right? Why would I have an… illicit affair with my friend?" He copied her choice of words.

"Well, I saw you… in his room, right?"

"Hmmm. So?"

"You were naked." She blurted out, his image as he came out of the bathroom is still vividly embedded on her mind.

"Did you catch us doing something?"

Her mind raced. Indeed, she did not see them doing anything that will prove her assumption. But what would he do in another man's room, bathing in another man's bathroom, when he has his own room, if they don't have a relationship?

Did she make a mistake?

She met his gaze as his fingers lightly touched her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes.

"Sachie, I found it amusing that you were thinking that I am… gay." His voice became husky, but his eyes has a trace of amusement on it.

"Well, aren't you?"

"What if I say that I'm not?"

"Then you should keep your distance from me Kaname. I don't feel…safe with you." She said, averting her gaze from him.

Kaname became silent for a while. He let go of her chin.

"Safe huh, " he said, a smirk on his face as he pondered on what she meant. "Sachie, do you, by any chance, has any feelings towards me?"

Sachie's heart felt like she's going to have a heart attack. With her widened eyes, she opened her mouth to speak. And in that instant, Kanam

After a week, Sachie visited Hiro and Ivy. She told them her plan to travel, she said she wants to take a trip before she finally settled in to Japan for work. Hiro was worried that she would travel alone, but she already made up her mind to do so.

"Where do you plan on going?" He asked.

"I have a classmate in Europe, we were roommates back in the university so I might go there for a while, then I will decide from there." She said, playing with her first niece, Aiko.

"How long will your travel be?"

"Might be just two weeks or so. I will let you know."

After Ivy persuaded him to let Sachie go, he finally conceded. Sachie could not bring herself to ask him about Kaname, although she has been dying to know what is happening to him since then. After that kiss, she finally realized that she does not only have a crush on him, but she really did love him. He was always on her dreams and she could not forget how he made her feel with just his kiss.

How much more if they made love?


Kaname was in a hotel, he just finished taking a shower and came out of the bathroom naked. He glanced at the woman on the bed, half of her body was exposed for him to see.

They met last night in a bar. He was already on his 3rd bottle when she entered the bar alone. His attention was captured by how timid she looked, as if it was her first time going in a bar. He followed her movement secretly in the corner of his eyes.

She took a seat not too far from him and ordered a tequila. She started sipping it slowly, gracefully, as if savoring the taste. Then, a man tried to get her attention but she pretended oblivious to his presence. She shooed him away when he became adamant to buy her a drink. The man held her wrist forcefully, and she began to make an angry face at him.

That's when Kaname caught the sight of her face completely, it made his face turn pale as if he was looking at a ghost.

She looked like her!


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